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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 31 Recap

Father Han brought up Yeluxian’s will with Han Mu. Yeluxian hoped that Han Deran would get married as soon as possible. After some discussions, the two decided to let Han Deran marry Li Sier. Hande Rang is not thinking about the love of his children. He wants to win the Taiping King. Nian Mugun is the confidant of the Taiping King. Hande Rang is going to start with Nian Mugun, so Xinning pays more attention to the actions of the Taiping King.

The king of Taiping hosted a banquet for Nvli and Gao Xun late at night, saying that he was not to inquire about the guilt of the court tonight, but to make amends. He was too eager for quick success and quick gain to embarrass the two in the court. After drinking, King Taiping was going to add another book to make Yelvxian unbearable to Han De.

Today Yelvxian tried to go to court with one breath. This is enough to show that Yelvxian’s heart is not so broad, and Xiao Yanyan is often alone in the Yushu room. Summon Handerang, and the Yushufang is the private meeting place for the two. Gaoxun and Nvli can intensify the conflict between Handerang and Yeluxian.

Han Derang told Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan about the ambition of King Taiping. The person who hated Xiao Siwen the most was also King Taiping. He used a series of tricks to kill Xiao Siwen, including the seal that Xiao Siwen received before was arranged by King Taiping. These plans are closely linked. The Taiping King not only instigated the assassination of Gao Xun Nv Li, but also helped them connect with the Costin organization.

Even the second batch of killers were arranged by the Taiping King, in order to completely cut off. After Nv Li and Gao Xun’s back path, they forced them to assassinate. This plan can be called a risk. If King Taiping fails, King Taiping also prepares to blame Xiyin, including the return to Beijing and the regency of Xiyin, which were arranged by King Taiping, and Xiyin stupidly got in. The trap of Taiping King.

Han Mu and Han Dejang mentioned Yeluxian’s meaning. She hoped that Han Dejang would be able to cultivate with Li Si’er. Han De let her heart not get past the hurdle, but Han Mu pleaded with Han Dejang to let her and Han father feel at ease, get married and have children earlier, and they were the most at ease. It was Handejean. Hande-jang thought about Han Mu’s words, he still turned away from Li Sier, but Li Sier was willing to marry Hande-jang.

She didn’t care about the past, she just wanted to be a loving couple with Hande-jang. Hande-jang would rather marry a stranger. Marry her. Han Deran couldn’t let Yanyan go in his heart. Seeing the refusal of Han Deran, Li Sier also understood what Han Deran meant and decided not to embarrass him anymore.

Xiao Yanyan summoned Hu Yan into the palace. She brought up the rumors outside the palace. Although she and Han Deran had a clear conscience and Ye Luxian never had any doubts, the rumors spread more and more, and someone must have done it deliberately. To quell the rumors, only Han De let married. Han Derang has been unable to let go of Yanyan. Even if he hastily married Li Sier, he will not be happy, but Xiao Yanyan thinks that they have grown up a long time ago, and she has already let go of all the love for her children in her heart. Daliao’s future is her. Questions to think about.

As soon as Han Derang stepped into the restaurant, he heard the rumors from the storyteller. When everyone saw Han Derang let in, they even laughed and mocked him. At this moment, Li Sier came forward to relieve Handerang. She said that she had already entered into a marriage contract with Handerang, so that everyone would stop misrepresenting her. Everyone laughed at Li Sier for not being self-respectful. They had never heard of a marriage contract in Han Mansion, and Han Derang had to come forward and confess their marriage.

Just after the crowd dispersed, Li Sier told Han Derang not to take the words just now to his heart. She will leave Beijing tomorrow, but Han Derang yelled at Si’er. He knew that everything today made Si’er wronged. He was willing to marry Si’er. I am also willing to learn to be a good husband and take good care of Si’er. It’s just that he still has one thing to do in Beijing, and they will return to Youzhou together for a lifetime.

Soon, Li Sier and Hande Ran got married. Hande Rang pursed his lips and completed all the etiquette, but his face was not half happy, but Li Sier’s mouth was smiling. Even if Hande Ran did not have her in his heart at this time, she could marry Handerang is enough. After getting married, Handerang asked for an order to go to Youzhou. Xiao Yanyan didn’t understand why Handerang became an evasive person. The two of them were magnanimous at first, and she didn’t mind. Why did Handerang take these nonsense to heart. At this moment, Ye Luxian came to the two of them, he approved Han Dejang’s request and prepared to explain to Yan Yan himself.

Xiao Yanyan was angry that Han Deran left behind a bunch of business matters in Beijing and escaped to Youzhou. Ye Luxian explained to Yanyan that there were people he wanted to protect. Personally ask Hande to come back. Xiao Yanyan wanted to know whether the people in the court wanted to let Han Dejang leave, or Ye Luxian wanted Han Dejang to leave. Ye Luxian knew what Xiao Yanyan was thinking in his heart. He thought Xiao Yanyan was too worried. In his heart, Nanjing is as important as Shangjing. Now that Xiao Yanyan is emotional, Ye Luxian doesn’t talk to Yanyan much, and leaves first just saying that he is busy with political affairs.

The maid next to Pu Taifei was the eyeliner of the Taiping King. The maid gave the toffee a bottle of medicine. Taking advantage of Xiao Yanyan’s absence from the little prince, the maid beat the little prince and gave the medicine to the little prince. After the little prince took the medicine, his body became hot and hot. Diligu and Han Kuangsi found out that it was a wind-cold disease, but after the medicine was prescribed, he did not get better, and everyone was in a hurry. Hu Nian was also very anxious when she got the news.

She was going to see Yanyan, but King Taiping stopped Hu Nian. Not only did he make his confidant happy to accompany Hu Nian into the palace, he also asked Hu Nian to propose to Xiao Yanyan to open more altars. , Get a shaman to hold a blessing ceremony for the little prince. The little prince was seriously ill, and Xiao Yanyan and Yelvxian couldn’t, so they had to perform a blessing ceremony in accordance with the words of the Taiping King.

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