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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 17 Recap

Xia Xiaoning came in in a black dress. Tang Xue sarcastically said that our second daughter is not only a big name, but also has a special way of playing. She said that Tang Xue was leaving, but the entertainment reporter told Tang Xue that so many colleagues are asking her to stay. Let’s talk about their unfair treatment, and their reporters exposed it. Tang Xue dare not say anything and then pretended to accidentally reveal that both bosses were pursuing Xia Xiaoning.

Yanran expressed her gratitude to Gu Chenyu in the interview, and then the reporter said that it sounds like their relationship is very unusual. Then Xia Xiaoning interviewed the onlookers below and said she was too exaggerated. Faced with the difficulties of the reporter, Xia Xiaoning said that he was still relatively junior compared to a professional dubbing teacher, but he would try to seize the opportunity. However, the reporter said that Xiaoning was contradictory in choosing the second woman.

After the interview, Xia Xiaoning saw Tang Xue in the background and told Tang Xue that she got the role based on her own strength, but Tang Xue said that everyone would believe what she believed more, so angry Xiaoning quickly cried. At this time, Gu Chenyu called Xiao Ning, but Xiao Ning held back tears and said that the process went smoothly.

Xie Fei explained to Jin Yao that he would distribute pineapples to everyone, and he deliberately said with a heavy accent. After get off work, Xie Fei said that Jin Yao would have eaten the pineapple and he couldn’t disappoint him. Xie Fei sent Jin Yao halfway and said that she was going on a date and left. Jin Yao hurriedly followed and saw a girl complaining to Xie Fei. She said that she could only find a job casually after being fired by President Gu. She also beat her, she said she was misunderstood by Mr. Gu, and went to the toilet when she said Xie Fei.

Jin Yao came to tell this girl that Xie Fei’s company had closed down a long time ago. Now these are all pretends and she owes money. She also said that Xie’s very used trick is that she forgot to bring her wallet and asked her to pay, or just say The secretary next to him pays for him. After Xie Fei came back, the girl asked Xie Fei to pay, as Jin Yao said. The girl poured a glass of water on Xie Fei and said that he was a liar and left. On the other side, Gu Chenyu said that he had a girlfriend and would get married soon while having dinner with his partner.

Xiao Ning came to Gu Chenyu’s house to feed the goldfish and saw what Gu Chenyu had prepared for her at home. The walls were covered with post-it notes and snacks on the table. Xiao Ning forgot to call Jin Yao with the key. Jin Yao said that he was scouting and was spending time with Xie Fei. Xie Fei didn’t take Jin Yao to his new home. Jin Yao just didn’t get out of the car.

After taking a shower, Xiao Ning heard someone knock on the door and hurried to open the door. The aunt opened the door and said that he was looking for his son Gu Chenyu. Gu Chenyu’s mother asked Xiao Ning many questions. Xiao Ning hurriedly explained why she was in Gu Chenyu for fear of misunderstanding. Family.

Gu Chenyu’s mother went downstairs and excitedly called Gu Chenyu’s father and said that she had seen Gu Chenyu’s girlfriend and said she was pretty cute. Xie Fei finally stopped the car and told Jin Yao that it was time to go to work. It turned out that he had parked in the company parking lot. Jin Yao said that he would take leave to go home to sleep, but Xie Fei said that he would not approve leave today. After Jin Yao got out of the car, Xie Fei said that as the boss he was going to take a vacation today, so he drove home to sleep.

Xie Fei received a call from Gu Chenyu, asking him to prepare other Wangchuan news to transfer everyone’s news about Xiaoning, and give Xiaoning a two-day holiday, and temporarily prevent Xiaoning from knowing that Gu Chenyu already knew about it. Xiao Ning came to the company, Jin Yao pulled her out and told her that the current news on Weibo was aimed at her, and Xie Fei also came and said that he had already thought out a countermeasure but asked Xiao Ning to ask for leave. After Gu Chenyu settled the matter over there, he took out his mobile phone and called to check the matter.

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