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Magic Moment 粉紅色時光 Episode 4 Recap

After Xiuyan learned that Yitong was running into trouble finding a job, she called her old classmates to help Yitong find a job. Jinjin arrived late for work, and Shouyi was also late at the same time. Seeing that Kesen didn’t know what he said, everyone cried out in disbelief, but when she arrived, everyone was silent again. Kesen’s ex-wife Li Peirong, who had been divorced for many years, appeared. When Peirong learned of Kesen’s residence from his son Xinda, he came to his former husband to ask for money to pay off his gambling debt. After Peirong left, the doorbell rang again. Kesen mistakenly thought it was Peirong, but turned out to be apologetic.

Jinjin wore work clothes and told Kesen that this was what she really looked like. Kesen was not surprised, saying that he had discovered it a long time ago, but everyone has the right to maintain their appearance. On this day, Yitong arrived at Xinda’s restaurant, but he ran into a conflict. The opponent wanted Xinda to punish three cups before he could give up. The sunda noodles that can’t be touched by a drop of wine are difficult to look at. Claiming to be Suntec’s girlfriend, she helped to drink three full glasses of whiskey to relieve the danger.

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