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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 6 Recap

Wei Xiaobao drew two small turtles on Mu Jianping’s face. Mu Jianping resisted but did not open his eyes. Wei Xiaobao took the dagger to carve the turtles first. Mu Jianping forced to open his eyes and saw the graffiti on his face. She had to yell, but her hands were still tied and could not move.

Wei Xiaobao slaughtered Mu Jianping’s face with a skin-producing beauty cream. Mu Jianping motioned to him to untie the rope on his hand. As soon as Wei Xiaobao untied, he was slapped severely by Mu Jianping. Mu Jianping got off the bed. Jump up and tie up Wei Xiaobao without saying anything. At this moment, there was a ghost cry from outside the door. Mu Jianping was so scared that she had no choice but to untie it. The female ghost was dressed in white with a disheveled hair and shouted Wei Xiaobao’s name. Wei Xiaobao punched the woman from the window. The ghost knocked over to the ground. The female ghost was pretending to be Princess Jianning. She hurriedly packed her things and fled.

Mu Jianping wanted to go home from the palace. Wei Xiaobao struggled to stay. She didn’t listen at all. She saw another female ghost when she went out. Mu Jianping ran into the house with fright. The female ghost called Wei Xiaobao’s name and entered the house. Wei Xiaobao pulled Mu Jianping into hiding. The female ghost went directly to Wei Xiaobao’s bed and used the bone-forming palm to kill Wei Xiaobao. The dagger on the pillow hurt her palms. The female ghost was so angry that she gritted her teeth and pretended to be the Queen Mother. The one who came to assassinate Wei Xiaobao failed.

Princess Jianning came here again pretending to be the queen mother, and was knocked out by the queen mother from the window. The queen mother took the opportunity to slip away. Wei Xiaobao worried about causing trouble, so she hurried Princess Jianning to the gate of the palace and saw the guards on patrol. Save Princess Jianning and leave without worry. Wei Xiaobao came to report to the emperor early in the morning, claiming that the queen dowager was not the emperor’s biological mother. The emperor made it clear that his biological mother was dead. Just as Wei Xiaobao wanted to expose the empress dowager’s crimes, the empress dowager suddenly came to the emperor and he hurriedly hid in fright.

The empress dowager called Wei Xiaobao out and cared about him pretensely. The emperor gave Wei Xiaobao to the empress dowager on the spot, and the empress sent the maid Liu Yan to take him back to Cining Palace. Liu Yan came up with an idea to kill Wei Xiaobao in order to avoid her troubles. The empress dowager instructed her to get rid of Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao boasted that he had a helper in the palace, and that the person looked exactly like the empress dowager, and she knew what the empress dowager did. Questioning the whereabouts of that person, Wei Xiaobao refused to answer.

Liu Yan tied up Wei Xiaobao and forced him to eat the hot roasted crow. Wei Xiaobao’s mouth was so hot that it blistered. Liu Yan kept guarding him outside the door. Princess Jianning came to Cining Palace secretly and wanted to return the queen mother’s clothes. Wei Xiaobao saw that Liu Yan was already asleep, so she quietly called Princess Jianning over and asked her to find a way to distract Liu Yan and promised to return the clothes. .

Princess Jianning used a bamboo pole to dig out the bird’s nest and snatched the bird’s eggs. Liu Yan was awakened and saw that her bird’s nest was taken out. She chased Princess Jianning. Wei Xiaobao took the opportunity to sneak back to her residence to collect the gold and silver. Xiruan was about to escape from the palace. Unexpectedly, Prince Kang sent someone to invite him to the mansion to listen to the play. Wei Xiaobao said a few words to take the man away. He just wanted to leave, Mu Jianping called him under the bed and wanted to go with him.

Prince Kang personally came to invite Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao was worried about Mu Jianping, and lied that he went into the house to prepare gifts. Prince Kang suspected that he was hiding in the golden house, so he rushed into the room and rummaged in it. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly stopped him and claimed that there was something strange The taste, let Prince Kang wait outside. Wei Xiaobao followed Prince Kang to the banquet, and all the officials in the court came to join in. Wu Yingxiong, the son of Pingxi Wang, came from Yunnan not far away. Wu Yingxiong paid homage to Wei Xiaobao and gave him a meeting ceremony.

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