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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 20 Recap

Gu Chenyu and Xiao Ning were eating breakfast at home, Xie Fei broke in, and asked Gu Chenyu if their revolutionary friendship was gone after Xiao Ning. Xie Fei said he was going to the toilet, and Gu Chenyu stopped him. Gu Chenyu returned a bank card to Yan Ran and said that Tang Xue dragged him back to her, so that Yan Ran would not continue, but Yan Ran said that in this case, she had nothing to say with Mo Buyu. At the press conference, Gu Chenyu said that Xia Xiaoning was his girlfriend, and also said that Mobuyu and Xie Wuchang would work together to continue their cooperation in Wangchuan. Yanran told Xiaoning that she couldn’t get her wish, and she also said that Xiaoning would be the culprit for destroying Wangchuan.

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