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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 32 Recap

After the blessing ceremony was completed, all the concubines returned to the camp to rest, and King Taiping and Hu Nian also returned to the camp. After Hu Nian fell asleep, King Taiping secretly left the camp with his knife, and he came to the account of the concubine. Watching the shaman perform the ceremony, he asked whether the medicine Shaman gave was effective. Shaman told King Taiping that the medicine was definitely effective.

At this moment, there was a noise outside the camp’s account, and King Taiping went out to check out vigilantly, and unexpectedly found that the person standing in front of him was actually a Hu Nian. Hu Yan woke up and couldn’t see the Taiping King. She had come out to find the Taiping King, but she didn’t expect to hear all this. She didn’t understand why the Taiping King played such a small trick behind her back. Why do you want to be like this when you are so rich and wealthy?

King Taiping knew that Hu Nian could not accept this, he wanted to take Hu Nian back and let Shaman continue. Hu Nian was angry and stepped forward to overthrow the candlelight on the table. For a time, the small account was blazed with light. Taiping Wang first took Hu Nian to leave and let the two guards take care of the aftermath. The fire in the Toffee Camp alarmed Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan. They sent people to the Toffee Camp to check the account. The two guards hurriedly killed the Toffee, but Pu Ge was rescued by those who rushed to her.

The next day, Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan came to the Toffee Camp to check. Han Kuangsi found the bottle of medicine taken by the little prince on the ground. He noticed something was wrong, so he took the medicine bottle and went to study. The tent was in a desolate state. Chu Bu mentioned that the reason for the fire in the tent was that the candlestick was overturned.

If the murderer would not leave such a movement, it means that it was not the murderer who overturned the candlestick, but the warning person. It proves that this person is still alive and was able to break through this incident and was guarded by the murderer. The two thought of King Taiping and Hu Nian for the first time, and it was even more proof that King Taiping and Hu Nian went out before the third watch. Conjecture of the two.

Hu Xian has been reluctant to forgive King Taiping when he returned to the mansion. It was clear that King Taiping had promised her that he would never hurt her relatives, but now King Taiping not only abandoned her, but also abandoned Khitan’s “misfortune” Tradition. King Taiping knew that he had disappointed Hu Nian, but if he didn’t fight for it, their children would become sinners and they would have been living in a life of losing power and losing power.

All he did was for this family. it is good. He, Hu Nian, and the child are a family of three. The King of Taiping hopes that Hu Nian can be more reasonable for the child and not hurt each other. Seeing that Hu Nian was unwilling to talk to him, King Taiping also left the room first, only locking Hu Nian in the room.

Xiao Yanyan and Ye Luxian already knew that King Taiping was different. Xiao Yanyan wanted to lead troops to rush to the mansion to save people, but King Taiping held a heavy hand. Not only would they not be able to rush into the mansion to save people, if the King Taiping and Gao Xun nv were combined, the three The forces are unstoppable.

Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan decided to set up a family banquet to confuse King Taiping, so that King Taiping could relax his vigilance, so as not to die. After that, Xiao Yanyan called Hu Nian’s personal maids, An Xi and Fu Hui, and she asked them to enter the mansion to take care of Hu Nian and find the right time to lead Hu Nian out of the house.

Taiping King and Gao Xun Nvli had long been embarrassed. The three colluded together to prepare for a rebellion at the banquet, and embrace King Taiping as the new king. Pu Ge Xiaofei woke up with serious injuries. Before she died, she met Ye Luxian and confessed to Ye Luxian. Pu knew that Yelvxian would not forgive her. Years ago, she was threatened by King Taiping and secretly replaced the medicine Yelvxian wanted to take in order to survive.

It was only then that Ye Luxian was shocked to know that she had not seen any improvement after taking the medicine for so many years because the medicine was replaced. Brother Pu couldn’t cry. She knew that she was guilty. She didn’t ask Yelvxian for forgiveness. She only left the medicine she stole to Yelvxian, hoping to help Yelvxian. When the words were over, Pu Ge swallowed this breath, and also ended her life of sorrow that was controlled by others.

Hu Nian did not eat or drink. The King Taiping came to visit Hu Nian and brought An Xi and Fuhui to take care of Hu Nian. After King Taiping left, An Xi and Fuhui persuaded Hu Nian to eat. Only when he was full could he have the strength to escape. King Taiping was about to take action. The two asked Hu Nian to leave before King Taiping took action, otherwise they were afraid that King Taiping failed. Not good for Hu Nian. Hu Nian knew that King Taiping would not hurt herself and her children, but she did not want to stay here.

The three of them found an appropriate time to leave the Taiping Palace. King Taiping found out about it, and he stopped Hu Nian and confronted him. Nian killed the maid An Xi. Hu Nian was very sad because of An Xi’s death. She fell from the carriage and the child was gone. Taiping Wang Sheng was so angry that he wanted to kill the female doctor. The female doctor hurriedly begged for mercy. Although the child could not be saved, she could save Hu Nian’s life.

Hu Nian’s life was saved. King Taiping asked why Hu Nian risked losing his child to leave him. Hu Nian looked down on the sordid methods of King Taiping, even though King Taiping wanted to wear the supreme phoenix crown for her and accompany him. She looks at the world, but she is not rare to get a phoenix crown by such means. King Taiping was disappointed in his heart. He thought that Hu Nian’s heart was not with him at all. If Hu Nian was not his beloved wife, he would never have tolerated Hu Nian forever.

Only did not recite the scriptures in the Buddhist meditation room, and An Zhi came to let him accompany her into the palace for a family dinner. He didn’t want to enter the palace, he didn’t understand why An Zhi kept entangled with this. Ann only wanted to be distinguished by others. She hoped that she could not make contributions, but she had already lost this thought. He knew that An was not reconciled, and also guessed that An was only distinguished by other people. He deliberately reminded Ann in his words. Today is just a family dinner. He wanted to stop An, but An only didn’t want to listen, but didn’t persuade him. He has been mixing up with Taiping’s rebellion.

Taiping Palace was in chaos. King Taiping came to say goodbye to Hu Nian wearing a shirt. He told Hu Nian that he would never be able to be an emperor and uncle at ease when he returned to Shangjing this time. He could not do anything unless he had complete assurance. . Hu Nian wanted to know if King Taiping came to kill her today. King Taiping told Hu Nian that Hu Nian was his wife, his princess, and his future queen, he would never kill Hu Nian.

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