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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 9 Recap

Wei Xiaobao offered to send the three assassins out of the palace, and the emperor Long Xin rejoiced and promised to meet any of his requirements. Wei Xiaobao begged the emperor not to blame him for some small mistakes, and the emperor fully agreed.

Wei Xiaobao came to the prison and found an excuse to take Duolong away. He wanted to interrogate the three assassins personally. Wei Xiaobao opened the door and asked Liu Yizhou to sleep, but the three refused to answer. Wei Xiaobao explained that he was entrusted by Mu Jiansheng and Liu Dahong to rescue Liu Yizhou. They didn’t believe it at all. Wei Xiaobao introduced himself as Fang Yi’s man. Liu Yizhou became angry. Wei Xiaobao claimed that Fang Yi refused to marry him at first, so he asked him to inquire about Liu Yizhou’s whereabouts. If it was determined that Liu Yizhou had been killed, Fang Yi would marry him willingly. He, Liu Yizhou immediately stood up from the newspaper’s door.

Wei Xiaobao went back to report to Fang Yi and Mu Jianping. Fang Yi begged him to save Liu Yizhou. Wei Xiaobao claimed that it was too difficult and presented a lot of difficulties. Finally, as long as Fang Yi agreed to marry him, he would try to rescue Liu Yizhou. Fang Yi weighed in and had to agree. Wei Xiaobao was worried that she would change her mind. He would go to court and marry her on the spot. Mu Jianping also accompanied her. Wei Xiaobao hugged him from left to right, not to mention being more happy.

The queen mother sent Dong Jinkui to assassinate Wei Xiaobao and gave the death order, only success but not failure. Wei Xiaobao came to Lao Fang early in the morning and took out a note written by Fang Yi to confirm to Liu Yizhou. Liu Yizhou was suspicious. Wei Xiaobao described in detail the three-for-one agreement he and Mu Jiansheng had made. Liu Yizhou and others believed it was true. I don’t know how Wei Xiaobao rescued them.

Wei Xiaobao used sweat medicine in the wine and food, and called Duolong and the guards to drink together. Dong Jinkui was ordered to come to Wei Xiaobao to see the queen mother in Cining. Wei Xiaobao knew that there was nothing good, so he invited Dong Jinkui and the three little eunuchs to drink before leaving. He flatly refused, Duolong turned his face on the spot, Dong Jinkui and the eunuchs picked up and drank, Duolong and the guards also toasted and drank, and the cell quickly fainted.

Wei Xiaobao took the opportunity to rescue Liu Yizhou and the other two assassins, and asked them to change into the clothes of the guard and the eunuch respectively. Wei Xiaobao pretended to be dissatisfied with Mr. Qian, and ordered the assassin’s disguised guard to take him away and let Liu Yizhou’s pretending eunuch follow him. The three assassins were unknowingly released. Wei Xiaobao returned to the cell and awakened Duolong’s guards and asked him to blame Dong Jinkui. The guards knew it immediately and killed Dong Jinkui and the three eunuchs on the spot. dead.

Wei Xiaobao came back to confess the good news to Fang Yi and Mu Jianping. He had rescued Liu Yizhou and others. Liu Yizhou turned a deaf ear to Fang Yi. Fang Yi cried out sadly. Wei Xiaobao took the opportunity to hug her and talked to her. Wei Xiaobao told the emperor that he lied that the queen mother sent Dong Jinkui and others to assassinate the assassins. He was worried that the matter would be revealed, so he had to kill them.

After Wei Xiaobao released Liu Yizhou and others, he tracked them down and found out that they were indeed sent by the Mu Palace, and behind the scenes. The main envoys were Mu Jiansheng and Liu Dahong. The emperor wanted to send someone to encircle them. Wei Xiaobao lied that they had already escaped, and the emperor would not pursue them anymore. He wanted to take Wei Xiaobao to the Queen Mother to explain.

Wei Xiaobao was worried that the Queen Mother would kill him and the emperor promised him Wei Xiaobao had no choice but to bite the bullet and head to Cining Palace. The emperor explained to the queen mother that he had ordered the release of three assassins. He didn’t expect to be hit by Dong Jinkui and the others. The emperor ordered them to be killed. The queen did not care about it anymore and found an excuse to keep Wei Xiaobao in the Cining Palace. Wei Xiaobao complained bitterly.

Princess Jianning came to the South Study to see the emperor. Duolong blocked her at the door, pretending that the emperor was not to disturb her when he was dealing with official duties. Princess Jianning wanted to force her to go. The emperor ordered the eunuch to send an edict to let Princess Jianning return to the palace. If she dares to continue. The mischief, let the queen mother deal with her family law, Princess Jianning pretended to fall and scratched her hand, and loudly appealed to the emperor for help. Princess Jianning became more angry as she thought about it, and jumped into the pond in a rage, Fang Yi took Mu Jianping and pretended to be an eunuch and left secretly, seeing this scene from a distance.

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