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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 29 Recap

King Taiping and Di Lie asked to see Ye Luxian, but Xiao Yanyan knew that King Taiping had come with a bad intention, so she stopped the group outside the door, and the group returned without success. At the same time, in Li Hu’s Mansion, Xiyin lobbied Wu Guli to help him win the reign, and asked Wu Guli to beg Yan Yan. Wu Guli knew that Yan Yan didn’t blame the last time. She just wanted to. He and Xiyin live in peace in the mansion, but Xiyin analyzes the situation in the DPRK, saying that he really wants to help Yanyan, but he is blinded by Xiyin, and only agrees to find time and go to the palace to beg Yanyan.

Xiao Yanyan summoned Han Dejang and Hugo Darin to a group of confidantes. Yelvxian will not go to the court tomorrow. She will definitely encounter difficulties when she goes to the court alone, so she and the confidants first discussed countermeasures. From the beginning to the end, Handerang looked like hesitating and stopped. Xiao Yanyan stayed alone by Handerang, wanting to hear what Handerang said. When Han Derang mentioned Xiyin’s arrogance, he asked Xiao Yanyan to give Xiyin a vacant position and not give real power.

In this way, if Xiyin’s eyes were not seen, everyone in the center of the DPRK would offend all the people and horses, and then they would use Xiyin’s previous Just convict Xiyin for the crime. At the same time, King Taiping also called Gao Xun Nu Li to talk. He knew that Yan Yan was prepared for Xi Yin. He asked Gao Xun to intensify the conflict between Xi Yin and Yan Yan in the court tomorrow, so that he could take advantage of him.

The next day, Xiao Yanyan went to court alone, and Xi Yin raised doubts at the time, thinking that Daliao Jiangshan should be regent by the descendants of Abaoji. Xiao Yanyan should focus on taking care of Yelvxian. Gao Xun refuted Xiyin. He stood on Xiao Yanyan’s side, arguing suddenly in the hall, and didn’t put Xiao Yanyan in his eyes. Xiao Yanyan’s face was indifferent.

As a queen, she announced that her regency was indeed unreasonable, so she was willing to hand over the regency to Xiyin. Xiyin was overjoyed. Hande-jang stood up at this time and said that although Xiyin’s regency deserves his name, today Yelvxian is seriously ill and announcing the matter of the regent, and he asked for another day to discuss the matter. Even though Xiao Yanyan had already agreed to relinquish the regime, Xi Yin was not in a hurry. At this moment and a half, he did not hesitate to agree to Han Dejang, willing to raise the matter of regency another day.

Once Xiyin was regent, Gao Xunnvli was Hui Xiyin’s first goal. The two came to the Taiping Palace to discuss countermeasures. Taiping Wang knew that Xiao Yanyan’s move was to retreat, and could not help but look at Xiao Yanyan with admiration. If Xiyin gains power, none of them will have a good life, so the King Taiping decided to start with Xiyin and get rid of Xiyin. In the harem at this time, Xiao Yanyan came to feed Yelvxian and drink medicine.

Yelvxian had already heard about the court, and he praised Xiao Yanyan greatly. Xiao Yanyan blamed Yelvxian, and she also mentioned that this strategy was proposed by Handerang. Handerang, who had returned from the travels, was more mature than ever. After Xiao Yanyan let Yelvxian recover from illness, she must listen to Handerang’s advice more.

Nu Li presented a memorial, saying that the court lady Yuwan who held the little prince at the pot-adding ceremony was Xiyin’s person. Xiao Yanyan decided not to move Xiyin. The good show had just begun, and she would definitely make Xiyin unable to turn her back.

Handerang stayed with his mother at home, and the mother of Han was more nagging, wanting Handerang to marry, Handerang politely avoided the matter. After that, Xinning reported the case of Xiao Siwen to Han Dejang. Xinning caught a person who could make palm insoles in all Shangjing. After seeing several portraits made by him, he identified one of them and called that person Xiyin. People in the mansion. After getting the latest news, Hande Rang told Ye Luxian the clues, but all the truth surfaced overnight. Hande Rang thought the matter was quite strange.

After discussing with Ye Lvxian and Xiao Yanyan, he decided to take it down first and then convict him. Xiyin still has Wuguli and Liulishou beside Xiyin, and Xiao Yanyan instructs Han Dejang not to hurt Wuguli and Liulishou when he wins Xiyin.

Xiyin got drunk in the mansion and celebrated that he had gained power. Wu Guli came to tell Xi Yin not to be too complacent, but Xi Yin was immersed in joy, not knowing that he had been surrounded by heavy soldiers outside the palace, and at this time, Han Derang led his troops to seal the palace and put Xi in the palace. .

Now that Xiyin is under house arrest in the mansion, Xiao Yanyan and Han Derang talked about what to do with Xiyin. Zhao Wangxiyin is a member of the three branches of the Taizu family. How to deal with it needs to be decided by the Lord, and Gaoxun and Nvli have asked for a thorough investigation of Xi. In the hidden case, Xiao Yanyan did not expect that the embarrassed people would now bite the dog into this situation. Now that Xiao Siwen’s case has come to an end, Xiao Yanyan asked Handerang about his future plans, and wondered if Handerang would leave. Hande kept silent, Xiao Yanyan turned her eyes down and left.

The ministers requested to punish Xiyin severely. Xiao Yanyan exiled Xiyin to Zuzhou according to the instructions of the Taiping King to protect the spirit of Taizu Taizong. As for the people in Zhao’s mansion, they were treated lightly. Later, the Taiping King came to see Taiping Pu. The Taiping saw that Taiping was full of fear, but the Taiping King stepped closer to the Taiping. He also mentioned the feast between Pu Ge and Xiao Yanyan.

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