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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 5 Recap

Xu Qingfeng moved to the hospital’s expert apartment, without his mother’s nagging in his ears, and felt more quiet than ever. Guan Yuqing also moved into the apartment provided by her best friend. She couldn’t hear Guan Yongnian’s intimidation and Guan Zhenlei’s moaning without illness, and she couldn’t express her joy. Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing went to get off work step by step and started a simple and comfortable life alone. A few days later, Guan Yuqing never called home, and Guan Yongnian was very annoyed.

Guan Zhenlei finally drove Guan Yuqing away. He couldn’t wait to report the good news to Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo. He wanted to marry Li Bei home as soon as possible. He vowed to let Li Bei go through his coat and stretch out his hands to open his mouth. Zhao Mei was worried and thought. Taking care of Li Bei personally, she proposed to live with them after marriage and let Guan Yuqing be responsible for the resettlement of Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi, Guan Zhenlei fully agreed.

After get off work, Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing went to the fast food restaurant downstairs to eat. The two ordered three of the same dishes at the same time. Because there were so many people eating, the waiter asked them to join the table. Xu Qingfeng knew that Guan Yuqing had gone The family moved out. After the meal, Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng went home separately. Xu Qingfeng found that Guan Yuqing had been trailing behind him, misunderstanding that she was going to follow her, but she did not expect Guan Yuqing not only to live in the same building with him, but also to the door.

Guan Yuqing went home and found that her uniform coat was threaded, so she came to Xu Qingfeng to borrow needles and threads, but she didn’t know how to sew clothes. Xu Qingfeng used surgical stitches to make up her clothes. Guan Yuqing watched him fly the needle. The thread was sewn quickly, and I admire him. Guan Yuqing accidentally saw a lot of plush toys in Xu Qingfeng’s room, and when she inquired that they were all made by him, Guan Yuqing couldn’t help but look at him with admiration.

Guan Yongnian was about to find the decoration team to knock down the wall and combine the two houses into one as a wedding room. Guan Zhenlei suddenly received a call from Zhao Mei and hurriedly brought Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi to a newly developed community, Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo. Later, I came to visit the real estate with Guan Yongnian and his wife. The real estate agency staff gave them a detailed introduction to the layout of the new real estate. Guan Yongnian chose a house with good location and natural light at a glance.

Xu Xiulan went to the blind date corner of People’s Park for marriage. Xu Qingfeng couldn’t come if he had something to do. The wife’s parents gathered around and asked Xu Xiulan Xingshi to question her. Xu Xiulan carefully selected a lot of candidates for the blind date, and asked them for photos and information, but never Below, the woman’s parents condemned Xu Xiulan for cheating. Xu Xiulan repeatedly explained that they would not listen at all and criticized Xu Xiulan’s actions.

The teacher arranged for the students to celebrate Family Day. Chen Zhijun took his son Chenchen home to see Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi, indicating that Guan Yuyi and his best friends had a party. Guan Yongnian happily closed his mouth from ear to ear, holding Chenchen and not letting go, complaining that they don’t come often. Home, Chen Zhijun promised to bring Chenchen back often in the future. Liu Shuqi was busy with food, and Chen Zhijun didn’t want to listen to Guan Yongnian’s complaints, so he hurried to the kitchen to fight.

In fact, Guan Yuqing went to see Guan Yuqing. The two sisters went to the supermarket together. Guan Yuqing kept urging her to find a man to marry as soon as possible. Guan Yuqing had to divert the subject. Chenchen made a paper crown for every member of the family, put a donkey on Guan Yongnian’s hat, and made him have to carry enough for the whole day. Guan Yongnian was not happy, but it was not easy to attack. When he learned about Chen Zhijun Said that he had a bad temper like a donkey and gritted his teeth with anger.

Guan Yuqing and Guan Yuqing went home to buy food. They met Xu Qingfeng in the elevator. Guan Yuqing invited Xu Qingfeng to eat at home and thanked him for performing the operation on Chen Zhiwu. Guan Yuqing also asked Xu Qingfeng to taste her sister’s cooking skills. He couldn’t bear it. Refused, and went home with the sisters. Xu Qingfeng came to the kitchen to help, Guan Yun took the opportunity to say many good things about Guan Yuqing, and asked Xu Qingfeng to help take care of her.

Xu Qingfeng cuts up the roast chicken with his superb technique. Guan Yuqing picked up the chicken neck to eat. Xu Qingfeng reminded her that there is lymph in her neck and there will be a lot of toxins. Guan Yuqing felt he was disappointed. Xu Qingfeng just wanted to sit down and eat, when he suddenly received an emergency call from the hospital, he rushed over without saying a word. Liu Shuqi made Chenchen’s favorite meal.

Chen Zhijun ordered Chenchen to share meals and took out his lunch box according to the school’s requirements. Guan Yongnian was very dissatisfied. Chen Zhijun repeatedly explained that it was the teacher’s request and he also took a video and posted it, Guan Yongnian got angry and served Chen Zhijun a few dishes, and asked him to eat for himself. Chen Zhijun lied that the unit had left beforehand in a hurry.

Guan Yongnian finally agreed to share the meal, reminding Chenchen not to be distracted with his family, and Chen Zhijun heard clearly at the door. Liu Shuqi couldn’t help complaining about Guan Yongnian’s meal. Guan Yongnian admitted that he had never looked down upon Chen Zhijun before, and that he was not pleasing to the eye. Guan Zhenlei came to pick up Li Bei from get off work, and Li Bei had to accompany the boss to socialize. Guan Zhenlei was very distressed and forced her to take her home.

In order to please Guan Yongnian, Chen Zhijun cleaned up his studio, but Guan Yongnian didn’t buy it. He suddenly slipped and fell to the ground. Chen Zhijun hurriedly helped him do a full-body massage. He deliberately used his best strength, Guan Yongnian loudly Asked Liu Shuqi for help and told Chen Zhijun to leave. Chen Zhijun raised his leg and stepped on Guan Yongnian’s foot. He yelled in pain.

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