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Magic Moment 粉紅色時光 Episode 3 Recap

After Yitong woke up from drunkenness, her birthday had passed for a long time. She was also used to it. In the past, she used to spend her birthday by herself when she was alone abroad. This loneliness is nothing at all. Xiuyan has never seen Zhijia fall in love, and even doubted his sexuality. Now she bumped into his “intimate interaction” with Yitong again and again. She thought to herself that since Yitong didn’t want to live with them, she would send Zhijia and her together. Jinjin’s job is as a cleaning aunt in a high-end residential building. Xuejiao is a colleague of Jinjin. After learning that Jinjin wants to fall in love, she actively helps her find a blind date.

Due to fate, Kesen moved into the building where Jinjin worked. Kesen thought that Jinjin was also a resident here, but he did not realize that this was a lie that no one knew. In order to match Yitong and Zhijia, Xiuyan asked Zhijia to send this to Yitong’s house. This day Zhijia brought another bunch of sausages to Yitong. Zhijia kindly stayed to help Yitong tidy up the house, paid the bills for water, electricity and gas, and cooked a meal. After Yitong woke up, she blamed Zhijia for constantly interfering in her life, making her unbearable.

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