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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 2 Recap

Wei Xiaobao didn’t recognize many characters. The South Library had tens of thousands of books. He didn’t know where to find it for a while. He quickly recognized the “Four Books” marked by the index next to the bookshelf and searched for the “Forty-two Chapters” from inside. After searching for a long time, I found nothing.

At this moment, a masked woman came to the South Study to look for the “Forty-Two Chapters”. Wei Xiaobao accidentally knocked off a book. The woman drew out a dagger and threatened Wei Xiaobao. He lied that he was ordered to wipe the table in the South Study. Was able to escape. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly returned to Hai Dafu. Hai Dafu did not allow him to tell the story of the “Forty-two Chapters”, otherwise he would die. Wei Xiaobao knew the greatness of Hai Dafu and repeatedly promised not to say it.

Wei Xiaobao sneaked into the South Study Room again, and suddenly heard that Ao Bai came to see the emperor. He counted Suksasha’s crimes one by one. He begged the emperor to execute Suksasha. Wei Xiaobao hid behind the screen and recognized that the current emperor was competing with him. Wei Xiaobao’s little Xuanzi was frightened and groaned. The emperor didn’t want to kill the assistant minister as soon as he became the king. He was worried about being criticized by the people. Obey was not forgiving. He ordered the emperor to kill Suksasha. The emperor suspected that he was selfish. Obey became angry. He clenched his fists and rushed to the emperor. .

Wei Xiaobao frantically rushed out to expose Obai to kill the emperor. He desperately protected the emperor. Obai was so scared to defend him. The emperor hurriedly reconciled and dismissed Obai in a few words. Wei Xiaobao came back to ask Hai Dafu about the consequences of offending the emperor. He either made a decision or was killed by the family. Only when Wei Xiaobao realized the seriousness of the problem, he confessed to the emperor tremblingly and confessed that he did not know him before. Let Wei Xiaobao compete with him in martial arts as before.

Wei Xiaobao did not dare to really compete with the emperor as before. He took the initiative to give in. The emperor was very angry. He called a group of big-waisted warriors to compete with Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao had never practiced martial arts, and he had no power to tie a chicken. He was so frightened that he begged for mercy. When the emperor chose a person to fight him, Wei Xiaobao deliberately lay on the ground and gave up. The emperor thought that he was a move. The warrior rushed to pick him up and fell to the ground. Wei Xiaobao couldn’t get angry. The emperor thought he was. One of the tricks was to let the samurai continue the game. Wei Xiaobao could only use his posture to avoid the samurai’s attack. The emperor repeatedly applauded him.

A man dressed as an eunuch rushed over to fight the warrior. He was beaten down by the warrior with three punches and two kicks. Wei Xiaobao went to disguise the man. Unexpectedly, it was the emperor’s sister, Princess Jianning, who knocked Wei Xiaobao over with a punch. On the ground, the emperor hurriedly came over to discourage him. Seeing that Wei Xiaobao was beaten with bleeding tongue, he couldn’t speak clearly. The emperor immediately ordered another twelve eunuchs to practice exercises with the samurai. Princess Jianning was reluctant, so she secretly tapped Wei Xiaobao’s acupuncture points and forced him to the arena to compete.

Wei Xiaobao did not want to be violently beaten by Princess Jianning. With a three-inch tongue that dealt with her, Princess Jianning punched and kicked him without saying anything. Wei Xiaobao could only dodge everywhere and was forced to despair by Princess Jianning. Wei Xiaobao was irritated, and took advantage of his precautions to subdue Princess Jianning and ridiculed her. Princess Jianning was so angry that she forcibly drove Wei Xiaobao away.

The samurai brought a selection of twelve eunuchs to practice. The emperor supervised him. Aobai rushed to hear the news and accused the emperor that he was not doing business properly. He should study well in the south study room. The emperor begged him to give the eunuchs some advice. After taking a look, he even understated that he had killed Suksasha. The emperor was very dissatisfied, but it was better to pretend to be calm.

The more the emperor wanted to get worse, he called Wei Xiaobao overnight and asked him to do a major event. Knowing that he was not good at martial arts, he could not deal with Obai, who was known as the number one warrior of Manchu, and promised to find him a helper.

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