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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 28 Recap

Hu Nian brought the conditions of Yelvxian. King Taiping handed in half of the military power, and Yeluxian also handed over the country’s Aran Oroduo to the commander of Taiping King. She persuaded King Taiping to follow her back to Beijing. In the mind of King Taiping, no one is more important than Hu Nian. He asked if Hu Nian was wronged in Shangjing. Hearing that Hu Nian had not been wronged, King Taiping also decided to go back to Beijing with Hu Nian.

Xiyin was furious about King Taiping’s return to Beijing. He thought he no longer had the opportunity to seize power. Wuguli came to comfort Xiyin. She said in a word that the relationship between King Taiping and Yelvxian was not sincere, and Xiyin returned Young, as long as the two of them are fighting, he can seize the opportunity to seize the throne.

King Taiping came to the palace to see Yelv Jin, who was lying on the bed with a pale face. He has a morbid body saying that he is running out of time, and is willing to give half of his military power to King Taiping and make King Taiping his uncle. Then the throne will be in the hands of King Taiping. He only hopes that King Taiping can treat Yanyan and treat Yanyan kindly for him. His child. King Taiping looked at Ye Luxian’s serious illness and nodded in response to Ye Luxian. After that, Ye Luxian named King Taiping in the court hall as the emperor’s uncle, and King Taiping showed his loyalty in the court hall, and he was willing to return half of the soldiers and horses to the court.

Nüli thinks that the Taiping Dynasty’s return to the dynasty is greatly beneficial to them. He wants to take Gao Xun to see the Taiping King, but Gao Xun thinks that the matter is not urgent, and the Taiping King must be more anxious than them. King Taiping returned to the mansion and Nian Mugun came to visit King Taiping. The King Taiping kept on guarding Yelvxian in his heart. He knew that Yelvxian didn’t really call him the emperor’s uncle. Now Yelvxian wants him to deal with Gaoxun’s In Nu Li, he simply followed Yelvxian’s will to break up the alliance between Gao Xun Nu Li and Xi Yin.

Anzhi learned that King Taiping was returning to the house, and she brought chicken soup to visit King Taiping, hoping that King Taiping could show her a way out. The King of Taiping saw that An only looked so handsome, and she blamed the pitiful, so let An only be used by her, and he must protect her and only be safe, prosperous and wealthy.

The three sisters of the Xiao family came to pay homage to Xiao Siwen. Hu Nian picked Xiao Jixian for the Xiao family. She promised Xiao Siwen at the tomb that she would teach the successor well and let him inherit the Xiao family’s inheritance, and the three sisters would also be of the same mind. , Nothing in the world can separate the three of them.

On a snowy day, Xiao Yanyan gave birth. Her screams made the people waiting outside anxious. It was not until the cry of a baby that everyone was relieved. Xiao Yanyan gave birth to a baby boy. Yelvxian was delighted. He held Yanyan’s hand tightly and confessed to Yanyan again. Although this little prince may become a thorn in the eyes of everyone, Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan will do their best to protect the child, and Ye Luxian also promised that he will never allow others to make trouble on the side of his bed.

Only did not see Yelvxian’s child, he was both happy and sad for himself, and once he lost his footing, he became an eternal hate. He knelt in front of his mother’s tablet and cried, thinking that he was sorry for his father, the queen and the queen. Ann only heard these words at the door, and her eyes were full of hatred. She only felt sorry for his father and the queen, but what about her? She no longer asks for inheritance from her children, but she can’t even promise to her even the simplest prominent person.

When the little prince was full of the moon, the harem gave the gift of adding a plate. A court lady held the little prince. She deliberately missed the little prince and threw the little prince into the air. Seeing the little prince fall into the hot water in time, the witch Yueliduo hurried forward to kick Boiling hot water hugged the little prince. The little prince was fine, but the palace lady committed suicide in fear of crime. The palace lady was sent by Xiyin. When Xiyin learned of this, he was very angry. The King of Taiping also knew about it. He wanted to take advantage of this to kill two birds with one stone. Attention, on the one hand, Ye Luxian made up his mind to eradicate Xi Yin.

The King of Taiping ordered Nian Mu Gun to see the girl, and Ye Luxian hurried back to the harem. Now the dispute in the court has endangered the child, and the two wanted to protect each other and the child. Seeing Xiao Yanyan decided to become stronger, Ye Luxian decided to become Xiao Yanyan’s strongest backing. The name of the palace lady who committed suicide was Yu Wan. She escaped the guards and entered the ceremony. Handejang was ordered to investigate the palace guards thoroughly and vowed to catch the murderer behind the scenes.

Yelvxian fell ill due to state affairs, Xiao Yanyan hurried to Yelvxian’s side, she touched Yelvxian’s hot forehead, and immediately announced Han Kuangsi into the palace. Ye Luxian was seriously ill, and King Taiping and Di Lie’s family came to visit the palace. The Taiping King’s words asked Di Lie to take good care of their only heir, Frog Brother, and Hu Nian couldn’t hear what Taiping King meant. After separating from Di Lie, Hu Nian told King Taiping that Daliao had always been the prince of the country. As long as King Taiping waited, the throne would be his sooner or later. She didn’t want King Taiping to count the three of their sisters and children. Taiping Wang assured Hu Nian that he would never hurt the two sisters of the Xiao family, but secretly prepared to win over the enemy lieutenant to seize power.

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