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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 34 Recap

Hu Nian recites the Bone Burning Curse for King Taiping, hoping that King Taiping can return to heaven and fall to earth. Xiao Yanyan came to see Hu Nian. She comforted Hu Nian. Hu Nian told Xiao Yanyan of her plan. She just wanted to live for herself in the future and didn’t want to marry again. For the death of King Taiping, Yu Li could understand Yeluxian and Yanyan, but Yuqing couldn’t help but blame the two. Those mistakes made by King Taiping had already left with King Taiping’s death, and Hu Nian was unwilling to stay. In Shangjing, she was going to take the country Aran Oroduo to guard the north.

Now that the great trouble King Taiping has been removed, Hande Rang’s request to return to Youzhou to guard southern Xinjiang, now Hande Rang’s resignation is a matter of Ye Luxian’s heart. Ye Luxian responded, but Xiao Yanyan tried her best to refuse. She wanted Hande Rang’s help and hope for the New Deal. Handejan stayed. Hande Rang believes that the New Deal needs to be carried out slowly, and that if Daliao wants to develop and thrive like the southern regions, it must first develop agriculture. Youzhou is a place where there are many southerners, so Hande Rang of Youzhou had to go. Later, Xiao Yanyan watched Han Derang leave, and Han Derang saluted Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Yanyan turned around without saying a word.

I didn’t feel sad because of Anzhi’s affairs. Ye Luxian came to comfort me, but I had already decided to stay together for the rest of his life, not to worry about the affairs of the world. Gao Liu is a person left by the Taiping King. He has been following Hu Nian in accordance with the teachings of the Taiping King. As long as Hu Nian does not hand over to the emperor, he will always follow Hu Nian, although Hu Nian is only acting for him.

In charge, no one can let go of the taste of power, and the future of the country’s Nian Oruduo will be a nonsense. At the same time, Handerang also took Li Sier to Youzhou to live the quiet life of the two. Xiao Yanyan stood alone on the city wall and looked at the vast Shangjing, with mixed feelings in her heart. It seemed that the Shangjing was empty overnight.

Eleven years later, the rebirth ceremony is being held in the palace. This ceremony is once every twelve years as a ceremony to congratulate the empress, prince or some nobles on the birthday. The rebirth ceremony was successfully completed. Ye Luxian talked with the ministers about the spring boil. Yan Yan was pregnant. Ye Luxian wanted Yan Yan to stay in the palace to recuperate. He took the two emperors to Montenegro to practice. Yanyan also wanted to go there. Ye Luxian knew Yanyan’s thoughts and agreed to take Yanyan with him.

Xiyin was drunk and returned to the house. He originally thought that Yelvxian’s sick child would be alive soon, but he did not expect that he had been oppressed by Yelvxian for 11 years. He was unwilling but had nowhere to vent. Wuguli looked at Xiyin’s collapsed appearance, and stayed beside Xiyin to comfort him.

At the banquet in Chun Bo Na, Ye Luxian coughed more than ever, and Xi Yin asked about Ye Luxian’s physical condition. Xiao Yanyan and Ye Luxian thought that Xi Yin was too worried. The two presided over the banquet, and they did not let anyone see any flaws. Until the night when he returned to camp, Yelvxian fainted. Xiao Yanyan hurriedly went to ask Diligu. Diligu mentioned Yelvxian’s frailty. This time he fainted because of the rush to Beijing to Montenegro. Yelvxian still needs to pay more attention to rest.

Hu Nian guarded the northern border for many years and only returned to Beijing once in three to five years. The two sisters missed each other very much. Taking advantage of this spring meeting, Xiao Yanyan asked Hu Nian to stay with her back to Beijing for a few more days, Hu Nian smiled and agreed to Yanyan. The two sisters talked in the room. Yanyan cared about Hu Nian’s marriage. Hu Nian knew that Yanyan was good to her, but she had already lived in the north. She was free and unwilling to be too restrained, as far as feelings were concerned. Whatever happens, whatever happens.

In Youzhou City, Handerang brought up Liu Han’s battle with all the soldiers. He advocated holding back and waiting for the Lord’s help. However, Ji Wang Dilie refused to listen to Handerang’s advice. He insisted on leading troops to assist Liu Han with his son Frog. This feat. Han Derang was very angry when he learned that the enemy lieutenant had taken away 10,000 elite soldiers. If the South Main attacked the city at this time, Youzhou City would not be able to stop it. He had to let the city defense strengthen the guard and repair a book, so that people must send it. In the hands of the Lord and Queen. As everyone knows, this letter was intercepted secretly and could not be delivered to the Lord at all.

Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan had already learned the news of the Southern Lord’s attack on Liu Han. After discussing with Brother Xiu, they decided to stop their troops. When the Southern Army was lacking in energy, they would send troops to kill the new Southern Lord by surprise. Wuguli told Xiyin about Nan’s main attack on Liu Han. She thought it was a good time to let Xiyin go and invite soldiers to fight, but Yeluxian was not even ready to reuse Xiyin, so she only took a few words to help Xiyin. Dismissed.

Enemy Lie arbitrarily went into battle, causing damage to his troops. After he was ambushed, he sent people to ask for help, but Youzhou City was also facing an invasion by the Southern Army. The southern army was coming fiercely, seeming to have exhausted all the power of the whole country to win Youzhou. Hand let knowing the importance of Youzhou, and only followed the soldiers to defend Youzhou to the death.

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