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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 2 Recap

Xu Qingfeng was robbed by Guan Yuqing for no reason. He was very depressed. He had to go to the hotel near the hospital to see his mother. His mother specially booked a room and forced Xu Qingfeng to drink her elaborate soup. Xu Qingfeng asked to find out. His mother used his name to chat and interact with Xiao Vinegar Bao on the Internet. Xiao Vinegar Bao was very satisfied with Xu Qingfeng, and only went to the hospital to struggle with it today. Xu Qingfeng was too disturbed and reminded her not to tease Xiao Vinegar Bao again.

Guan Yongnian forced Guan Yuqing to accompany him to the agency to sell the house. The father and daughter spent the whole morning without finding an agency company willing to sell a house. Guan Yuqing took her father to a restaurant for dinner. At this time, Xu Xiulan asked Xu Qingfeng to come to this restaurant and brought photos of a few carefully selected girls. They were placed on the table for Xu Qingfeng to choose. Xu Xiulan just went out after answering the phone. Guan Yuqing passed by and saw Xu Qingfeng cleaned up the photos one by one, and called the watch with colleagues on duty. When Guan Yuqing heard the names of the two female doctors, she was even more sure that Xu Qingfeng was a scumbag, and sneered at him.

Li Bei’s parents went to the wedding. Guan Zhenlei secretly came to the house to date Li Bei. When the two wanted to kiss, Li Bei’s parents, Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo, pushed in one after the other and asked about Guan Zhenlei’s work and family situation. Guan Zhenlei Answered on May 10th, they learned that Guan Zhenlei had no money, no car, no house, and no serious career. They firmly opposed this marriage and forced Guan Zhenlei away.

Li Bei was angry and locked himself in the room. Even Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo’s begging would be of no avail. Li Bei recognized Guan Zhenlei as a potential stock. He would not marry in this life and threatened with a hunger strike. Guan Zhenlei sent a message to Li Bei downstairs, vowing to be with her forever. Li Bei ordered the takeaway on the spot, and specially reminded the courier brother to put the food at the door and never knock on the door to alarm his parents.

Guan Yuqing came to accompany her sister Guan Yunyu, just in time for the nurse to let patients and family members vote for the top ten doctors. Xu Qingfeng was one of the three candidates. Guan Yuqing decided to abstain, and Xu Qingfeng happened to pass the round, and he didn’t care about it. . Guan Yuqing heard that Xu Qingfeng was a knife out of his heart, and wanted him to perform operations on Chen Zhiwu, so Guan Yuqing asked Xu Qingfeng to apologize.

Guan Yuqing bit her scalp and came to Xu Qingfeng. Xu Qingfeng turned out the chat history on her phone, indicating that her mother was chatting with the girl online with him behind her back. She went to the hospital to entangle him. Guan Yuqing realized that she had misunderstood Xu Qingfeng. Repeatedly apologized to him and took the opportunity to ask him to perform surgery on Chen Zhiwu. Xu Qingfeng put on a business-like appearance and asked her to follow the arrangements of the head nurse, and Guan Yuqing had to give up.

Xu Qingfeng is going to fly to Shanghai to perform a heart transplant for the patient Shi Dawei. He asked Lin Jie to help book a ticket, which happened to be Guan Yuqing’s first flight after returning to China. Lin Jie had docked with airlines in advance and opened a green channel After receiving the news, Guan Yuqing and the crew made preparations in advance. Xu Qingfeng took the donor’s heart ten minutes in advance and rushed to the airport with his assistant.

The plane was about to take off. Xu Qingfeng and the others were still stuck on the road. It took 45 minutes to get there. Xu Qingfeng couldn’t wait, so he intercepted a motorcycle and rushed to the airport. Guan Yuqing asked the crew to appease the passengers. The first-class passengers made an excuse to go back to accompany their mother-in-law for surgery, and clamored to take off on time. Guan Yuqing personally came to the cabin to explain to the passengers that the amount of passengers was unreliable. Xu Qingfeng and his assistants arrived soon. Take off immediately.

Due to a strong thunderstorm in Shanghai, Hongqiao and Pudong airports were forced to close at 22:00. Guan Yuqing received the notice and landed at Nanjing Airport temporarily. Xu Qingfeng hurried to call the captain. If he rushed to Shanghai from Nanjing, he would Missed the best time for heart transplantation, the patient’s life is in danger. Xu Qingfeng also explained that the patient had been waiting for two years. The donor took his wife to the obstetric checkup and encountered a car accident midway. He was killed in order to protect his wife and unborn baby. Xu Qingfeng asked the captain to change the voyage for the sake of the two families.

The deputy captain Xiaobai was ready to make preparations for landing in Nanjing. Guan Yuqing hovered around the place. After weighing it repeatedly, she decided to temporarily land at the Wuxi Sunan huge speed airport. Xu Qingfeng saw the time passing by and determined that the transplant operation would be necessary. Suddenly, when the plane landed, the captain arranged for a helicopter to send them to Shanghai. Xu Qingfeng ran to the plane quickly, and Guan Yuqing was relieved when she watched the helicopter lift off.

Xu Qingfeng arrived at the hospital early and performed a heart transplant for Shi Dawei. The operation was very successful. Guan Yuqing caused a big trouble due to the alternate landing in Wuxi. The first-class guest wanted to complain to her. The company also ordered her to return when the rain stopped. Guan Yuqing did everything alone. Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo stood by the door of Li Bei’s room and tried to persuade her to come out for dinner, but Li Bei ignored them.

Guan Zhenlei suddenly knocked on the door to deliver milk tea to Li Bei. He kept claiming that his family’s conditions were not bad. The brother-in-law is a senior executive of the company and the second sister is a senior female captain of ASIA. He works in the bar to study and prepare to combine the Internet and The bar is engaged in a comprehensive operation and management model. Guan Zhenlei expressed his business philosophy one by one. Li Aiguo and Zhao Mei were confused, although they did not understand, they felt reasonable.

When Xu Qingfeng saw that Shi Dawei was in a stable condition, he asked his assistant to take photos and send them to the donor’s wife. Xu Qingfeng learned from the doctor that Shi Dawei’s condition was very bad. Fortunately, they arrived early by helicopter. If the plane landed at Shanghai Airport on time, Shi Dawei was already dead, Xu Qingfeng couldn’t help taking a breath, thanking the captain.

As soon as Guan Yuqing returned to the hotel, she was bombarded by information from her parents and Guan Zhenlei, forcing her to pay for Guan Zhenlei’s wedding house. Her sister Guan Yuqing asked her to find a doctor to perform the operation on Chen Zhiwu. Guan Yuqing was overwhelmed. At this moment, the flight attendant called to inform Guan Yuqing that the first-class passengers were reluctant and wanted to complain to Guan Yuqing. When Xu Qingfeng returned to the hotel, he received a series of messages from his mother. He was very impatient.

Guan Yuqing was overwhelmed and went for a run. Suddenly she felt her abdominal pain. Xu Qingfeng happened to pass by and inquired about her condition in detail. It was diagnosed that she was suffering from abdominal cramps due to excessive stress. She wanted to take her to the hospital for examination. Guan Yuqing flatly refused. Xu Qingfeng can’t say that she picked up Guan Yuqing and returned to the hotel, warming her with a hot towel. Guan Yuqing gradually got better and couldn’t help but confide in Xu Qingfeng’s pressure. Xu Qingfeng kindly persuades her, and she is relieved after thousands of warnings. go away.

Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo specially asked Guan Zhenlei to come to see Li Bei’s blind date. They also lied that Guan Zhenlei was Li Bei’s cousin and asked him to help check. Every man who came to the blind date was excellent. They all liked Li Bei and Guan Zhenlei. Ashamed, Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo forced Guan Zhenlei to buy a house as soon as possible, and only then promised him to associate with Li Bei, and Guan Zhenlei agreed to do so.

Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo proposed to meet their parents. Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi came to the appointment on time. Guan Zhenlei ordered the three favorite dishes of Li Bei’s family. Guan Yongnian was very dissatisfied and added his favorite Mao Xuewang.

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