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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 8 Recap

Wei Xiaobao came to see the emperor early in the morning and told him about the incident of the assassin last night. Thank the emperor for sending Duolong to protect him. The emperor suspected that the assassin was sent by Wu Sangui. Wei Xiaobao thought it was impossible, so the emperor took him to see Suo Etu He Duo. Long, they caught three anti-thief. The anti-thief wears the Pingxi Palace’s waist badge, and the weapon also has such a mark. Wei Xiaobao analyzed that someone has planted and framed Wu Sangui.

The emperor found out that the tactic used by the assassin was from the previous dynasty Mu Palace. He sent Wei Xiaobao to investigate the matter. Wei Xiaobao came to Wu Yingxiong and handed him the sword of Pingxi Palace. Wu Yingxiong was so scared that he knelt and cried out injustice, and showed his loyalty to the emperor on behalf of his father. Wei Xiaobao admitted that they were framed, and Wu Yingxiong was grateful and gave Wei Xiaobao a box of gold and silver jewelry.

Wei Xiaobao took it back and gave it to Mu Jianping and Fang Yi. The two of them were not interested in gold and silver jewelry. They just wanted to know the whereabouts of the assassins last night, especially Fang Yi’s sweetheart Liu Yizhou. Wei Xiaobao forced Fang Yi to call his husband three times and agreed to help her. After asking, Fang Yi decided not to do it. Mu Jianping pleaded bitterly, and Fang Yi had to do it.

Wei Xiaobao came to the emperor to return to life, and the emperor was full of praise for him. Wei Xiaobao was ordered to give Duolong a reward of fifty thousand taels. Duolong gave a part to Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao politely declined and asked him to share with the guards and ask him about Liu Yizhou’s whereabouts. Duolong did not know. Fang Yi learned that Wei Xiaobao hadn’t heard about Liu Yizhou and was angry to assassinate the emperor, so Wei Xiaobao had to inquire again.

Wei Xiaobao came to the back kitchen, Qian Lao originally sent the pigs, by the way, he sent an oral message to let him go back to Qingmutang, Wei Xiaobao came afterwards, Mu Jiansheng from the Mu Palace sent someone to send an invitation, inviting him to talk about his visit. Wei Xiaobao went to the appointment on time.

Mu Jiansheng had been waiting at the door for a long time. He invited Megatron Southern Ironback Canglong Liu Dahong to accompany him. Mu Jiansheng invited Xu Tianchuan out. Xu Tianchuan gave a detailed account of his experience. He played in the restaurant. Lu Yifeng, Lu Yifeng took people to Huichuntang to take him away and tortured him in every possible way. Thanks to Mu Jiansheng and Liu Dahong who came to the rescue in time, Wei Xiaobao thanked them for their life-saving grace.

Wei Xiaobao casually asked about the grievances between Xu Tianchuan and the two sons of the Bai family, and learned that Xu Tianchuan missed and killed Boss Bai. Thanks to the mercy of Bao Lao, he recovered his life. Liu Dahong forced Wei Xiaobao to make a decision. Xu Tianchuan would rather use Fate resisted, Wei Xiaobao hurriedly stopped him, and exposed Mu Jiansheng to the palace for assassination from thousands of miles away. Mu Jiansheng was pressing every step of the way, framing Wu Sangui for all this.

Wei Xiaobao threatened to tell the emperor to kill all the assassins, Mu Jiansheng Had to make concessions, as long as they wanted to rescue the assassin, the grievances between Xu Tianchuan and the Bai family were written off. The two sides reached an agreement, and Wei Xiaobao hurriedly took Xu Tianchuan away.

Wei Xiaobao returned to the palace to return to the emperor. The emperor wanted to release the three assassins, and then followed the vines to catch the black hand behind the scenes. Wei Xiaobao took the initiative to ask Ying to escort the assassins out of the palace. The emperor considered him the most suitable candidate.

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