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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 20 Recap

The old Qian thinks Yuanyuan is a bit sensational, but Zhang Jiayun thinks that the anchor’s personal charm is very important. These are all true feelings for Yuanyuan and should be liked by the audience. Chen Lang was worried about being compared, and let Xiaoxiao throw money on the spot to give people a visual shock.

Qian Xixi thought that Yuanyuan would lose this time, but he didn’t expect Ouyang to show up like rain. He celebrated Yuanyuan’s birthday at the live broadcast, and at the same time, he also connected Jiang Zheyang to send blessings to Yuanyuan. Yuanyuan’s ranking is directly After passing Xiaoxiao, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and Chen Lang was also cold to the bottom of his heart.

Actually, everything that Yuanyuan performed today was a play that Ouyang asked someone to rehearse specifically for Yuanyuan. Using this to clean up the stains for Yuanyuan could also help make the list. Qian Xixi expressed his gratitude to Ouyang and offered to celebrate together. At once, Ouyang refused to let Duan Ran send her out, which made Qian Xixi feel uncomfortable.

Duan Ran sent Ouyang to leave the company and thanked Ouyang for his help, so that Yuanyuan achieved good results in the rankings. Ouyang praised Duan Ran for his good leadership and the two touted each other. Ouyang felt that Qian Xixi seemed to be jealous today. Let Duan Ran coax him well. Duan Ran looked nonchalant. He thought that the two had been fighting together since childhood, and the jealous thing would not be enough. Qian Xixi must be angry today. The list surpassed her.

At this time, Lao Qian brought a lunch box to bring food to Qian Xixi. He deliberately passed between Duan Ran and Ouyang, and “kindly” reminded Duan Ran to speak carefully, and Feng Da don’t let his tongue catch cold. Duan Ranxian also nodded his head to express his gratitude to the old Qian for kindly reminding him, and when he got over his energy, he remembered how his tongue could catch cold.

Old Qian suddenly wanted to sell the house, and Qian Xixi was so angry that Qian Xixi drove away the intermediary and the person who bought the house. Qian Xixi had to tell the truth that he wanted to buy a big house abroad, so that Qian Xixi would not be under the fence when he went. Qian Xixi seriously warned Lao Qian that she would not go abroad, everything was fine here, and she had no reason to leave. Lao Qian felt that Duan Ran used Qian Xixi as a gunman.

Qian Xixi was too wronged to be the CEO and paid too much. Only he in this world can protect Qian Xixi wholeheartedly. Duan Ran and Duan Shengyun can’t Do it. Qian Xixi was moved in her heart, but also a little angry. She warned Lao Qian not to say bad things about Duan’s family, and asked Lao Qian for the key to the house. Qian Xixi couldn’t bear it when the old Qian was lost and left.

While drinking, he happened to meet Jiang Zheyang who was drinking here, and he grumbled and felt that he was already homeless, and he was also found out of a malignant tumor abroad. Looking back on his busy life, he felt sorry for the money. Xixi, but when he was desperate, the hospital called and said it was a misdiagnosis. Old Qian also wanted to understand that he had to spend the remaining time to do something for Qian Xixi. This was the purpose of his return.

Qian Xixi waited for the old money to come back at two o’clock in the middle of the night and didn’t bring the key. Qian Xixi was very worried about asking Duan Ran for help. Duan Ran drove to pick up Qian Xixi and look for the old money together.

Lao Qian complained to Jiang Zheyang and felt that the Duan family used Qian Xixi as a gunman. I didn’t feel that I was bullied. In fact, Qian didn’t know that everything was something Qian Xixi liked and a lifestyle he liked. The couple had already regarded Qian Xixi as his biological daughter. Duan’s mother heard that Qian Xixi was about to be taken away and had trouble sleeping.

After Jiang Zheyang’s explanation, Lao Qian also wanted to understand that we should not interfere with Qian Xixi’s life. On Jiang Zheyang’s suggestion, Qian Xixi was notified by phone to come, and Qian Xixi blamed him for causing trouble to others when he saw Lao Qian Old Qian smiled and made Qian Xixi feel at ease to do what he likes boldly. He didn’t take Qian Xixi abroad anymore, but he was always the backing of Qian Xixi. Whoever bullies Qian Xixi will be killed. At the same time, I didn’t forget to hammer Duan Ran a punch, but to be honest, seeing Duan Ran come to him together proved that Duan Ran was good.

Duan Ran took away the old money, and heard the old money praising Jiang Zheyang, and he was upset, and unceremoniously refused to send Jiang Zheyang back. Jiang Zheyang smiled and didn’t mind. In order not to disturb Qian Xixi’s life, Lao Qian decided to go abroad. Qian Xixi gave Lao Qian the key to make it easier for him to live when he returned. At the same time, he did not forget that his mother-in-law told him not to eat this or that, and Qian smiled slightly. Nodding, my heart is full of warmth.

Old Qian touched Qian Xixi’s hair and promised to come back to see her often. He told Duan Ran to take good care of Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi suddenly wetted his eyes unnaturally. It was a father’s love for his daughter.

After the big fire in Yuanyuan, all the vendors who were looking for her to broadcast live lined up, but the other anchors were all idle. Little Huang Duck pleased Yuanyuan and wanted to be her anchor. Instead, the agent gave him a slap in the face and satirized Xiao Huang. Duck is not Yuanyuan, those contracts are for Yuanyuan live broadcast.

Coke was even more dissatisfied with this. Half of the company’s orders were given to Yuanyuan, and it was the turn of others that there was not much left. Zhang Jiayun had no business and could only take employees to do radio exercises. Duan Ran saw it. Li also plans to talk to a few more suppliers.

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