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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 28 Recap

The case of Su Dake killing his mother opened for the second time. After the uncle in white sportswear appeared in court as a witness, Cai Jing also appeared in court as a witness. Li Xuyao ​​confidently asked if Caijing thought that Su Da would kill his mother in order to save himself. Cai Jing was silent for a while and replied, no, Li Xuyao ​​was taken aback. Because this is completely different from what Cai Jing once said to him. Cai Jing once admitted like Li Xuyao ​​himself that he thought that Su Da could kill his mother in order to save himself.

It turned out that after Li Xuyao ​​found Cai Jing, Wei Yutai also asked his subordinate Louis to find Cai Jing. Louis didn’t say anything, just told Cai Jing that she knew that Dake had treated her well, so I hope Cai Jing can tell the truth.

According to Cai Jing, Ma Dake once had a very good relationship with her. But still no better than his mother, Cai Jing felt very desperate, so he broke up with Ma Dake. Ma Dake understood Cai Jing and agreed.

Wei Yutai and Li Xuyao ​​were in the court hearings, and the debate continued. Gradually, Wei Yutai gained the upper hand, Li Xuyao’s witnesses were denied one after another, Cai Jing replied, and the situation was very unfavorable. At this time, Wei Yutai further proposed to allow his witnesses to testify in court. Gao Shu, a staff member of the demolition company, stated that Su Dake’s family received a very large compensation. But Su Dake’s mother is very authoritarian.

No matter what happens in the family, Su Dake listens to her mother. Li Xuyao ​​seized this and asked Cai Jing to appear in court again. He asked Cai Jing about Su Dake’s daily life with his mother. Cai Jing’s testimony confirmed the above point. Li Xuyao ​​said that Su Da had been suppressed by his mother for many years. Only when his mother died can he be truly liberated.

At the end of the trial, Qiao Nuo went to Li Xuyao ​​and told him that he shouldn’t always argue with Wei Yutai around Su Dake’s criminal motives, because there are still many doubts in this case. For example, why did Su Da go to the supermarket to buy so many daily necessities before killing his mother? But before Qiao Nuo finished speaking, Li Xuyao ​​stopped her. Li Xuyao ​​felt that what Qiao Nuo should solve now is his own affairs, not the case.

Qiao Nuo, who was rejected by Li Xuyao, was in a bad mood. Wei Yutai got out and asked Qiao Nuo what he found in the drawer. Qiao Nuo didn’t want to tell him. Wei Yutai claimed that Li Xuyao ​​had now blinded his eyes and that only he could find out the truth of the case. Qiao Nuo took out a box of matches from his pocket. He told Wei Yutai that there are still many such matches in Su Dake’s house, indicating that Su Dake can often touch this kind of matches.

The two followed the address on the match and came to a bar. The bartender told them that an ordinary-looking person often appeared here with Su Dake, and that person gave Su Dake health products. The two of them were very puzzled. Su Dake didn’t even have a job. Who would give him gifts? When the two of them walked out of the bar, they saw the company opposite and immediately understood that it was Gao Shu, and Gao Shu was on the opposite side.

Wei Yutai was ecstatic, and he immediately concluded that this was an abetting murder case, and Qiao Nuo had a dispute with him. Qiao Nuo believes that Wei Yutai has no evidence at all, just for the sake of sex. But what Qiao Nuo couldn’t refute Wei Yutai was that the case was indeed suspicious, especially the fingerprint was found on the medicine. As Wei Yutai said, if the fingerprint is really Gaoshu, then this case needs to be reviewed.

Qiao Nuo and Wei Yutai came to Gaoshu’s demolition company to investigate the situation. According to the staff, Gao Shu was very squeezed from the company, and the boss always tried every means to fire him. Let him do the hardest job. From the boss’s mouth, the two learned that Gao Shu had recently had a girlfriend who seemed to be Cai.

The two are getting closer and closer to the truth. As long as the fingerprint on the medicine bottle is checked against the fingerprint of Barudan Gaoshu, the truth will become clear. Qiao Nuo told Li Xuyao ​​about the investigation and asked him to compare his fingerprints. Li Xuyang advised Qiao Nuo to live his own life, no matter what he pursued in his heart? He is Jono, not Qiaoya.

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