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The Best of Times 最好的时代 Episode 7 Recap

It’s time to get off work, Lin Zhenyi went to the supermarket to buy before going home. When she walked back with a large package of small rolls, Li Yanfeng suddenly jumped out from the side and couldn’t help all sorts of diligent help organizing them and putting them in the refrigerator , Even handed over two tickets for Alan Schultz’s banquet and invited her to attend.

Originally, Lin Zhenyi had no interest in this, but when she heard that Alan’s husband was Jason, Menzel’s major shareholder, she immediately became energetic and promised to go there tomorrow. As a result, on the day of the banquet, Li Yanfeng squatted by the fountain to wait for a long time, but he couldn’t see anyone. It was hard to see Lin Zhenyi. However, there was Tan Jingzhou standing beside her, and the pre-conceived appointment was completely lost.

Li Yanfeng learned that his research results had been stolen, so he beat Dr. Guo angrily. He couldn’t do anything else, so he could only leave the seminar site angrily. Fuer found Li Yanfeng, told Li Yanfeng of his problems, and begged Li Yanfeng to help him test the car, but Li Yanfeng refused to agree.

Fuer couldn’t help Li Yanfeng, so he could only complain to Li Yanfeng in embarrassment, indicating that Lin Zhenyi, the person in charge of Jiangdong Group, could not deal with it. He was really embarrassed. Li Yanfeng immediately became interested when he heard that Lin Zhenyi was here, so he decided to help Fuer to test the car. Li Yanfeng disguised himself as a test driver with two beards.

The locomotive began to run, and everyone was watching this moment nervously, but when everything was running smoothly, the locomotive suddenly suffered a system failure and emergency braking, which hindered the test run. Lin Zhenyi hadn’t found out the cause of the locomotive failure, and ordered the driver Li Yanfeng to suspend the operation, but Li Yanfeng refused to persuade him to continue the test.

After the train stopped testing, Lin Zhenyi ran to teach Li Yanfeng, Li Yanfeng was afraid of being recognized by her, so he could only escape under the cover of Fuer. Lin Zhen was anxious to find out the cause of the malfunction of the locomotive, but did not notice Li Yanfeng for a while, and then Fuer had the opportunity to find Li Yanfeng who was hiding. After the locomotive test failed, Tan Jingzhou immediately went to Professor Qian who was developing a world simulation locomotive system, and used the locomotive failure data to attract Professor Qian to help Jiangdong Locomotive to find the cause of the failure.

After Fuer found Li Yanfeng, he immediately confirmed the operation problem with Li Yanfeng to see if Li Yanfeng’s operation error caused the locomotive test to fail, because he temporarily asked Li Yanfeng for the test run, but did not report to Jiangche Group. He was afraid that Li Yanfeng would be identified by Jiangche Group. The main cause of the accident. Li Yanfeng was very sure that his operation was not improper, so he remembered that he didn’t need to hide, so he went to the locomotive scene to find the problem, and finally he found the cause.

Li Yanfeng found that there was a problem with the line under the locomotive. He took a photo and went to find Lin Jinyi who was developing the conference, indicating that he was driving without problems. At this time, Lin Jinyi was facing the reporters’ questions and did not know how to answer them. , And dare not say that it is a line problem. Lin Zhenyi was convinced that his efforts could not be wrong, let alone what Li Yanfeng said, it was a problem on the line, while reporters all believed that it was because Lin Zhenyi was too young to bear the responsibility, which led to the trial of the locomotive. failure.

When Lin Zhenyi was embarrassed, Tan Jingzhou came forward to answer questions from reporters for Lin Zhenyi, explaining that there was no problem with their locomotive, and Professor Qian was looking for a system failure for their locomotive. After the press conference, Jiangdong Group further investigated the locomotive failure. Tan Jingzhou thought it was vandalism, so he went to check the surveillance video of the locomotive site and accidentally discovered that the driver of the test was actually Li Yanfeng he knew, which surprised him.

Ono Lizi was particularly puzzled about the failure of the Jiangdong locomotive’s test run, but Henry was particularly proud of this, because the failure of the locomotive test run gave him more leverage at the negotiation table, and he wanted to end the two-year negotiation as soon as possible. Henry’s pride showed Ono Lizi’s clues, and Henry told Ono Lizi about his hands and feet. It turned out that Henry hired someone in advance, and when it was dark, he went to the locomotive scene in the middle of the night when the security guards were negligent. Ono Chestnut was angry with Henry’s hands and feet, but Henry didn’t care. He was proud of his own proud work.

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