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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 19 Recap

Ning Fang and Ning Xin continued to be questioned by the police, but none of them spoke. At this time, Cheng Xu’s family had to be released on bail awaiting trial. Cheng Xu was mentally ill because Cheng Xu had been taking hallucinogenic drugs and asked the police to release Cheng Xu.

Liu Zhi suddenly remembered that Cheng Xu had said that he had killed Ning Fang himself, but he could often see Ning Fang appearing behind him. It was useless to move many places. Wherever he went, Ning Fang followed. Tan Jingtian said that Cheng Xu was in this state when he saw Cheng Xu, saying that he did not kill anyone, and then he fell into the valley. Liu Zhi analyzed that he must have done something wrong with the sisters, so he retaliated against Cheng Xu, and who was the burned body?

Captain Chen asked Officer Li to take Cheng Xu to their sisters for a round, and when Cheng Xu walked in front of them, Ning Fang saw that Cheng Xu was released and said he was a murderer. Why did he release him? When Cheng Xu saw Ning Xin, she turned around and ran away because she thought she had seen a ghost, and then Ning Xin said she confessed that she wanted to tell everything.

Xie Tianqi is going to participate in an international academic seminar. When leaving, Wenbai should take care of her injuries at home. Don’t be close to Jin Ling. She has eyeliner. Although it is a joke, Dr. Xie is serious.

At the police station, Ning Fang and Ning Xin got into a fight in the prison because they both went to the toilet at the same time, so their identities were messed up. The police didn’t know who was who.

Jin Ling asked Wenbai why their mother and son appeared in Butterfly Valley on the day of the accident? Wen Bai said that that day was the day when Wen Bai’s parents made love. Wen Hui had a deep affection for his father. Where would he go to miss his father every year on this day. Tan Jingtian asked Wen Bai what kind of person his father was? Wenbai will not know clearly for a while, and will tell them later.

Ning Fang said that she was sent to the countryside because of Ning Xin. Ning Fang’s life was ruined to Ning Xin’s hands. Ning Fang said that when they met, they found Ning Fang suffered a lot of injuries, so Ning Xin said she would treat herself well. of. Later when they were getting along, Ning Xin took her to go shopping. Her sister said that she had seen the person who often abused her. Ning Xin told her not to be afraid. She would protect herself, but there would be the police.

When the two returned home, Ning Fang said that she saw the person who abused her was downstairs, but after Ning Xin opened the door, it was Cheng Xu. Ning Xin said Cheng Xu was his boyfriend, and it would be safer to have Cheng Xu at his house. Until one day when Ning Fang got off work, the person followed her back home. He went in and beat Ning Fang. Ning Xin beat the person to death with an electric iron behind him.

Then Ning Xin drove the person to a tree under the hotel. Buried, Ning Fang said that it was all planned by Xin’er. The police played the video of Ning Fang’s confession to Ning Xin. Then Ning Xin said that Ning Fang was a cowardly person and was raped by Cheng Xu, so Ning Xin thought Cheng Xu Xu is more damn.

Ning Xin said that she wanted to avenge her sister Ning Fang, so the two negotiated to avenge Cheng Xu. When Cheng Xu wanted to have a relationship with Ning Fang again, when Ning Fang sweared to death, Cheng Xu strangled Ning Fang. This was designed by the sisters in advance. When Ning Xin came home, Cheng Xu threatened Ning Xin and killed Ning. Fang then asked her not to call the police, otherwise he would kill her too. After Cheng Xu discussed with him, he buried her sister. When Cheng Xu went out for a car, the two changed her clothes and Ning Xin became Ning. Fang, Ning Fang became Ning Xin.

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