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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 30 Recap

Princess Pu has a handle in the hands of King Taiping, and King Taiping threatens Princess Pu to murder the little prince. The Toffee would never dare to do such a rebellious thing, but the King of Taiping held her handle, and she had no choice at all.

Wu Guli learned about Xiyin’s exile, she came to question Xiao Yanyan, Xiao Yanyan told Wu Guli frankly that the little prince was thrown during the panning ceremony was related to Xiyin, and Xiao Siwen’s murder was also related to Xiyin, if Xiyin did not. Killing Xiao Simwen, she would never win Xiyin. Wuguli couldn’t believe the facts. She ran out of the palace crying, and happened to meet Hu Nian who came to see Xiao Yanyan. Hu Nian knew this from Xiao Yanyan. She could not help expressing comfort when she looked at Xiao Yanyan’s guilt and self-blame. Yanyan did the right thing. She is not only a black sister, but also the Queen of Daliao, who must consider the overall situation.

Wu Guli returned to the house to question Xi Yin, who was drunk, and Xi Yin swore to Wu Guli on the spot that even though Xiao Siwen had never thought of supporting him, he would never be able to cruel Xiao Siwen. Wuguli believes in Xiyin, and she shows to Xiyin that the two of them are of the same mind, and she will never abandon Xiyin. Now Yanyan didn’t want to see Wuguli, Xiyin kept crying for grievances at home, Wuguli had to come to Han Derang, she told Xiyin’s grievances, and Han Derang decided to see Xiyin first.

Wuguli went back to the house, just to see Xiyin lose her temper. She told Xiyin about her going to beg Han Deren, thinking that there was still a chance for this matter. Xiyin couldn’t listen to the black bones at all. Not only was he impatient with the black bones, he was also unwilling to talk to Handerang, thinking that he had fallen to this point because of the harm of Handerang and Xiao Yanyan. At this time, Hande asked him to push the door into the mansion. He asked about what Xiyin did. Xiyin confessed to everything, except for the murder of the Lord.

He resolutely refused to allow him. As for his collusion between Gaoxun and Nvli Because he had found out that the two were related to Xiao Siwen’s death, he took the opportunity to approach them just to threaten them. Xiyin cried out for grievances, and Han Derang clearly told Xiyin that if he was really wronged, he would definitely help. Wuguli and the little prince would also help Xiyin take good care of them.

The next day, Xiyin went to exile in Zuzhou, and said goodbye to Xiyin with Rulishou in the black bone. Han Derang also received a confession from Xiyin’s confidant, knowing that Xiyin had a confidant in Xiao Siwen’s house, and Xinning repeatedly found out that this confidant was related to Nian Mugun, which explained all the writings of King Taiping. Only King Taiping could play this game so delicately, and Xiyin was just wronged.

Han De asked to enter the palace to plead guilty to Xiao Yanyan and Yelvxian. He revealed all the clues he found. All of these were set by the Taiping King. Now the Taiping King has been recruited. If Yeluxian wants to move the Taiping King, he must learn Famous. Hu Yan was pregnant and King Taiping was ecstatic. He is finally going to be a father now, and he decided to advance his original plan, so he first ordered people to spread rumors in the market, saying that Han Derang had an affair with Xiao Yanyan. This rumor is detrimental to the royal face.

Huo Ge and Da Lin came to discuss with Handejang. Handejang knows the good intentions of the two, but he is now the focus of the rumor. He is not suitable to come forward, so please take care of Huo Ge and Da Lin in the court. Focus on Yanyan.

Rumors arose outside the palace, and Gao Xun and Nu Li were ready to take the opportunity to force Yelvxian to abolish, and Brother Xi would raise the little prince. Xiao Yanyan knew about Liu Zhu. She thought that as long as Yeluxian was in the same heart with her, she would not be afraid of these rumors, and the palace has its own rules. If there are rumors in the palace, they will be severely punished. The rumors spread to Yelvxian’s ears, and Brother Xi even slandered Xiao Yanyan in front of Yelvxian. Yelvxian lost his temper and drove away Brother Xi. His face was gloomy. Although he believed that Han Deran and Xiao Yanyan, he was very uncomfortable in his heart .

At the court, Nvli used market rumors to make things difficult for Xiao Yanyan. Brother Xiu stood up to support Xiao Yanyan, and even mocked Nvli as a woman with long tongue. Nu Li insisted on making things difficult for Xiao Yanyan and Han Deran. He not only asked the original Qingyuan to investigate the matter, but also asked Xiao Yanyan to exile Han Deran. At this moment, Ye Luxian came to the court, he controlled the situation, and in a few words, he suppressed the woman.

After the dynasty was dismissed, Xiao Yanyan was a little dissatisfied with Ye Luxian’s sudden appearance, she was about to control the situation, as long as Nv Li was angry, she would take Nv Li, and the appearance of YE L Xian instead gave Nv Li a step down. Ye Luxian shook her head and chuckled, knowing that Yanyan still thought about the court affairs too simply. Behind Nvli was King Taiping. If Yanyan took Nvli today, she would fall into the trap of King Taiping. Now that the King of Taiping is ready to move, Ye Luxian thinks that they are not far away from taking the King of Taiping. They only need to wait for the King of Taiping to show his feet.

There were murderous intents in the court. Father Han hoped that Handerang could leave Beijing as soon as possible, but Handerang was uneasy about Xiao Simwen’s case. Xiyin’s arrest was just a superficiality, and he had to pull out that power. In order to protect Handerang, Han’s father handed over his men in the dark to Handerang and let Handerang control as he pleased. Soon after, Ye Luxian called Han Kuangsi into the palace alone. He believed in Handejang himself, but as an emperor, he also needed Hande to give him peace of mind and get married as soon as possible. At night, Hande let his bow and arrows think of Xiao Yanyan. He knew himself well. He kept saying that he was one-minded and fully assisted, but in fact he just couldn’t let go of Yanyan.

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