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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 27 Recap

Xiyin was furious because he didn’t get the regime, Gao Xun was complacent when he got the prime minister, but Xiyin looked down on Gao Xun from the bottom of his heart, and believed that Gao Xun would never have a firm foothold under the pressure of Xiao Yanyan and Handejang. It was the existence of Xiao Yanyan that prevented Xi Yin from seizing power, and Xi Yin became murderous towards Xiao Yanyan.

Xiao Hai only learned about the killing of Huerbo from Xiao Haili. The two of them were anxious and decided to refer the matter to the female li. If the two of them had an accident, they only need to bite the female li and direct them. Just leak the deployment plan to them, and don’t even want to escape this matter. Hande Rang investigated the case in detail. He thought it was unlikely that Nv Li would take the initiative to assassinate Xiao Siwen. After all, he was the main defense of Lushan that day, and the letter recorded in the file was missing. Hande had already guessed in his heart. Candidate.

In the court hall, Gao Xun and Nvli said that they had caught the mastermind. Nvlixian pleaded guilty to Yelvxian due to the negligence of defense. Yelvxian pleaded guilty to Nvli. Gaoxun and Nvli confessed that Xiao Hai is only with Xiao Haili. The mastermind of this case, the two men committed this cruelty in order to win the Xiao family business. The two were escorted to the court, and the two dogs bite the dog and shirked the responsibility to each other. Xiao Yanyan was upset and ordered to slap twenty on the spot. Nu Li first acted to force the matter to the two of them, and killed the domestic slave who sold the defense plan. Completely convict Xiao Hai and only Xiao Haili.

After retiring from the court, Handejang discussed the matter with Yelvxian. Handejang mentioned Xiao Siwen’s fatal wound. He just released the news that Gao Xun and Nu Li were eager to say that Xiao Hai should only be Xiao Haili, but at that time the closest to Xiao Siwen was Gao Xun. , Han Derang guessed that Gao Xun and Nu Li were the biggest murderers in this case. If the two are involved in this case, it means that the court will be turbulent again.

Ye Luxian wants to keep the two of them, but Xiao Yanyan is currently pregnant, and the case is eager to find a murderer to solve Xiao Yanyan’s hatred. After Han Derang thought for a while, let Yelvxian close the case first, and when he secretly collected evidence, he would surely bring them to justice. At the same time, when Hand-Jang mentioned the huge conspiracy of the assassin against Yelvxian, Xiao Siwen was just the beginning. Hand-Jang wanted to use Gao Xun to prevent those behind him from succeeding.

Ye Luxian came to comfort Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Yanyan was always worried about Xiao Siwen, but Xiao Siwen’s generation of heroes died in the hands of Xiao Xiaoxiao. She must kill the two by herself to relieve her hatred. Yelvxian promised to hand over the sea to the three sisters. Wuguli was thinking about how to deal with the two. Xiyin told Wuguli to use the method of shooting ghost arrows to execute them. Shooting ghost arrows is usually a sacrificial ritual. But this method is also used to deal with the most evil people. Wu Guli wanted to discuss with Yanyan and Hu Nian, but Xi Yin said that he was solely responsible for this matter, and he would take care of everything for Wu Guli.

Brother Xiu is now Tiyin, the head of the clan. He came to Nvli Mansion under the order of Yelvxian. He mentioned the fatal wound behind Xiao Simwen and wanted the two to share the political order to him. After Nvli weighed in, he had to make a decision. This matter. Although Nv Li recommended Huo to take over as the political order and was confident that he could control Huo, Gao Xun was very dissatisfied with this.

To shoot ghost arrows, you need to build a high platform. Xiyin made hands and feet on the bamboo steps of the high platform. His secret conversation with the housekeeper was heard in the bones. Wu Guli was shocked that Xiyin was going to kill Yanyan, Xiyin only explained to Wu Guli that he didn’t intend to harm Yanyan, but just wanted him to suffer. On the day of shooting the ghost arrow, Handejeong learned from his subordinates that there was something wrong with the high platform, so he hurried to the high platform with a whip.

Xiao Yanyan stepped onto the bamboo ladder step by step, watching the figure of Xiao Yanyan stepping up from her bones, she was very worried in her heart, but she couldn’t say anything. When Yanyan was about to step on the steps of the accident, Han Derang rushed to the scene. He shouted to make Yanyan be careful. Wuguli and Hu Nian also held Yanyan in time, and the maid Qingge fell down the steps on behalf of Yanyan. Fortunately, the steps are not high, and the maid is fine. Although there was an accident on the steps, it could not stop the three sisters from avenging the hearts of the three sisters. The three of them once again ascended to the high platform, leaving Xiao Hai and Xiao Haili pierced by arrows.

Xiao Yanyan knew from the look in Wu Guli’s eyes that this matter was designed by Xiyin. She was unhappy about Wu Guli’s design of her husband’s design that would harm her and ignore it. Although Wu Guli chose her in the last care, she can download Who will choose in the second black bone. After Wu Guli went home, she had a big fight with Xiyin. Wu Guli begged Xiyin not to hurt Yanyan and Hu Nian. No matter what Xiyin wanted to do, she could do it all, except for her sister. Ken let Xi Yin hurt half a point, she just wanted to protect her husband and sister.

King Taiping wrote to Hu Nian, and Hu Nian handed the letter from King Taiping to Yanyan. Yanyan knew that Xiyin had now colluded with Gaoxun and Nuli. The trio was unstoppable in the court. Now only King Taiping can check and balance the three. Xiao Yanyan held Yelvxian’s hand and persuaded General Yelvxian. The King of Taiping recalled, and no matter what difficulties might arise in the future, they would cross over together.

The empress’s affectionate money fell in Han Derang’s heart, and Han De let his eyes down, but he could only take it lightly. Handerang privately persuaded Yanyan to consider letting King Taiping return to Beijing. After all, the risk was too great. But Yanyan believes in Hu Nian, and also believes that Hu Nian’s heart is more stable than emotional disputes.

Hu Nian came to Shatuo not far away to see King Taiping. King Taiping announced Hu Nian’s identity to everyone. From now on, Hu Nian’s order will be his order. At night, King Taiping hoped that Hu Nian could stay with him, but Hu Nian asked King Taiping to return to Beijing with her.

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