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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 28 Recap

Old Dong believes that if the speculation is true, Shen Qinghe must continue to stay in Shang’s family. If he finds news from the kidnappers, he should report it immediately. In addition, he must keep Gu Yaodong secret, so as not to get him involved and unable to get out. However, Gu Yaodong was already suspicious, so he waited on the side of the road, waiting to see Shen Qinghe coming from a distance, and hurriedly stepped forward to inquire.

In the face of Gu Yaodong’s doubts, Shen Qinghe now compiles a rhetorical response, even if it is about her origin, it is a mixed truth. Seeing Shen Qinghe speaking frankly and naturally, Gu Yaodong was speechless. He did not expect that the woman who rented his pavilion was once a lady, and at the same time suddenly realized that he knew nothing about her, whether it was family, friends or social relations. , Separated by layers of strangeness.

Gu Yaodong heard that Yang Yixue seemed to be in a hurry to ask for help, and immediately asked about the situation. He didn’t expect that Yang Yixue had resolved the matter, and even his daughter put on brand new leather shoes. The father and daughter smiled, which made him feel relieved. On the way home, I couldn’t help but look back and saw Yang Yixue squatting on the ground carefully wiping the shoes for his daughter. He instantly recalled the day when he went to the police station to report, and his father Gu Bang was just as warm and beautiful as before.

In the deputy director’s office, Wang Keda learned that the kidnapping of Shang Rongsheng was actually related to the Taiping Project, and it seemed that he was the only one being kept in the dark. Qi Shengping took the initiative to calm Wang Keda’s emotions and urged him and Zhong Baiming to cooperate with each other. Since the Shang family reported the case, they had to be in front of others and set up a joint task force to show that the police paid enough attention to the case.

Zhong Baiming seemed to be very acquainted and took the initiative to give up the position of team leader to Wang Keda. However, Wang Keda had a straighter temperament and his emotions were all on his face. He was totally repulsive to Zhong Baiming, especially after today’s conversation. The face of the good old man was extremely disgusting. However, Zhong Baiming has a deep friendship with Deputy Director Tian, ​​and he must not easily offend him. Wang Kedawan did not expect to leave Xia Jicheng with his back on the Ministry of National Defense, and another Zhong Baiming who sits in the Nanjing General Administration.

The kidnapping task force was established, and the list of all members was drawn up by the team leader Wang Keda. Each selected police officer had to fill in a personal data form to prepare the team’s credentials. Police officers from the Second Criminal Division lined up to receive the form, but there was no Gu Yaodong. Zhong Baiming pushed the pot to Wang Keda and asked Gu Yaodong to help him sort out the case classification for the past two years.

The atmosphere in the cafeteria at noon was not harmonious. Police officers from the Second Criminal Division gathered around a table. Gu Yaodong did not seem to be happy or depressed. The food was delicious, but the others looked at each other. As a result, Xiao Derong was the first to lose his temper. Gu Yaodong was frustrated. Everyone was annoyed that the new director turned his elbow out, but Zhao Zhiyong did not see Zhong Baiming’s ambition, but instead felt that he was kind and even corrected Gu Yaodong’s unfamiliar title. It’s a pity that not all division chiefs are Xia Jicheng. Li Qikun understands this truth, but still holds that set of principles to behave in the world and teaches him. He doesn’t want to “white-haired people send black-haired people” before he returns home.

Ever since Shang Rongsheng’s accident, Shang Junyi was worried and washed her face with tears every day. Shen Qinghe would come to accompany her as usual, chatting about the past in his spare time, changing from comforting to feeling, and occasionally going to the streets to relax. Unexpectedly, when the two went out to buy medicine together, a car accident happened. Fortunately, Shen Qinghe was only slightly bruised, and the daughter of the Shang family was safe, except that the driver who caused the accident had escaped.

When Li Qikun received the news, he couldn’t help complaining, thinking that the recent chaos happened one after another. He didn’t expect Gu Yaodong to hear about it and walk out directly, panting and ran home, showing concern and asking nervously. Happening. Shen Qinghe’s indifferent comfort made Gu Yaodong unable to control his emotions. He confessed his love for Shen Qinghe on the spot, which is why he wanted to protect her.

Facing Gu Yaodong’s sudden confession, Shen Qinghe was a little shocked, then looked away and sat down in a chair. Gu Yaodong thinks that Xia Jicheng confessed that he would stay in the police station to help Shen Qinghe and play his role before he left. However, Shen Qinghe’s behavior made him extremely frustrated.

There were constant disputes in the pavilion room. Mother Gu and the eldest sister stood in the stairwell to eavesdrop. They wanted to mediate but couldn’t move forward. Until Gu Yaodong rushed out the door angrily, the atmosphere became weird. Gu Yaodong got stuck for a few seconds. He immediately explained that the hat was too ugly and he quarreled, and even moved out of the law. As a result, the two women opened fire at him, saying, “People will fall in love with you, and you will discuss the law with them.”

There was no progress in the case, and the second sentence was still mixed eating and waiting to die. Zhao’s mother’s stomach disease became more and more serious, and Zhao Zhiyong’s meager salary could not make up enough for the surgery. Zhao Zhiyong hopes to get ahead in the future, but Gu Yaodong is the opposite of him, and all his mind is devoted to Shen Qinghe’s secrets.

It happened that Shen Qinghe often helped Yang Fuduo with homework recently, and occasionally painted Gu Yaodong’s sketches for her. Unexpectedly, Gu Yaodong took the opportunity to find an excuse to send briquettes and often went to Yang Yizhi’s school. After going back and forth in this way, even Yang Fuduo realized the wonderful relationship between the two and tried his best to make Gu Yaodong more courteous.

In the dead of night, when the street lights were gradually extinguishing, Shen Qinghe came out of Yang Yishu. Looking around, the entire alley was dark and dark, except for the light at the door of Gu’s house. The lamp on the balcony on the second floor was also intentional by Gu Yaodong. He listened to Shen Qinghe ascending the stairs and entering the house, and quickly moved the abrupt little lamp back to the desk.

As the kidnappers called for half a million dollars, Shen Qinghe immediately reported the situation to the old Dong, intending to personally protect Shang Jun Yi safe. That night, Shen Qinghe put on a dress and fake headgear. After getting dressed, he accompanied Shang Junyi to the appointment. The kidnappers agreed that the location was an abandoned factory on the north bank of the Suzhou River. There were no residents around, and a jeep was parked in the corner.

Shen Qinghe is willing to pay an extra 50,000 US dollars, and requested that they meet Shang Rongsheng first to ensure that they are safe and sound. The kidnappers thought about it again and again, and saw that the two girls had no power to bind the chicken, and simply agreed. Sure enough, Shen Qinghe drove with him all the way from the north bank of Suzhou River to Shiliupu Wharf. It was near the wharf and he saw Shang Rongsheng, who was detained by the kidnappers at the gate of the courtyard.

After repeated confirmations, the kidnappers took the suitcase without noticing it and were happily opening the box to check the money. Unexpectedly, two police commission trucks crashed into the gate from the dark, and the action team members jumped out of the car and quickly controlled the kidnappers and his group.

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