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The Best of Times 最好的时代 Episode 4 Recap

Li Yanfeng sneaked into Lin Zhenyi’s house to help Lin Zhenyi perfect the drawings of the converter, and he was busy all day before he knew it. When Lin Zhenyi came home, when he was about to open the door, he found that the light in his room was off, and he was particularly puzzled. Only then did Li Yanfeng realize that Lin Zhenyi was back. Li Yanfeng ran out of Lin Zhenyi’s house in a hurry, and finally returned to his balcony before Lin Zhenyi entered the door. This was a sigh of relief.

As soon as Li Yanfeng relaxed, he heard his cell phone ring, and then he knew that he had left the cell phone in Linzhen’s family. Lin Zhenyi didn’t know whose cell phone was in her home. She picked it up and found that the person calling was Li Yanfeng’s mother Tian Xin. Then she knew that Li Yanfeng had returned to China, and Tian Xin was because the person who answered the phone was Lin Zhenyi mistakenly believed that Li Yanfeng was with Lin Zhenyi.

Li Yanfeng was afraid that Lin Zhen would come over and ask him about his guilt, so he fantasised himself stupidly. When Lin Zhenyi questioned him, he confessed to Lin Zhenyi’s naive appearance. Tan Jingzhou and Li Yanfeng played together, and Li Yanfeng took the opportunity to hand over his revised drawings to Tan Jingzhou for help and transfer to Lin Zhenyi. Li Yanfeng was afraid that Lin Zhenyi would know that he made the drawing, so he would definitely refuse to accept it, so he signed the drawing to Dr. Li.

Tan Jingzhou gave the drawing to Lin Zhenyi. Lin Zhenyi was very happy and wanted to see Dr. Li, which made Tan Jingzhou a little embarrassed. Tan Jingzhou claimed that Dr. Li refused to see Lin Zhenyi and wanted to help take Li Yanfeng’s phone back, so he told Lin Zhen an incredible lie and convinced Lin Zhenyi that Li Yanfeng’s phone fell in Lin Zhen’s family and it might be a thief He asked Lin Zhen to give him a mobile phone to deal with.

Lin Zhenyi believed Tan Jingzhou’s words and no longer doubted whether Li Yanfeng would return to China. He directly followed the hint given by Li Yanfeng and communicated with Li Yanfeng about the converter repair by email. Lin Zhenyi and Li Yanfeng drew the drawings of the converter together, and they also studied the details of the modification together. After a whole night of hard work, Lin Zhenyi finally completed the complete drawing, which made her dance and sing.

Early the next morning, Lin Zhenyi happily took the complete drawings to the workshop and rushed to work with everyone. Finally, before the negotiations began, the locomotive was repaired. The locomotive was repaired and Henry was very surprised. Together with the evidence of Henry’s hands and feet in the hands of Tan Jingzhou, Henry lost the opportunity at the negotiating table and could no longer be as arrogant as before.

After the locomotive was repaired, Lin Zhenyi left a message to Li Yanfeng, asking Li Yanfeng to have a meal to express her gratitude. This made Li Yanfeng very happy, and he was looking forward to Lin Zhenyi knowing that he was a postdoctoral postdoc. Lin Zhenyi was very grateful for Tan Jingzhou’s help. He bought a gift and wanted to give it to Tan Jingzhou, but he didn’t know how to give it. So he hesitated with the gift for a day and didn’t give it out.

In the evening, Tan Jingzhou and Lin Zhenyi were walking on the train track they often go to, and Lin Zhenyi gave the present to Tan Jingzhou. Tan Jingzhou opened the gift and looked at it and found that it was a pen. He shared the feeling of negotiation with Lin Zhenyi. He felt that the negotiation went too smoothly and felt a little uneasy, but hoped that the pen that Lin Zhenyi gave him could bring him. Come lucky.

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