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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 16 Recap

Xie Tianqi asked someone to check the details of He Jianshe, and the other party told Xie Tianqi that this person was a difficult man to deal with. When Wen Bai went to the bank to withdraw money, he saw Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling close at the door of the bank. This made Wen Bai feel a little sad. At this time, Xie Tianqi called Wen Bai and said that she had found someone to check the details of He Jianshe, He Jianshe He is not a good person. If He Jianshe dares to blackmail Wenbai and Xie Tianqi will find someone to clean him up. Wenbai said that there is nothing between him and He Jianshe, so don’t worry about Xie Tianqi.

Wen Bai recalled that He Jianshe threatened him. He was scared, so Wen Bai put on makeup, rented a car to the river and filled it with many buckets of water and pulled it back. When Wen Bai drove to He Jianshe’s home, Xie Tianqi I also saw Wenbai driving, so I went to the vicinity of He Jianshe’s home to call Wenbai, but Wenbai never picked up, so he sent a message to Wenbai, but did not reply.

Wen Bai went to He Jianshe’s home and drank with He Jianshe. Wen Bai also gave the money to He Jianshe. This made He Jianshe very happy, but after a while He Jianshe fainted, so Wenbai put He Jianshe away. Soaked He Jianshe in the bathtub with the water he pulled back from the river, then put on He Jianshe clothes, ran halfway staggeringly in He Jianshe’s makeup, and stopped a transport that was pulling the cat.

The car, gave him money and asked him to take it to the casino, rubbed He Jian’s clothes with cat lice on the top of the car, and then told the driver to stop by the river with the excuse of peeing, and then he fell into the water, because Wen Bai had practiced holding his breath in the water for many times, so the driver saw He Jianshe and didn’t go up for a long time thinking that he was drowned and ran away.

Wen Bai saw the driver go back to He Jianshe’s house, changed He Jianshe who had been drowned in the bathtub with clothes, forged the scene, took He Jianshe out of the house and installed the bus on the bus. Xie Tianqi who was observing was very surprised. She couldn’t believe Wen Bai would do such a thing. Wen Bai loaded the bucket on the bus from He Jianshe’s house and drove away. Xie Tianqi saw such a scene in the car, crying. So she drove along Wenbai down the highway, watching Wenbai throw He Jianshe into the river.

While driving, Xie Tianqi recalled the scene when she met Wen Bai. At that time, he was a real white angel. Why did he become the current murderer? Xie Tianqi couldn’t believe that Wen Bai would be such a person. Wen Bai felt extremely uncomfortable after returning home.

Wen Bai returned to work in the hospital. Xie Tianqi saw the police looking for Wen Bai. She was very worried about him. She was afraid of what might happen to him, so she ran to Wen Bai and said that if the police asked him, he would say that he was with Xie Tianqi last night. Let Wen Bai have doubts about Xie Tianqi in his heart, does Xie Tianqi already know everything? When Officer Li inquired about Wen Bai, Wen Bai followed Xie Tianqi’s line, and later Xie Tianqi went to pick up Wen Bai, so that the police would believe that the relationship between Wen Bai and Xie Tianqi had been determined.

Officer Li and Jin Ling were eating barbecue and said that he wanted to avenge Wen Bai for Jin Ling, because Wen Bai and Xie Tianqi were together, but Jin Ling said that he and Wen Bai were brothers and sisters. At this time, Tan Jingtian said that Wen Bai had said it a few days ago. She wanted to pursue her, but Jin Ling said she would not like Wen Bai, but Jin Ling felt strange that Wen Bai knew Tan Jingtian had been looking for He Jian, Wen Bai knew him, why didn’t he say it? Police Officer Li investigated Xie Tianqi’s car last night I’ve really been to Taohua River, and I didn’t go back until dawn.

Jin Ling and Tan Jingtian said that she and Wen Bai would not have a relationship between men and women, but Tan Jingtian said that Wen Bai had really said that he wanted to pursue Jin Ling. Now it is impossible to be with Xie Tianqi.

Xie Tianqi and Wenbai said in the car that she had always loved Wenbai, and she had been waiting for Wenbai to accept herself, but Wenbai said to give him some time, so Wenbai got off the car and took out the necklace Jin Ling gave him when she was a child and kissed Throwing it into the river at once, Xie Tianqi felt happy after seeing this scene.

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