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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 4 Recap

Hai Dafu hated Wei Xiaobao for blinding his eyes, so he put a chronic poison in the soup. After a year, Wei Xiaobao would be poisoned and die. Wei Xiaobao was so frightened that he begged for mercy, and Hai Dafu asked Wei Xiaobao to take him. Go to the Empress Dowager’s Ci Ning Palace and give him the antidote as long as you steal the “Forty-two Chapters”.

Wei Xiaobao knew that he could not escape death, so he could only come to Cining Palace with Hai Dafu, and he quietly hid outside the door. Hai Dafu kept telling a secret report, and the empress dowager agreed to come out to see him. Hai Dafu reported that the first emperor had become a monk in Mount Wutai, but he wanted to investigate the cause of Concubine Dong E’s death and bring the murderer to justice. The queen mother insisted that Concubine Dong E had died of illness and Hai Dafu face to face It was revealed that the Queen Mother killed Concubine Dong E with a bone-changing palm. The Queen Mother turned her face on the spot and she fought Hai Dafu.

Although Hai Dafu was blind, his skill was not diminished. In the past, he quickly knocked the Queen Mother to the ground. The Queen Mother threw the poison in her nails on Hai Dafu, shouting out Wei Xiaobao, forcing Wei Xiaobao to kill Hai Dafu, Hai Dafu asked him to kill the empress dowager and promised to give him an antidote. Wei Xiaobao fell into a dilemma. Hai Dafu suddenly became unconscious. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly took the empress dowager back to the bedroom. The guards in the palace rushed to hear the news. They sent away.

As soon as Wei Xiaobao wanted to leave, the Queen Mother pulled out the hairpin on her head and stabbed him. Wei Xiaobao was unscathed. The Queen Mother warned him not to tell what happened today. Wei Xiaobao was frightened and fled. He ran back to the residence and watched. When Dafu Hai was still sitting in the rocking chair, holding the bottle of flowers in his hand, Wei Xiaobao mistakenly thought it was an illusion and hurried back to the house.

Early the next morning, Lao Feng, the eunuch of Shangshan Supervisor, conveyed the empress dowager’s ambitions and appointed Wei Xiaobao as the deputy chief eunuch of the Dushan Department to replace Hai Dafu, who died of a violent illness. Wei Xiaobao was overjoyed. He officially took office and the eunuchs all came. Congratulate him and give him a sum of money.

Wei Xiaobao was ordered to see the emperor. The emperor briefly understood the cause of Hai Dafu’s death and did not ask much. He was worried about one thing. The emperor put Obai in the prison of Prince Kang’s mansion. He yelled every day and kept talking. He claimed that the emperor used a shameful conspiracy to arrest him, and Prince Kang repeatedly complained. The emperor was worried that it would cause criticism from hundreds of officials. Wei Xiaobao made an idea to plug Obai’s mouth with the poison left by Hai Dafu.

Wei Xiaobao came to Prince Kang’s Mansion. Prince Kang had been waiting for a long time. He was distracted by Ao Bai. Wei Xiaobao went directly to Lao Fang and poisoned Ao Bai’s food. Ao Bai picked up and drank it. At this moment, a group of masked men broke into the cell. They fought with the jailer. Wei Xiaobao was so frightened that he hid in Obai’s cell. He took out his dagger to defend himself. Obey rushed over to confront Wei Xiaobao. The dagger was just in his way. chest.

The masked man rushed into the cell and captured Wei Xiaobao on the spot. Prince Kang saw that they were crowded and had to let them go. He immediately went into the palace to report to the emperor. The emperor was furious, and Suo Etu asked Ying to take 1,000 people to rescue. Wei Xiaobao, the emperor ordered the city gate to be sealed off. Wei Xiaobao was brought to the general rudder of the Tiandihui with his head covered, only to realize that they were also going to kill Obai. Rudder master Chen Jinnan learned about the killing of Obai from him and praised Wei Xiaobao and wanted to accept him as his disciple. Naturally, Wei Xiaobao couldn’t ask for it. He had heard of Chen Jinnan’s name for a long time and knelt down to apprentice on the spot.

Xu Tianchuan recommended Wei Xiaobao to be the incense master of the Qingmutang. Wei Xiaobao did not dare to accept it. Chen Jinnan explained that this was agreed in advance. Whoever killed Aobai would become the chief of the Qingmutang incense. Wei Xiaobao had to agree. Suo Etu and Prince Kang sent people everywhere to find Wei Xiaobao. The two of them were afraid to return to the emperor. When they were unable to do anything, they heard that Wei Xiaobao had returned safe and sound. They immediately ran outside the palace gate to meet him.

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