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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 15 Recap

In fact, the construction of the collision is nothing more than the imagination of the Wenbai, and the Wenbai still restrained the anger in his heart and let go of the construction. Jin Ling received a message from Liu Zhi that He Jianshe, who was sent to them in the afternoon, had been arrested many times. He was an old gambler and sent the photo to Jin Ling. Jin Ling took the photo to Aunt Park and recognized her at a glance. He Jianshe.

Wen Bai once again remembered the scene when he went to Tan Jingtian’s house when he was a child, and remembered the scene when He Jianshe threatened him, and the scene when He Jianshe went to the hospital to threaten his mother, which made Wen Bai very unhappy. When Wen Bai was taking a bath, He Jianshe used a towel to strangle Wen Bai’s neck from behind and threatened Wen Bai not to think wrongly towards him, otherwise He Jianshe would say everything.

Early in the morning, He Jianshe was salvaged by the police from the river. Jin Ling said she died between 11 and 12 in the middle of the night. Jin Ling sent a message to Tan Jingtian that He Jianshe had fallen into the river and died.

Officer Li told you about He Jianshe’s information, but three years ago, He Jian’s bank account had literal transfers, with 3,000 yuan a month, and the last two were mobile transfers.

The police department called for Jin Ling to do an autopsy report. Jin Ling initially determined that He Jianshe fell into a river and died of drunkenness. In addition, Jin Ling asked her to avoid this case because Wen Bai was her senior and she wanted to avoid suspicion. Captain Chen approved Jin Ling’s request.

Jin Ling approached Tan Jingtian and said that Wen Bai had been funding this He Jian, and he made Tan Jingtian prepared in his heart. This made Tan Jingtian a little unacceptable. Wen Bai knew what construction they had been looking for and why they had to hide it.

Officer Li believes that He Jianshe fell into the river so far away from his home and died. It was probably caused by the murder. It is necessary to investigate the surveillance system closest to the river falling point, and then investigate the people with whom He Jianshe has social relations. At this time, Liu Zhi said that Captain Chen Arranged for them to do this right now, which embarrassed Officer Li.

Jin Ling said that Wenbai is a kind-hearted person. It is not surprising that he funded this construction. What is strange is that Wenbai knows what construction Tan Jingtian is looking for. Why does Wenbai know what construction does not say?

Wen Bai accepted police officer Li’s question and said that He Jianshe fell into the river and died. At this time, Wen Bai was surprised that he didn’t know that He Jianshe was dead. Police Officer Li asked him why Wen Bai wanted to give him money in three years? Wen Bai said that it was very pitiful to see He Jianshe three years ago, so he has been supporting him and asked him if he was in the hospital last night. Wen Bai said no, but he did not want to say. Captain Chen told Wen Bai that he had to say that he had to do well. It’s not too late to say the memories.

Liu Zhi said that he had checked all the high-speed monitoring of motor vehicles and there was no relevant information about construction. Captain Chen asked him to use his brain to check non-motor vehicles, and Liu Zhi suddenly realized that he was right.

Captain Chen returned to the interrogation room. Where did Wen Bai go last night? Wen Bai said that he and Xie Tianqi were in the car. At this time, Officer Li was very excited and said that Wen Bai had been pursuing Jin Ling? Why are you cheating now? Wen Bai asked him if he had anything to do with the case? Officer Li was speechless.

The police station had a meeting and said that a parasitic lice that can only grow on cats was found on the head of He Jianshe, so he sent the picture to Tan Jingtian, who also confirmed that this is cat lice.

Captain Chen decided to put Wen Bai back first, which made Officer Li a little unwilling, but there was no other way but to put Wen Bai back in first, but Captain Chen told them not to put Wen Bai back in free, and Officer Li called Liu Zhi. Asked him if there are any plain fingerprints in the fingerprint collection of He Jianshe home? Liu Zhi told him that he hadn’t, and when he turned around, Officer Li scolded a scumbag. This made Liu Zhi a little strange to ask him who he scolded?

Officer Li found two gamblers who often gambled with He Jianshe, and said that he had an appointment with He Jianshe that day there was a gambling spot by the river, but after He Jianshe did not go for a long time, so they went to He Jianshe’s home Look, the fingerprints and footprints the police found at He Jianshejia were left by them, so it is possible that He Jianshe fell into the river and drowned when he was drunk and went to the river to gamble, but they don’t know how He Jianshe got there. In addition, He Jianshe owes them a lot of gambling debts.

I heard from He Jianshe that money will be returned to them in the next few days. So before He Jianshe went to his house to find money, they found nothing. When the police found them, they paid it back. I don’t know that He Jianshe is dead, but He Jianshe has a lot of cat lice, and his family has never kept a cat. So Captain Chen asked Officer Li to check the truck that transported dogs and cats.

Officer Li found the driver of a transport truck. After asking the driver, he said that a person gave him 400 yuan last night and told him to take him a section of the road, so he sent him there, but they stopped when the construction had to pee on the way. After he came down, He Jianshe walked to the riverside because he drank too much, so he fell. The driver wanted to save him but He Jianshe fell for a long time without a sign and frightened away. He didn’t expect Wen Bai to come out of the water after the driver left. . But Captain Chen wondered how strange this He Jianshe was. He actually went with the cat and dog on the truck for gambling.

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