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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 3 Recap

The emperor made a plan to capture Obai, and sent the twelve well-trained eunuchs to help Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao was still worried. He wanted to go to Hai Dafu to find Mongolian sweat medicine. First, he thought of a way to faint Obai, and then he could easily capture him. The emperor felt reasonable to live with him.

Wei Xiaobao returned to his residence and saw many gifts from the eunuchs. Hai Dafu did not expect that Wei Xiaobao would become a celebrity in front of the emperor overnight. Wei Xiaobao had to admit that the little xuanzi who had competed with him before was the emperor. He did not dare to tell Hai. Dafu, he was worried that he would be killed, Hai Dafu no longer pursued it. Wei Xiaobao went to the medicine cabinet to search for Mongolian sweat medicine. Although Hai Dafu was blind, he knew what Wei Xiaobao had done well. He had prepared a packet of Mongolian sweat medicine for him long ago and gave him a thousand warnings.

The twelve eunuchs came to report on time. They were ready. The emperor assigned them a difficult task. They hid behind the screen and heard the sound of falling cups. They came out together and captured the senior officials in front of them. If the task is successfully completed, everyone You can get 50 taels of silver. If the action fails, you will be killed.

Obey came to see the emperor as scheduled. The emperor calmly invited him to take his seat. He also asked Wei Xiaobao to bring two cups of rose tea to cover up the smell of Mongolian sweat medicine with the fragrance of flowers. Obey suspected that it had poisoned inside, so he refused to drink. Give him the tea, and Obai forced the emperor to drink his cup first. The emperor bit his head and took a sip. Obai deliberately threw the tea cup in his hand to the ground. Twelve eunuchs rushed to hear the news and surrounded Obai, and Obai subdued them without any effort.

The power of the Mongolian sweat medicine broke out, and the emperor was dizzy. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly took the emperor to one side. Seeing that Obai was about to leave, he threw out a handful of incense ash that had lost Obai’s eyes, and the eunuchs took the opportunity to subdue Obai. The emperor finally got rid of the big troubles, he was in a good mood and gave Wei Xiaobao a yellow jacket on the spot, and the empress dowager also named Wei Xiaobao the sixth-rank eunuch. Wei Xiaobao was flattered.

Wei Xiaobao happily went back to report the good news to Hai Dafu, telling in detail about their partnership to subdue Obhai. Hai Dafu asked him to find the opportunity to steal the “Forty-two Chapters” in the South Study. Wei Xiaobao fully agreed and was ordered to drink the daily one. Bowl of soup.

The emperor ordered Suo Etu to copy Obai’s home and asked Wei Xiaobao to follow along to retrieve the “Forty-two Chapters”. Suo Etu found a large number of gold and silver jewelry from the secret room of Obai’s house. He desperately pleased Wei Xiaobao. On the spot, he made a gold orchid with him, embezzled one million silver cars, and only turned in 1.35 million taels of silver. Naturally, Wei Xiaobao couldn’t ask for it.

Wei Xiaobao was sorting Obai’s family property in the secret room and suddenly found two “Forty-two Chapters”. He just wanted to hide the book, and Princess Jianning suddenly rushed to snatch the book and take it back to the Queen Mother. Wei Xiaobao blocked Princess Jianning at the gate of the palace and took her to see the emperor with a three-inch tongue. The emperor asked for the two “Forty-two Chapters” from Princess Jianning.

Wei Xiaobao reported to the emperor that Obai had raided the people’s fat and the people’s ointment over the years, as well as the gold and silver treasures in the house. The emperor found that Wei Xiaobao’s arms were bulging. He went to send the “Forty-two Chapters” to the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager was very happy and full of praise for Wei Xiaobao.

Wei Xiaobao knew that he could not explain to Hai Dafu when he went back. He vividly recounted the story of Princess Jianning stealing the two classics. Hai Dafu had no choice but to remind Wei Xiaobao to drink the soup first. Wei Xiaobao was suspicious, but he still drank it every day. Hai Dafu prepared the soup for him, and Hai Dafu finally admitted that medicine was in the soup.

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