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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 19 Recap

Xie Fei said to herself at home that she was crying at the door just now, and asked if she said too much. Xie Fei thought that a girl with a carefree personality like her would not cry easily, but she was still a girl. Gu Chenyu told Xiao Ning in the car that his mother knew that she was injured and had made soup, and asked him to take Xiao Ning home to drink soup to make up. Xie Fei kept looking at Jin Yao’s work station and saw that she never came. Team leader Wang came in to report to her work. Xie Fei asked Team leader Wang to call Jin Yao to let her come to work. Team leader Wang said that no one answered the phone. , Xie Fei said to continue to fight, and let the human resources department fight together.

Xiao Ning was searching for the attention of the parents and carefully recorded it. At this time Xie Fei came in and asked her what Jin Yao was doing. Xiao Ning said to help him call and ask. Jin Yao said to Xiao Ning that she was going to travel around the world while packing her luggage, and that she had goodbye bye. Yanran happily came to Gu Chenyu, but she immediately pulled down when she saw the post-it face full of computers on his computer.

Yan Ran blamed her for these things, and failed to suppress public opinion in the first place. Gu Chenyu asked him how Tang Xue would go to the scene that day, Yanran hesitated and said that he would organize a team building. Gu Chenyu said that he would take Xiaoning home for lunch at noon, and also said that he hoped Yanran could keep their things together.

In order to see the clothes Xia Xiaoning bought specially by Gu Chenyu’s mother, Gu Chenyu’s mother told Gu Xiyuan about Xia Xiaoning. Gu Xiyuan said that Xiaoning was doing a fortune in the company and bullying Yanran. She also said that the company had been miserable by her. It has been exposed online. Gu Chenyu’s mother didn’t want to believe it. In the company, Gu Chenyu and Xiao Ning practised the points to note when meeting his parents.

During the meal, Gu Xiyuan had been picking up Xiao Ning’s thorns. Gu Chenyu’s father also asked how things about Xiao Ning and Xie Fei had gone online. He also said that Gu Chenyu knew that there were many things in the dubbing circle, Xiao Ning and Chen Yu’s father. Talking about their ideals, Gu Chenyu’s father told Xiao Ning that she had to resign if she wanted to join Gu’s house. Gu Chenyu was angry and argued with his father, and then Gu Chenyu’s father angrily left. Gu Chenyu’s mother advised Gu Chenyu’s father to communicate with Gu Chenyu, and asked him to think about what his son wanted.

Gu Chenyu asked Tang Xue to take photos of her with paparazzi to make a deal with Tang Xue, saying that he wanted to know some truth about the previous incident, Tang Xue gave Gu Chenyu a card and said that Hao Yanran gave her the money in the card, and asked Gu Chenyu to help return it Yanran. Xiaoning saw that there was a gift on the table, it was a dress, thinking that Gu Chenyu might have prepared it for her specially for tonight’s dinner.

The people at the dinner party all wore the same black T-shirts at the dinner, and everyone next to them was discussing who she was wearing for the Wangchuan party. Yan Ran also said that Xiao Ning had performed well recently and wanted to toast her to celebrate. Gu Chenyu arrived at this moment and took Xiao Ning away after a glance at Yanran.

Xie Fei saw Jin Yao in the bar and saw Jin Yao drag her away while drinking with a foreigner. Jin Yao said she had a date now and hoped that Xie Fei could avoid it, but Xie Fei told Jin Yao that the person she liked first was She, she is the one who chased the company, how can you say that you don’t like it or not. Jin Yao said she was tired of not getting a response and didn’t want to like him anymore. The two argued that Jin Yao left.

Xiao Ning came home and complained to Gu Chenyu that the skirt he sent was not for a barbecue shop. Gu Chenyu felt a little bit of a sorrow after hearing it, but he responded, saying that he was to blame, but Xiao Ning was still angry. After Gu Chenyu went home, he searched and found that the fastest way to keep his girlfriend from getting angry was to pretend to be sick, so he pretended to be sick and tricked Xiao Ning to take care of him. Xiao Ning saw through his plan and the two reconciled.

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