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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 27 Recap

On May 5th, it was Duanyang, the door was inserted in Ai, and the fragrance was full of fragrance. Today’s alleys are already the atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival. Every household is on fire, but Yang Fuduo comes back from the outside alone, carrying the burden that has been sold out. At this time, many rickshaw drivers gathered in front of the Southern Star car dealership, holding the banner “Return my hard-earned money” in their hands, and annoyed the dealership manager for being wealthy and raising the rent. Yang Yixue has always been abiding by the rules. He is not good at arguing to solve problems, so he quietly picked up the car rental contract, and then squatted in the corner, hoping that the protest would end as soon as possible.

However, Manager Chen is sinister and cunning. Even though he has signed the contract in advance, he still pushes the pot against the current situation. As the iron gate opened, a group of thugs were swarming up with long sticks like evil dogs. The coachmen could hardly contend with brute force and were soon knocked to the ground. Manager Chen stood in front of the second-floor window, seemingly not too much to watch the excitement, and was still spitting out melon seeds.

A city, a few streets, the coachmen over there wailed constantly, and here Fu’an kept making cheers. Shen Qinghe and Gu’s family were sitting at the table lively. Except for a plate of rice dumplings with festive meaning, they were all stir-fried mustard greens, steamed mustard greens, mustard greens, mustard greens soup, and a mountain-shaped salad in the center. Mustard greens, although the table is full of greens, is festive.

After eating, Gu Yaodong hurriedly handed Shen Qinghe a lipstick as a gift. It was not until the other party reminded him that Shen Qinghe finally reacted. He couldn’t help feeling a little flustered. He didn’t expect that the joke at the time would make him take it seriously. Seeing Gu Yaodong’s serious look, Shen Qinghe suddenly felt that the word “acting” was too harsh, so he took the lipstick back to the room, hesitated again and again, and finally walked to the mirror to apply it seriously.

The driver of the Nanxing Car Rental Agency has long since dispersed, and the mess is still on the ground, and the blood stains are particularly eye-catching. Yang Yixue ran up with a rickshaw and politely asked for a refund of the deposit. Perhaps Manager Chen deliberately talked about it during the inspection because he had been an accountant and worried that someone would support him.

Upon learning that Yang Yixue was only an honest accountant and had no personal connections at all, it was not a threat. Manager Chen immediately winked at his men and pretended to report false accounts. After deducting all maintenance costs, the original deposit of 5 million was only refunded. Ten thousand yuan.

In the middle of the night, the Fu’an Alley was silent, Yang Fuduo was lying on the bed soundly asleep, and the shepherd’s purse cake that Gu Bangcai had sent earlier on the table. Yang Yixue gently opened the door, first covered her daughter with a quilt, and then picked up the dilapidated pair of leaky toe shoes. His heart was full of sorrow and grief until he went to a leather shoe store named Tianji the next day and watched the owner take it out. With small white leather shoes, one hundred thousand yuan in his arms is equivalent to a drop in the bucket.

The owner of the leather shoe store knew that Yang Yixue was financially strained and that he was deceived by a profiteer from a car dealer, so he suggested that he ask a friend to find a relationship. After all, these days, people are afraid of business and businessmen are afraid of officials. As long as they wear official uniforms, they can control the killing power. When Yang Yixue heard this, he immediately went on his way. He planned to ask Gu Yaodong to help reason with the car dealer. However, when he arrived at the police station, he was told that Gu Yaodong would go on duty on the street.

Recently, small merchants and hawkers have been cleaned up throughout the city. All police stations have used a large number of police forces to conduct surprise inspections. Even the two criminal police departments have spontaneously and forced to join. Officer Liu from the first sentence of punishment was promoted to captain. The so-called new officer had to start three fires, so he led the police officers to beat and smash, and vegetables were scattered everywhere, making the people miserable.

Although the Second Penalty Division was also pretending to set up a stall, they knew how to score and were scrupulous. Even if Xiao Rongde was holding a baton in the demonstration, he finally failed to fight, showing a vicious appearance and scolding the peddler, and then hiding with other colleagues Eat melon in the corner.

Wang Keda and Zhong Baiming were sitting in a police car under the shade of a tree. The two chiefs were too lazy to deal with each other. One was closing his eyes and resting while the other was staring at Gu Yaodong to help the hawker get out. Zhong Baiming lightly pointed out Gu Yaodong’s “kindness”. Li Qikun looked at him with a smile on his face, but he was a little nervous. At any rate, he is also an old man in the police station.

Now that the five sheep are caught up, several special agents are responsible for the implementation of the Taiping Plan. The first person in the plan is Shang Rongsheng. This person has been appointed as the chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Assets Committee and has also been followed by many media. He Zuxing, who had harassed Ding Fang at the time, disappeared for a long time, and finally reappeared in a wretched image. Instead, he turned to harass the Shang family concierge, hoping to be able to interview the Shang family daughter Shang Junyi accommodatingly.

He Zuxing’s request was fruitless, and he simply ran to the top floor of the apartment next door. Since the top floor had a wide view, it happened to overlook the Shang family. He Zuxing set up his camera and prepared to take the first-hand exclusive photo. The result was that Shang Rongsheng was hijacked by a masked man by accident. From getting out of the car, surrounded and driven away, it was almost completed within three or four minutes.

The accident occurred at No. 20, Lane 15, Gaoen Road. After Zhong Baiming received the news of the kidnapping, he immediately took over the case, took all the officers from the Second Criminal Division to Shangfu, and introduced himself to Miss Shangjia. Seeing Shen Qinghe stepping down from the second floor, everyone was shocked. Even if Zhong Baiming smiled and greeted Shen Qinghe, he was surprised.

The bodyguard of Shang’s family and the driver roughly talked about the incident, saying that the masked man claimed to be the Patriotic Youth League and took him away in the name of having fornicated the Japanese traitor of Shang Rongsheng. The only clue was the arrest warrant of the traitor. Gu Yaodong heard that the National Government had recalled the arrest warrant long after the anti-rape, so he guessed that this group of people was related to the headquarters, but Zhong Baiming suddenly interrupted, thinking that ordinary thugs could buy fake certificates from the black market as long as they spent money. To any investigative role.

Yang Yixue went from Gu’s house to the police station, and then from the police station to the duty station. Unfortunately, every step he missed was Gu Yaodong. When he hurried to the duty station, only the peddler was left in a mess after being expelled. While Yang Yixue was standing desperately outside the leather shoe store, he didn’t expect a strange man to sell white leather shoes at a low price. The pies that fell from the sky almost stunned him. He was too late to consider whether it was a trap and he paid for it directly.

After the police left, Shen Qinghe went to Hongfeng Rice Store alone. She was originally ordered to get close to Shang Junyi and used her classmates to enter Shang’s family to protect Shang Rongsheng. But at the moment Shang Rongsheng is being watched, Shen Qinghe did not notice in advance, it was a serious mistake, and felt deeply self-blame, and the next words of Lao Dong made her fall into greater shock while blaming herself.

Due to corruption in Shanghai, the government has become rotten to its roots. The senior officials learned that Chiang Ching-kuo was about to come to govern the economy, so they did everything possible to make up for the deficit. Recently, they used the banner of “expropriation” to blackmail many entrepreneurs and factory owners. . Shang Rongsheng is the chairman of the Shanghai branch of the Capital Commission, and he has jurisdiction over Shanghai’s large and small heavy industry enterprises. It is obviously a delicious cake. He has to resist the rebellious butter. When the government is rejected by Shang Rongsheng, he will definitely take action.

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