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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 17 Recap

Officer Li found Xie Tianqi to investigate her dash cam. Xie Tianqi was very cooperative and handed it to them. This scene was seen in the office for nothing.

Xie Tianqi brought breakfast to Wen Bai, saying that he would go to eat barbecue after get off work, and called Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling together. Wen Bai also gave all the chocolates prepared for Jin Ling to the nurse and said that he would never love her anymore. The two went to eat barbecue together, but Jin Ling was the only one. Tan Jingtian did not go.

The next day Tan Jingtian found Wen Bai and asked him why he wanted to be with Xie Tianqi. Is it fake to chase after Jin Ling? Wen Bai said that because he had an unintentional relationship with Dr. Xie that day, all men were thinking animals in the lower body. So we got together. As for Tan Jingtian asked why he knew He Jianshe and didn’t tell Tan Jingtian, it was because Wenhui was a famous supporter in the city. The reason why Wenbai was called her sister was because Wenbai was Wenhui’s illegitimate child, all for Her future needs to be called her sister now, or she will be stimulated.

Wen Bai said that He Jianshe knew that Wen Bai was Wenhui’s illegitimate child three years ago, so he kept threatening him to expose the illegitimate child without giving money. , But he didn’t know that He Jianshe was what Tan Jingtian was looking for, but Wenbai didn’t want to be exposed as an illegitimate child. He didn’t tell anyone about He Jianshe. Tan Jingtian felt that he asked Wen Bai to tell him. I’m sorry Wen Bai for the secret, but Wen Bai does not care that these secrets are exposed for Tan Jingtian.

Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling went to the cemetery to sweep his mother’s grave together. Jin Ling asked him why he was not called Wenbai. Tan Jingtian said that he seemed to be less and less understanding of Wenbai, and many things Wenbai seemed to be hiding from him. At this time, the two of them walked there. A bunch of flowers similar to those held by Tan Jingtian was found at the mother’s grave. Tan Jingtian said that only his father in the world knew that his mother liked this kind of flowers.

Tan Jingtian recalled the incident when his father drove down the cliff. When he was sweeping his father’s grave, the same flower was in front of the tomb, but Uncle Xu said that there might be a coincidence. Maybe other people knew that his father liked this kind of flowers.

Wen Bai went to visit Wen Hui and watched her mother practice oral English. She was still very professional. The nurse said that she seemed to be getting better. Wen Bai called Tan Jingtian and asked where he was. As a result, both of them were in Butterfly Valley, and both of them went there on the same day every year, so Wen Bai asked him to go and look for them. On the way Tan Jingtian passed by, he found a man running panic, talking about him. Did not kill, Tan Jingtian watched that he was about to fall into the valley and dragged him, so both of them rolled down the valley.

When Tan Jingtian woke up and found a girl by the bed, she said it was Cheng Xu’s girlfriend. Here is her driving Wen Bai was treating Cheng Xu at the homestay, and Wen Bai passed by, saying that Cheng Xu was also suffering from a concussion, so he would be fine after a rest. Tan Jingtian said that Cheng Xu seemed to be frightened. Tan Jingtian saw that Cheng Xu was about to drop. Go down the valley to rescue him, so the two of them fell down. Wen Bai said that fortunately they fell together, or else they would be killed.

Wen Bai asked Tan Jingtian why he went here every year? Tan Jingtian said that his father died here in a car accident, so he goes to worship here every year. But Tan Jingtian did not ask Wen Bai why he went to Butterfly Valley every year.

Wenhui woke up in the middle of the night and kept calling Changnian’s name to search everywhere. At this time, Wenbai rushed to her mother’s room to comfort her mother and read a poem to her so that Wenhui could calm down and fall asleep.

In the middle of the night, Tan Jingtian discovered that Cheng Xu was digging a deep pit. Inside the pit was a corpse. When Cheng Xu poured gasoline on the corpse to light it, Tan Jingtian ran to stop him. Cheng Xuju took out a knife and stabbed Tan Jingtian. When he rushed to stand in front of Tan Jingtian, Wen Bai was stabbed by Cheng Xu. At this time, a girl called Cheng Xu’s name from a distance, and Cheng Xu ran away in fright.

The police arrived the next day and saw that the burned corpse had turned into carbon and could not do any tests. Wen Bai was sent to the hospital and Tan Jingtian was with him in front of Wen Bai’s operating room. He had to wait until Wen Bai was safe to leave before leaving.

The police asked about Ning Fang’s passing. Ning Fang said that the burned body was her twin sister. Ning Fang recalled that when she was a teenager, her mother told her that she had a sister, so Fang’er looked for her sister at the address given by her mother. Fang’er looked for a lot of places but couldn’t find it until she saw it on the road one day.

A girl who looked the same as herself, she knew this was the sister she had been looking for. Ning Fang knew from her sister that the person who adopted her sister was not treating her, and didn’t even settle her. Fang’er hugged her sister and said that they must be together well in the future and not separating. Fang’er and her sister used the same ID to work in the same city without being discovered. They lived happily until one day Fang’er took Cheng Xu home to see her sister and changed everything.

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