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Magic Moment 粉紅色時光 Episode 2 Recap

It turned out that “I want to take Yitong over to live together” was Xiuyan’s decision. Xiuyan forces Zhijia to clean up the storage room and asks Zhijia to take Yitong over to live with him the next day, just to take care of Yitong. After all, she still has a grudge about the last conflict with Liya. . Yitong refused. After Zhijia failed the mission, Xiuyan even personally invited her, but she still stayed behind. Zhijia Holiday works part-time in a community college, teaching some simple computer application courses, and is usually a computer engineer.

Regarding the part-time job in a community college, his original intention was simple. He hoped that the elders could use this course to convey their thoughts into “stickers”. But sometimes people who don’t understand will regard “sticking up” as a disturbing behavior. For example, Yitong thinks so. Yitong is still in the mood of losing her mother. She used Liya’s computer that day and found that there were stickers that Liya had passed to her in the past.

The impatience at that time is now even more ironic. The “stickers” are all homework that Liya did in class. Now that people are gone, she will never receive these “worries” anymore. But why, what was extremely disgusting in the past, is still regretted because it can no longer be repeated? Yitong inspected his mother’s computer, but the computer was broken.

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