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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 31 Recap

Director Tao said all his good things, and finally saved the three special agents headed by Captain Hong. The deputy commander, minding that they had fought with the Communist Party in this operation, simply ordered that they be brought back to the inspection office for trial. Zhong Baiming informed Deputy Director Tian of the doubts, and at the same time suggested that Xia Jicheng, who was transferred to the Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense, be screened. After all, he came out of the Shanghai Police Station and inevitably was not the key to the “gear”.

Hu Zhongqi is about to transfer the above post to Xuzhou to suppress the general. Now a big battle is brewing north of the Yangtze River. The transfer means the opportunity to enter the confidential room and master the military deployment, and General Lu Chi has personally written the letter of recommendation and handed it over. Liu Zhi’s chief of staff, Li Shuzheng, was appointed by Xia Jicheng to act as the chief prosecutor of Hu Zhongqi in Nanjing.

Because Xia Jicheng needs to undergo a routine screening, the person in charge of this screening is Deputy Director Tian. Hu Zhongqi specially urged Xia Jicheng to pay more attention. I am afraid that his superiors will arrange an assistant for him to conduct surveillance in the name of collecting materials. Sure enough, after Deputy Director Tian saw Xia Jicheng, he just explained the follow-up matters, and then called a boy who was about the same age as Gu Yaodong and looked similar. Through the introduction of Deputy Director Tian, ​​he knew that he was Qiu who was Xia Jicheng’s assistant. secretary.

Although Yang Yixue’s release on bail pending trial has not yet encountered other troubles, at most it is still 10 million yuan in bail, but it is also extremely embarrassing for ordinary families. Gu Yaodong first borrowed 500,000 yuan from his eldest sister Gu Yuexi, and added all the belongings and alley neighbors’ stuff together. The result was still four million short, the number was far out of reach, and Gu’s family was so sad. Gu’s mother complained that Gu Bang had nothing to do with gold rolling and stock speculation. She couldn’t spend money at critical moments. Every time one million went in and a copper plate came out. This made Gu Bang a headache and promised to sell the stock tomorrow.

Mrs. Qi Shengping arranged a meal specially. I heard that President Lu met with him. Originally, Qi Shengping didn’t want to go, but seeing the other party sent a red agate necklace as a gift for the meeting, it was a lavish deal, so she reluctantly agreed. After all, it is quite common for officials and businessmen to collude in these years. Even the treasury of the city government has been moored into holes. It is better to have money than to sit and eat.

When the car drove to the Golden Gate Hotel, Chairman Huang of Dadong Shipping Company had been waiting in the box for a long time. This man showed the shrewdness of a businessman, and he was also planning the police station. After a few words, an unjust, false and wrong case was clearly placed on the dinner table. It was nothing more than Chairman Huang’s brother who fraudulently used fake documents and names, and as a result, committed rape and murder and was arrested in the police station, just in time for the implementation of the Taiping Plan. Mistakes and collisions become scapegoats.

Now that the words have already been said and a box of gold dollars has been delivered to him, how can Qi Shengping not accept it? He restrained his inner joy and pretended to respond to the request of the other party. Mrs. Qi was quite proud of her having contributed to this meal. She mentioned it again on the way home. She heard that the deceased woman was still pregnant with a child before her death. She not only felt that the murderer was too vicious. However, Qi Shengping believes that the female deceased is just a poor teacher, and it is not guilty to punish her and promote good. Instead of surviving in troubled times, it is better to reincarnate with the baby in her womb.

Early the next morning, Qi Shengping prepared a wad of dollars and gave it to Wang Keda, and ordered him to fish out Director Huang’s brother and find a civet cat to replace the prince. Wang Keda was ordered to come to see the detention center to select a scapegoat. According to Captain Hong’s height and appearance, he finally set his sights on Yang Yixue.

Wang Keda personally visited Yang Yixue, briefly interrogated him, and then learned the whole situation, ostensibly comforting him that he would be released soon, but turned around and told Xu San to make a good meal, at least be a dead man before leaving. Xu San has seen big winds and waves, and naturally knows what Wang Keda’s words mean. Big and small injustices are all injustices. Moreover, this Shanghai native has no power, no background, and the only minor problem is that he has a daughter who goes to school. It’s just that the eleven-year-old girl can’t make much trouble.

After the matter was settled, the bureau was preparing to hold a press conference to announce that the kidnapping case was solved. Wang Keda admitted that as the leader of the task force, he must go to the stage to speak, so he prepared a speech a few days in advance, but did not expect the next case to be closed. And the press conference was actually handed over to Zhong Baiming.

The first thing Zhong Baiming did after receiving the notice was to start plotting to find his own scapegoat. He handed over the investigation task to Zhao Zhiyong and gave him patient guidance as Bole. Even though Zhao Zhiyong is not a Maximalian, he is unwilling to be reconciled. As long as he is eager for success and profit, he will be regarded as a pawn. Therefore, Zhao Zhiyong thinks that he has met a noble person in his life.

Zhao Zhiyong re-integrated all the transcripts and survey records according to Zhong Baiming’s account, and wrote a report based on these materials. Considering that Gu Yaodong is a top student of Soochow University, Zhao Zhiyong asked him to help point out problems and check for errors. Gu Yaodong found that it was written in the report that another woman was present on the night of the payment of the ransom, and her appearance was very similar to Shen Qinghe, and he was immediately worried.

A day later, the police station held a press conference on the case in the auditorium. Under Zhong Baiming’s introduction, the five kidnappers changed their identities into unemployed vagrants who made a living by stealing. The motive was only to extort 500,000 US dollars. Zhong Baiming took the pre-disturbed report to the stage, praised Zhao Zhiyong in public, and even handed him a pennant that read “Help Justice” in front of all media reporters.

With thunderous applause and flashing lights one after another, Gu Yaodong was sincerely happy for Zhao Zhiyong. Only Wang Keda got up and left the auditorium. Officer Liu followed closely. The two of them could not swallow this breath, but they had no other choice but to sit and watch Zhong Baiming. When will his official career end?

The Gu family’s dinner table was full of passbooks and cash, and the family of four gathered around the table with a sad face. Right now the stock market is not in good shape. Even if Gu Bang only sold the stock, he only took out one million, and the remaining three million is astronomical. At the same time, Ding Fang visited suddenly, and after learning the reason, he immediately said that he would help them solve the problem.

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