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The Best of Times 最好的时代 Episode 6 Recap

Li Yanfeng discovered that Lin Zhen hadn’t returned home in the middle of the night, so he called Lin Zhenyi specially, which surprised Lin Zhenyi. When Lin Zhenyi was arguing with Li Yanfeng, Tan Jingzhou on the side heard it and learned that it was Li Yanfeng’s call, so he grabbed the phone and asked Li Yanfeng to come to help. Lin Zhenyi was very surprised by Tan Jingzhou’s decision. Only then did Tan Jingzhou tell the story about Li Yanfeng’s help in repairing the converter.

Li Yanfeng rushed to the workshop to check the damage to the locomotive, and then he began to instruct everyone to start repairs, but everyone had doubts, and was even more afraid that the original fault could not be repaired, and the damage to the locomotive would be more serious, so he dared not do anything. . Tan Jingzhou encouraged everyone to start repairs without burden. Only then did everyone cooperate with Li Yanfeng and let the repairs start well.

As the maintenance progressed, the engineers began to talk, and couldn’t help but mention Li Yanfeng as Li Jianye’s son. Li Yanfeng was very upset when he heard it. Tan Jingzhou was afraid that the atmosphere would be destroyed, so Zhang Luo and everyone took a photo for the initial success. Only then did Li Yanfeng help to take pictures for them and changed the topic just now.

After finishing work, Lin Zhen always questioned Li Yanfeng why he did not return to Jiang Che, and also wanted to know Li Yanfeng’s purpose of helping Jiang Che repair the locomotive, because Li Yanfeng was very afraid of others linking him with Li Jianye. Li Yanfeng took the opportunity of Lin Zhenyi to ask questions and confessed to Lin Zhenyi that he was only helping Lin Zhenyi. He wanted to marry Lin Zhenyi. This made Lin Zhenyi very surprised and embarrassed. He didn’t know how to respond, so he ran back shyly. Go home.

Jiang Che repaired Menzel’s urban rails and caused continuous disturbances in Menzel. Tan Jingzhou wanted to take advantage of Menzel’s negative news this time to win back the bargaining chips at the negotiating table, but Li Yanfeng did not expect Ono Lizi to suppress Jiang. car. Ono Lizi explained that Li Yanfeng was responsible for the maintenance of the urban rails of the Jiang car, and this was Menzel’s test of Li Yanfeng, because they wanted to hire Li Yanfeng to work in Menzel.

Ono Lizi regarded Jiang Che’s success as the success of Menzel employee Li Yanfeng, and indirectly told Li Jianye that Li Yanfeng had not graduated from Lane West University, which made Li Jianye embarrassed at the negotiating table. Li Jianye told Ono Lizi very rationally, indicating that he did not know that he had such an excellent son, but Jiang Che would never agree to Ono Lizi’s harsh conditions.

Negotiations reached a deadlock again, and the people of Jiangche started to talk about Li Yanfeng, making Lin Jinyi believe everyone said that Li Yanfeng was colluding with Ono Lizi to help Jiangche repair the urban rails to beat Li Jianye at the negotiating table. One was caught off guard. When Li Jianye learned that Li Yanfeng had dropped out of school, he could only ask Tan Jingzhou about Li Yanfeng and figure out how Li Yanfeng helped repair the urban rails.

Tan Jingzhou truthfully told Li Jianye about his encounter with Li Yanfeng in Linxi, indicating that he was looking for Li Yanfeng to help, but he was in a hurry and didn’t think too much. Li Jianye didn’t think this was a conspiracy between Li Yanfeng and Menzel, so he asked Tan Jingzhou to investigate the true relationship between Li Yanfeng and Menzel. After learning about Menzel’s intentions, Li Jianye felt that they could not be led by Menzel, so he decided to change the negotiation route.

Lin Zhenyi went to Li Yanfeng to question him, he wanted to know whether Li Yanfeng was really helping Menzel in the matter with Menzel. Li Yanfeng explained that he was building the city rail for Lin Zhenyi, but Lin Zhenyi thought it was a joke and didn’t want to be serious with Li Yanfeng. Lin Zhen saw that Li Yanfeng was not serious, so he scolded Li Yanfeng, and even said that he was jealous of Tan Jingzhou, so he quarreled with Lin Zhenda.

After arguing with Lin Zhenyi, Li Yanfeng went to the bar to drink in a bad mood, and when he was drunk, asked the bar people to help him call Lin Zhenyi to pick him up. Lin Zhenyi didn’t want to pick up Li Yanfeng because of a fight with Li Yanfeng, so he had to call Tan Jingzhou to go. When Tan Jingzhou went to pick up Li Yanfeng, he happened to meet Nian Nian, who was secretly recording the recording. He stepped forward to help and saved Nian Nian before going to the bar.

Li Jianye didn’t want to give in to Menzel because of cooperation, so he wanted to find new partners when the negotiations were deadlocked. Li Jianye believes that after two years of negotiations, Felix, who was abandoned by them, may now become their partner. Therefore, he said that he would not see Menzel’s representative, Ono Lizi, and suspended the negotiations.

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