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The Best of Times 最好的时代 Episode 8 Recap

As Li Yanfeng confessed that he had failed many times, he realized that the existence of Tan Jingzhou was the big obstacle to this relationship, and he simply asked Tan Jingzhou to the basketball hall first. The best way for two men to vent their emotions is to play basketball. Tan Jingzhou was confused by Li Yanfeng’s jealousy, until he mentioned Lin Zhenyi and finally realized that Tan Jingzhou directly pointed out that Li Yanfeng liked her.

Faced with Tan Jingzhou’s curiosity, Li Yanfeng admitted without hesitation that at first he heard that Tan Jingzhou also cared about Lin Zhenyi, and he was a little stunned, but when he learned that Tan Jingzhou only regarded Lin Zhenyi as his sister, he smiled and changed his face as if calling his elder brother. . At the same time, Li Jianye returned to China by plane.

Li Yanfeng was chased and intercepted because he had offended people at the mobile exchange meeting. Tan Jingzhou found Li Yanfeng and was rushing to find him, which happened to help Li Yanfeng. After getting rid of the people who troubled Li Yanfeng, Tan Jingzhou and Li Yanfeng went to talk about the past, and asked Li Yanfeng about becoming a train driver. Tan Jingzhou told Li Yanfeng that although he did not make a mistake in his operation, he did not listen to Lin Zhenyi’s persuasion to start again after he had the opportunity to brake, resulting in serious damage to the locomotive converter.

Lin Zhenyi didn’t want their three months of hard work in vain and went to Fu to question the driver. She recognized that the driver was not the Abu who had previously reported, and suspected the driver was also one of the reasons for the problem. Fuer didn’t know how to explain to Lin Zhenyi, and he was afraid that Lin Zhenyi would misunderstand Li Yanfeng, so he couldn’t help telling Lin Zhenyi that Li Yanfeng was testing the car for Lin Zhenyi and called Lin Zhenyi’s nickname. Lin Zhenyi only knew that this person was. Li Yanfeng.

Li Yanfeng went to the kendo hall to practice swords with Ono Lizi. After the end, Ono Lizi told Li Yanfeng about Henry’s hands-on exercise on the locomotive in order to have a bigger bargaining chip at the negotiating table. Li Yanfeng learned the truth, and before he could find evidence, Lin Zhenyi approached him. Lin Zhenyi waited for Li Yanfeng to go home, and shot Li Yanfeng who was parked with a flashlight, which made Li Yanfeng particularly angry. Li Yanfeng thought it was his former enemy who came to the door again, and when he was about to get out of the car to fight with them again, he realized that Lin Zhenyi was waiting for him.

Li Yanfeng didn’t know how to face Lin Zhenyi. After confirming that it was Li Yanfeng, Lin Zhenyi yelled at Li Yanfeng, blaming Li Yanfeng for not seeing him for ten years, and his old problems had not changed at all. Not only did he enjoy life in Linxi, It also destroyed the hope of more than 12,000 people in their Jiangche Group. Li Yanfeng wanted to explain that someone had deliberately manipulated the line of the locomotive, but Lin Zhenyi was particularly disappointed in him. He did not give him a chance to explain, so he left sadly. Li Yanfeng could only shout loudly, indicating that he would make up for it. My mistakes.

After Lin Zhenyi cursed Li Yanfeng, he fell into a low mood and went back to dump those locomotive parts. In order to make Lin Zhenyi feel better, Lin Safety took the initiative to compete with Lin Zhenyi, and Lin Zhenyi recovered his state. After Li Yanfeng was scolded by Lin Zhen, he went to bid farewell to Fuer. He decided to return to China to bear his own mistakes. He didn’t want to make the jobs of more than 12,000 people in Jiangdong unsafe because of his mistakes. Henry had a bargaining chip because of the failure of Jiang’s car test, so he directly advanced the negotiation time and wanted to complete the negotiation as soon as possible.

Tan Jingzhou reported to Li Jianye about the negotiations, and at the same time gave the evidence of Henry’s damage to the locomotive to Li Jianye, while Lin Zhenyi was afraid that he could not repair the damaged converter within five days, and cried to Li Jianye to apologize and admit his mistake, thinking Let Li Jianye agree to let her repair the converter. Li Jianye did not criticize Lin Zhenyi, and was afraid of putting too much pressure on Lin Zhenyi, and did not agree to Lin Zhenyi, but privately asked his subordinates to repair the locomotive to Linxi at all costs to preserve the reputation of Jiangche Group.

Lin Zhenyi wanted to repair the converter regardless of Li Jianye’s disagreement, but others were worried about it, because the converter was imported equipment, they only had a manual, nothing else, and the manufacturer refused. Help, it’s hard to find out, let alone fix it. The engineers were suspicious of Lin Zhenyi, and Lin Zhenyi had no confidence in himself, but Tan Jingzhou was still full of confidence in Lin Zhenyi, and went to Lin Zhenyi to accompany her to give her courage.

Lin Zhenyi went to Li Jianye again, indicating that although it was difficult to repair the car, she was confident to give it a try, and Li Jianye agreed to Lin Zhenyi to repair the car. Li Yanfeng returned to China, he wanted to help Lin Zhenyi repair the car, and Lin Zhenyi and the others did not have drawings to repair it, which would cause the converter to be damaged more seriously, so he wanted to go to the Jiangche Group to find Lin Zhenyi. Li Yanfeng was stopped at the door and could only pass in the drawing. Lin Zhenyi was embarrassed about repairing the car. After seeing the drawing, he immediately took it home to study. He had to repair the locomotive.

Li Yanfeng went to help Lin Safety repair the car and took the opportunity to inquire about Lin Zhenyi’s residence. Finally, he knew which apartment Lin Zhenyi lived in, but he forgot to ask the specific one, so he had to go there to try his luck. Li Yanfeng met Lin Zhenyi who was running at night at the gate of the community, and followed Lin Zhenyi all the way. Only then did he find out where Lin Zhenyi lived, so he asked an agent to help him rent a suite in the same apartment. Li Yanfeng lived in Lin Zhen’s pair of doors, waited all night and finally waited until Lin Zhenyi went to work before he sneaked into Lin Zhenyi’s room.

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