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The Best of Times 最好的时代 Episode 5 Recap

The negotiations continued. Henry was short on the negotiating table because of his shortcomings in Tan Jingzhou’s hands. He was forced to agree to negotiate according to the preliminary agreement previously negotiated. Tan Jingzhou thought that Henry had made a concession and their negotiations would end soon, but he did not expect Ono Lizi to suddenly appear in the conference room and terminate the negotiations.

Ono Chestnut explained that she is now Menzel’s negotiating team leader, and Henry has been fired. At the same time, it explained that Lanesi’s order is now in their hands and the negotiation must be re-negotiated. Tan Jingzhou was caught off guard by the appearance of Ono Lizi. He didn’t know anything about Ono Lizi, and he didn’t know how Menzel would proceed with the next negotiation. On the scalp, the two joint venture negotiations should be concluded as soon as possible.

The negotiation did not go well, Lin Zhenyi felt a little lost, and for a while, he forgot to date Dr. Li, making Li Yanfeng wait for Lin Zhen one day. Lin Zhenyi went down to the rail locomotive to relax, and suddenly received a call from the property, and learned that the thief who had entered her house had been caught, so she turned around and wanted to go home to deal with the matter.

After Lin Zhenyi left, Li Yanfeng walked to the rail locomotive because of Lin Zhenyi’s missed appointment. He wanted to recall what happened when they were young, but Lin Zhenyi suddenly returned. As soon as Lin Zhen saw Li Yanfeng, he immediately scolded Li Yanfeng angrily, and kicked Li Yanfeng a few times before he wanted to leave proudly.

Just when Lin Zhenyi was about to leave, he received a call from Tan Jingzhou and remembered Dr. Li’s appointment, which made her have no time to talk to Li Yanfeng. Li Yanfeng triumphantly wanted Lin Zhen to pair him with Dr. Li. Change. Tian Xin couldn’t find Li Yanfeng and suspected that Li Yanfeng was with Lin Zhenyi, so she ran to Lin Zhen’s family to find Li Yanfeng, but Li Yanfeng happened to hit him.

Seeing Li Yanfeng, Tian Xin immediately asked Li Yanfeng if she lived with Lin Zhen. Li Yanfeng invited Tian Xin into her home and explained clearly to Tian Xin. Tian Xin came to Li Yanfeng with luggage, and wanted Li Yanfeng to go home with her, but Li Yanfeng just didn’t want to go back to face Li Jianye, so she insisted on not going home. Tian Xin wanted to stay and live with Li Yanfeng, forcing Li Yanfeng to go home, but suddenly it occurred to him that the fresh milk at home did not explain Li Jianye, fearing that Li Jianye would forget to eat it, so he could only go home first.

Tan Jingzhou and Lin Zhenyi greeted Ono Lizi who came to negotiate on the negotiation day, but they didn’t expect Ono Lizi to show up at all. They could only take Ono Lizi’s assistant to visit Jiangche’s locomotive workshop. Ono Lizi went to Li Yanfeng, and wanted to use Li Yanfeng and Li Jianye not to deal with this matter, so as to recruit Li Yanfeng to work in Menzel, but Li Yanfeng hesitated.

The subway in Lu City was derailed. Manager Liu, the person in charge, was anxious to find a manufacturer to repair it, but because the urban rail was owned by Menze Group, he had to ask Jiang Che to help and bargain with Ono Chestnut. Ono Lizi was sure that Jiang’s car could not repair their Menzel’s urban rails, so with this incident in Lu City, he asked Manager Liu to pay five million for the repair.

Lin Zhenyi helped to negotiate with Ono Lizi, and she could see that Ono Lizi despised Jiangche’s skills so much that she was really angry, so she quarreled with Ono Lizi. Manager Liu didn’t have confidence in Jiang Che’s technology, and was vague in front of Ono Lizi, making Lin Zhen even more angry when he saw him, and the two almost quarreled on the spot.

After Ono Lizi left, Lin Zhenyi took Manager Liu to visit Jiangche’s locomotive workshop, trying to convince Liu Manager of Jiangche’s technology, but Manager Liu was still skeptical, which made Lin Zhenyi very angry. Manager Liu couldn’t afford the 5 million maintenance fee Menzel asked for, so he decided to let Jiang Che repair it first. If it didn’t work, he would ask Menzel to repair it. This made Lin Zhenyi even more angry.

Although Lin Zhenyi was annoyed by Manager Liu’s distrust of Jiangche’s technology, in order to prove Jiangche’s technology to the world, she decided to grit her teeth and repair the urban rails.

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