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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 18 Recap

Cheng Xu said at the police station that he killed Ning Fang and said he was too greedy. Cheng Xu recalled that when Ning Fang was off work, Cheng Xu went to pick her up and walked out of the unit with her arms around her, but Ning Fang refused. Cheng Xu said that he fell in love with Ning Fang the first time he saw Ning Fang, and he also said that he knew that the two sisters used the same ID card. If Ning Fang didn’t agree, he would expose it to them, but Ning Fang Fang still didn’t agree to him, so Cheng Xu said that Ning Fang seduce herself. If Ning Fang didn’t agree, she told Ning Xin and told Ning Xin to hate her, so Ning Fang had no choice but to be intimidated by him.

Jin Ling went to the hospital to visit Wen Bai, and Xie Tianqi was there at this time. Doctor Xie said that Tan Jingtian and their two brothers who had been separated for many years were willing to sacrifice their lives for each other, not to mention that they looked alike.

Ning Xin recalled that after she got home from get off work, Cheng Xu put a knife on her neck not to shout, and then said that she strangled her sister and did not want her to call the police. Ning Xin said she would not call the police. They had not got along with Cheng Xu anyway. After a long time together, Cheng Xu said why Fanger had to resist? Hasn’t Ning Xin discussed with Ning Fang a long time ago? Two people be his wife together? Cheng Xu asked Ning Xin to help him, and then Ning Xin said that Ning Fang had been using her ID card anyway, and that there was no such person in the world, so the two drove Ning Fang down the Butterfly Valley, and Cheng Xu was on the road. Threatening that if Ning Xin dared to call the police, he would kill Ning Xin.

The two buried the bodies not far from their homestay. Ning Xin couldn’t help crying when her sister was buried. Cheng Xu still threatened Ning Xin as an accomplice, and she couldn’t escape if she wanted to.

Jin Ling asked Tan Jingtian why he and Wen Bai both went to the Butterfly Valley. Tan Jingtian said that it was because it was his father’s memorial day, but why Wen Bai and Wen Hui went to save it was not known. Tan Jingtian said that he was willing to become Wen Bai’s last trust in the world. The person, no matter how many secrets he has, doesn’t mind.

Wen Bai woke up and Tan Jingtian hurried over to see him. Jin Ling asked Wen Bai why he appeared at the crime scene? Wen Bai said that Wen Hui was going to the toilet that night, so she saw Tan Jingtian and Cheng Xu fighting, so she rushed to block the knife with her body. Tan Jingtian said that he saw many scavenging butterflies in the Butterfly Valley, so he thought that something must be under the big tree and ran over to check it out. He happened to see where Cheng Xu was destroying his body. Cheng Xu happened to kill others. Something up.

Doctor Xie asked Wen Bai why Cheng Xu suddenly burned the body. Could it be that he knew that Tan Jingtian studied bugs?

Captain Chen told Tan Jingtian that he had not found any suspicious points after investigating his mother’s information. Officer Li said that Tan Jingtian hadn’t been easy over the years. If he changed someone else, he would have had antisocial personality.

Ning Xin was released on bail awaiting trial, and the police told her not to leave the city without consent. Tan Jingtian went to the scene to check what was wrong, so he saw cow dung at the scene, and Jin Ling also found out that Cheng Xu had not taken drugs and other hallucinogenic drugs.

Tan Jingtian went to find Ning Xin and asked her directly if she was Ning Fang, but Ning Fang refused, saying that her sister had died long ago. Tan Jingtian said that her sister would not mistake the butterfly specimens. All the specimens present were misplaced. Yes, Ning Fang wanted to run, but was caught by the police and brought back to the interrogation room. As a result, Ning Xin and Ning Fang sat in the interrogation room.

Officer Li asked Tan Jingtian to quickly explain what was going on. Tan Jingtian said that Wen Bai said that Cheng Xu had been drugged by them, so Cheng Xu would have hallucinations. As for Tan Jingtian looking for cow dung because of Ning Xin’s necklace, the shape is a mushroom, this mushroom It only grows on cow dung, so he went to look for cow dung, and found out that this kind of mushroom can produce hallucinations, and Ning Fang has been feeding Cheng Xu this hallucinatory food. Captain Chen analyzed that since Ning Fang was not dead, who would the burned body be?

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