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The Origin of Love (2020) 莽荒纪之川落雪

The Origin of Love (2020)
Other Title: 莽荒纪之川落雪 / Mang Huan Ji Zhi Chuan Luo Xue

Genres: drama
Chen Wei Xiang
Yin Hang (尹航), Fang Qi Mo (方模启)
Release Date:
November 15, 2020
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  • Jiang Qi Lin as Ji Yichuan
  • Tang Jing Mei as Wei Chixue
  • Ao Quan as Prince Shao Yan
  • Chen Meng Yao as Ling Yu
  • Zhou Yi Xuan as Hu Tou

Ji Yichuan, a tribe of Ji clan, was ordered to guard the monster beast, and after encountering the beast Bai Shuize, he went to hunt it down. The monster escaped unexpectedly, and Yichuan was punished for leaving his post without authorization. Yu Chixue decided to help him catch the monster beast to make up for it. Ji Yichuan succeeded in beheading the monster, but Yu Chixue was seriously injured.

Ji Yichuan sought medical treatment without success. When he was desperate, he obtained the help of Yao Wang’s disciple Lan Lingyu. Ji Yichuan challenged Xuelong Mountain and won with difficulty, successfully protecting Ji’s family. Ji Yichuan bid farewell to the tribe and went to find the relics of the fairyland with Yuchixue and Lingyu. On the way, he met the Shaoyan King, whose alias was “Wang Yan”. King Shaoyan pretended to be good, but he was in trouble all the way.

Ji Yichuan was in danger of freezing and died, Lingyu gave himself up to keep him warm, and Yu Chixue had a gap between the two naked. The Shaoyan King designed to expose the identity of Yu Chixue. Yu Chixue was forced to marry the Chi Prince, and Ji Yichuan cut off his relatives. After the misunderstanding of Ji Yichuan and Yu Chixue were resolved, they went to court and married. King Shaoyan informed the Red Prince and threatened the safety of the two clans.

On the other hand, he recruited Yuchixue and successfully deceived the Yuchi family to escape. Ji Yichuan, Yuchixue, and Lan Lingyu were happily helped by the Taoists and entered the remains of the fairyland. The Taoist Huanxi was Lan Zhengdao. After learning of Lingyu’s hatred, he decided to apologize with death and passed the Zi Mansion his life to Ji Yichuan.

Before his death, he said that the real murderer was related to the word “yan”. In the Shaoyan King’s Conspiracy, the Ji clan was severely injured, Lan Lingyu died tragically, and the Yuchi clan was annihilated. Ji Yichuan and Yu Chixue returned to the family and worked together to defeat King Shaoyan. Yu Chixue gave birth to an heir, named Jining

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