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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 3 Recap

Guan Zhenlei kept picking dishes for Li Bei, desperately to please Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo, and made them laugh. Guan Yongnian looked so angry in his heart, Zhao Mei offered to let Guan Zhenlei buy a wedding house, and Guan Yongnian made excuses. Zhao Mei had to make concessions and let Guan Zhenlei be the door-to-door son-in-law. Their children wanted to be named Li. Guan Zhenlei actually agreed. Guan Yongnian strongly opposed. Guan Zhenlei was only passed on for three generations. It was impossible to be the home son-in-law of the Li family. Li Bei hurried to mediate. The meal ended up unhappy.

Guan Yuqing was grounded due to complaints from first-class passengers. As soon as Xu Qingfeng returned to Beijing, he devoted himself to intense work. Xu Xiulan called to persuade him not to work too hard. At this moment, the director of the Xingfu Li Neighborhood Committee came to ask Xu Xiulan to help mediate the family relationship in the community. He also listed the tense relationship. Xu Xiulan readily agreed to the list of households.

Guan Zhenlei asked Guan Yongnian to buy him a wedding house. Guan Yongnian couldn’t help him, so he called Guan Yuqing back and asked her to use all the money she had saved to fund Guan Zhenlei. Guan Yuqing flatly refused. Guan Zhenlei was angry to renovate the current house and get married. Guan Yuqing continued to live here. Guan Yuqing promised to move out from here. Guan Zhenlei made an inch and wanted to mark Guan Yuqing’s name from the real estate certificate. Guan Yuqing saw through his tricks and only agreed to move and refused to remove her name from the real estate certificate. Guan Zhenlei yelled with anger.

The director of the neighborhood committee brought Xu Xiulan to Guan’s home to do mediation work. He explained in advance Guan Yongnian’s patriarchal practices. After Xu Qingfeng had the operation, he called Xu Xiulan for dinner, and Xu Xiulan asked Xu Qingfeng to come to Xingfuli community to pick her up. Xu Xiulan recognized Guan Yongnian as soon as she walked in and sneered at him. Guan Yongnian refused to accept mediation, and Xu Xiulan offered to have a chat with Guan Zhenlei. Guan Zhenlei kept spitting out bitterness at her and said many bad things about Guan Yuqing. Xu Xiulan counted all the things that Guan Zhenlei had done, and Guan Yongnian stood up to defend Guan Zhenlei.

Xu Xiulan called Guan Yuqing over. First of all, she affirmed that her conditions were good, reminded her not to be too strong, and made a talk at home. Then Xu Xiulan accused Liu Shuqi of neglecting the education of her children, and tried her best to show off her son’s success in educating her son. Guan Yuqing couldn’t listen to how good her son was. She questioned Xu Xiulan’s unreasonable education method and complained for his son. Guan Yongnian also argued with Xu Xiulan.

Xu Qingfeng came to her mother according to the address. He heard her and the Guan family quarreling at the door. Xu Qingfeng hurriedly knocked on the door and called her mother to eat. Guan Yuqing did not expect Xu Qingfeng to be Xu Xiulan’s son. Xu Qingfeng invited Xu Xiulan to dinner. Xu Xiulan kept talking about her family members. Xu Qingfeng suddenly received a call from Director Wang. An emergency patient came to the hospital. He must go to the consultation immediately. Xu Xiulan urged him to go back to work and did not eat. Went home.

Lin Jie found Xu Qingfeng’s suit was dirty and took the initiative to help him dry it. Dr. Yang was performing heart surgery on Chen Zhiwu, and he suddenly suffered from extensive bleeding. He was helpless, so he had to call Xu Qingfeng for help. Xu Qingfeng rushed over to help without even taking a sip of water. After Xu Qingfeng tried his best to rescue him, he called Xu Qingfeng for help. Chen Zhiwu’s operation was successfully completed. Guan Yuqing thanked Xu Qingfeng, who claimed that this is what he should do.

Gao Jianling returned to China and returned to Yanxi Hospital as the dean of the heart transplant center. Lin Jie took Xu Qingfeng’s suit back, just in time to see Xu Xiulan coming to give Xu Qingfeng food. Xu Xiulan thanked Lin Jie for taking care of Xu Qingfeng, and enthusiastically took her hand to ask questions, and added WeChat to each other. Xu Xiulan tried her best to match up. Lin Jie flushed with shame when she was with Xu Qingfeng.

Guan Yongnian bought food and went home. He accidentally saw Guan Zhenlei working as a security guard at the gate of the community. He guessed that Guan Zhenlei deliberately made him feel embarrassed and forced him to resign and go home immediately. Guan Zhenlei flatly refused. Guan Yongnian felt sorry for his son and asked Liu Shuqi to prepare food for Guan Zhenlei Sent. As soon as Gao Jianling took office, he met with Xu Qingfeng and recommended him to be the director of cardiology. Xu Qingfeng is not good at management and just wants to perform operations with peace of mind. Moreover, Gao Jianling is no longer reluctant to go to the heart transplant center that will be built soon.

Gao Jianling drove Xu Qingfeng home, not only caring about his marriage, but also constantly inquiring about his mother Xu Xiulan’s situation, Xu Qingfeng answered truthfully. Xu Qingfeng went home and saw that his mother took down all the photos of his blind date. He was puzzled. His mother insisted that he and Lin Jie were lovers. Xu Qingfeng repeatedly stated that they were ordinary colleagues, and his mother should not be messy. Mandarin duck spectrum, otherwise it will be difficult to get along with.

Xu Xiulan took advantage of Xu Qingfeng’s attention to look through the chat records on his mobile phone and found that he and Lin Jie had no other contact except work. Xu Qingfeng grabbed the phone and called his colleague Zhang Ran to meet him. He wanted to move to the expert dormitory of the hospital. Zhang Ran called Aunt Cleaning on the spot and asked her to help Xu Qingfeng clean up the room.

Guan Yongnian gave Guan Yuqing an ultimatum and forced her to spend money to buy a house for Guan Zhenlei. Guan Yuqing was speechless. Early the next morning, Guan Yuqing gave a detailed report on the whole process of the flight to the company’s leaders. The company’s leaders praised her for her actions and presented her with a pennant on behalf of the two hospitals and commended the entire crew. Guan Yuqing learned that Xu Qingfeng had come forward to testify and had secured the first-class guest who had a dystocia. Guan Yuqing searched for information on Xu Qingfeng from the Internet and found out that he was a well-known cardiologist. She couldn’t help but look at him with admiration.

Guan Yuqing carefully selected the gifts and came to the hospital. The nurse sent her to the ICU to see Xu Qingfeng. Guan Yuqing saw from a distance that Xu Qingfeng was discussing a treatment plan with the patient’s children. When the patient was young, he abandoned his wife and children, and the children did not want to continue to save him. Xu Qingfeng returned to the office and discussed with his assistant to use his own money to advance the treatment fee for the patient. Guan Yuqing went in and thanked Xu Qingfeng for helping her deal with the dispute. Only then did Xu Qingfeng know that Guan Yuqing was the captain who helped him adjust the helicopter to rescue people.

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