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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 18 Recap

After confirming that there is no one in the toilet, Yan Ran asked the media if the information was done there. She also said that it would be cheaper to give her a newcomer to occupy the top search headlines. Yan Ran said that it is a fact that Xiao Ning depends on the relationship. It should be difficult for Mr. Xie to gain a foothold in the company after the scandal broke. These words just happened to be heard by Jin Yao who came in, and Jin Yao decided to help Xie Fei and Xiao Ning to vent her anger, and put several spoons of salt in Yanran’s coffee.

During the meeting, Luo Li asked about Xia Xiaoning and said that she was the matchmaker of Mobuyu and she should come to the meeting. At this time, Xie Fei came in and said that Xiaoning had asked for leave today, but when Yan Ran said it was critical, she hid and said Xie Fei was too partial to Xia Xiaoning. Yanran angrily picked up the coffee and drank it, but she vomited it all down and poured herself all over, then ran out. Luo Li asked Jin Yao what she had added to it, and Xie Fei said Jin Yao was his assistant. Be polite. Yanran called people to send skirts to the company.

Xiao Ning watched the news on Weibo at home, Gu Chenyu called to comfort Xiao Ning about the news. Xie Fei told Jin Yao that the way to deal with this kind of thing was to deal with it coldly, and he had already thought of a general way to turn bad things into good things. Gu Xiyuan came to the company to find Yanran, Yanran complained to him, said that he had offended someone and was teased by others, and said that the man was his brother’s new assistant, and also told Gu Xiyuan that Xiaoning is now having a scandal with Mr. Xie, and Gu Xiyuan said to come to Yanran Wait for her to eat together after get off work.

Jin Yao and Xiao Ning called and asked Xie Fei’s address to make a loving bento for Xie Fei, Xiao Ning said to help her ask. Jin Yao made a lot of dishes at home and was accidentally scalded, so she went to Xie Fei carrying a whole package. Xiao Ning was walking down the stairs after the phone call with Gu Chenyu. From the gap, he saw a paparazzi taking pictures, and the object of the pictures was Tang Xue. Xiao Ning hurried down the stairs to catch the paparazzi and call Tang Xue over.

The paparazzi said that he was shooting the night scene and said he was about to run. Xiao Ning and Tang Xue pulled his mask off after a while, Tang Xue shouted that it was this bastard again. Paparazzi snatched his camera back and talked about who loves to take pictures of her, a mad celebrity. It was said that Tang Xue had recently received roles only by men, and now he came here to get drunk because of being thrown out of his house, and pushed Tang Xue to the ground. At this time, Xiao Ning started to beat the paparazzi with the stick he didn’t know where to get, and shouted to let him beat the woman, making him nonsense.

Jin Yao was in the taxi and the driver asked her to put the lunch aside without carrying it, but Jin Yao said that this was important to her and related to her lifelong event. Jin Yao also fantasized about the two of them eating lunch together. Xiao Ning and Tang Xue went to the police station together. Tang Xue told Xiao Ning that there was indeed a problem with her voice, that she could talk and cry while talking, and that she had worked hard for so many years and did not want to lose everything now. .

Xiao Ning comforted her and said that she had listened to all her plays, and she was thankful that she had not met her at the peak. After the two said something, the relationship was better. The three of them accepted the police’s criticism and education together and watched the paparazzi delete the photos in person.

The two came out of the police station. Gu Chenyu then rushed up to pick up Xiao Ning and asked if it was okay. The two embraced and were taken by the paparazzi just now. Xie Fei carefully studied the Wangchuan script at home, and when he heard the knock on the door, he opened the door and saw that it was Jin Yao. He thought Jin Yao was following him. Jin Yao looked at the script in his hand so seriously, Xie Fei said no, it was a contract.

Jin Yao leaned forward and wanted to read it, but Xie Fei pushed it aside and threw Jin Yao’s bento on the ground. Xie Fei said that he didn’t like to press the door to let Jin Yao go out and said that they still don’t want to contact him. Jin Yao looked at the scattered food and was very sad, and walked out. Gu Chenyu treated Xiao Ning’s wounds, and was angry that she was fighting with others. Xiao Ning said that she saw her mother a few days ago. Jin Yao herself cried at home and gave medicine to her scalded finger.

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