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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 1 Recap

Wei Xiaobao called himself Yangzhou Xiaobailong. He was originally the son of Wei Chunhua, the top brand in Lichun Academy, but he was proficient in eating, drinking, and gambling. He was smart and alert, with a tall, thin and slippery appearance. Wei Xiaobao had longed to admire the warriors of the rivers and lakes. On this day, in the Lichun Academy, he happened to see that the famous Mao Shiba was wanted by the government. When the two sides were fighting, he suddenly helped him with lime.

The officers and soldiers used more to win the less, but their eyes were fascinated by lime, and they died in the hands of Mao Shiba. This time Mao Shiba was able to retreat all over the body, and it was naturally attributed to Wei Xiaobao. Wei Chunhua heard that Mao Shiba was going to the capital, and hurriedly asked him to take Wei Xiaobao with him on the grounds of saving his life.

Mao Shiba couldn’t stand Wei Chunhua’s entanglement, so he had to bring Wei Xiaobao to the capital. The lively scene in the city dazzled Wei Xiaobao, and everything was fresh. The two came to an inn. Wei Xiaobao, who had never seen an eunuch before, realized only after Mao Shiba’s explanation that the pale paper-faced man was not an evil ghost, but a public eunuch.

Wei Xiaobao has always been so cheap. He didn’t know that the sky was high and the earth was thick when he first came to the capital. He opened his mouth and ridiculed that Hai Dafu was a dead eunuch. Because of these words, Wei Xiaobao fell into Hai Dafu’s eyes and sent someone to embarrass him. he. Although Wei Xiaobao had no martial arts, he was clever, and used his opening to resolve the situation of Mao Shiba’s invincible force. However, his two fists were hard to beat by four hands, and he was eventually captured by Hai Dafu.

When Wei Xiaobao and Mao Shiba woke up, Hai Dafu was lying leisurely on a recliner, standing beside him was a little eunuch named Xiaoguizi. Mao Shiba originally wanted to use the rules of the rivers and lakes to leave a hand in exchange for his life and Wei Xiaobao’s life, but Hai Dafu had long valued Wei Xiaobao’s cleverness and wanted to use it for himself.

During the period, Hai Dafu suddenly relapsed from his old illness, and every time he suffered from shortness of breath, he needed to drink the medicine powder into tea, and then soak his body with ice water. He held flowers that can relieve the illness on weekdays, because if the medicine is used too much, it will be blind. , And you lose your life. Wei Xiaobao suddenly heard that Hai Dafu himself confided the side effects of the medicine, and hurriedly cooperated with the Mao Shiba that he had bundled together, and added all the medicine powder to the tea.

Because of the aggravation of the powder, Hai Dafu instantly felt that his condition was suppressed, but then he convulsed all over his body. The furious Hai Dafu beat Xiao Guizi to death with a palm, but had to rely on someone else when he became blind because of the attack. In this regard, Hai Dafu released Mao Shiba as promised, leaving only Wei Xiaobao by his side to replace Xiao Guizi.

On the first day that Wei Xiaobao officially became Xiao Guizi, he was ordered to gamble with a group of small eunuchs who were in the palace. Since Hai Dafu personally admitted, they would not go to find out the truth about the substitution of Xiao Guizi. Wei Xiaobao was already good at gambling, and he worked hard in one day to not only pay off the gambling debts owed by Xiao Guizi before, but also distribute all the money he won to everyone.

Wei Xiaobao happily wanted to return to his residence from memory, but went into a house with many dummies and food by accident. Wei Xiaobao was secretly eating and happy, but when he saw a man in a yellow sly clothes who claimed to be a little xuanzi suddenly appeared, he was unceremoniously slapped. Xiao Xuanzi seemed to be very surprised. There were still people in this palace who didn’t know themselves, and even dared to beat themselves, and instantly became interested in Wei Xiaobao.

Wei Xiaobao was entangled by Xiao Xuanzi to practice martial arts and fight for a long time before returning to Hai Dafu’s residence, explaining a little bit what he had experienced today, and getting the opponent’s point in the martial arts contest. It’s just that Hai Dafu seemed to care more about him drinking the soup. Wei Xiaobao didn’t doubt that he was there, and the fear of Hai Dafu caused him to obey orders and drank the soup thoroughly.

The next day, Wei Xiaobao used Professor Hai Dafu’s coping method to beat Xiao Xuanzi helplessly. He obeyed Hai Dafu’s order and demanded that the Wen brothers owed him a gambling debt and asked them to take him to the South Study. It was to steal the “Forty-two Chapters” to obey orders.

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