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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 26 Recap

It’s not surprising that the police station held a banquet for the new director to pick up the dust. The only thing is that the new director offered to take the family to the banquet. In particular, the name of Shen Qinghe was written in advance on the invitation. This is true, even Wang Keda. Also deeply puzzled. However, the new director Zhong Baiming has a lot of background. He originally worked in the Secrecy Bureau. He was once the director of the Second Division of the Quzhou Appeasement Commission. He is also a close friend of the deputy director Tian of the Nanjing Police Headquarters. Even Qi Shengping has to give him some points. face.

Wang Keda believed that the General Administration sent him to investigate the case of Moganshan, but Qi Shengping said that Yang Kui’s death had long been determined. Zhong Baiming came to supervise the “Taiping Plan”, so he urged Wang Keda to solve the “Five Peace Plan” as soon as possible. “Sheep”, cast nets as much as possible to catch fish, and find suitable candidates as required.

Gu Yaodong told Shen Qinghe what happened during the day. The two were curious about Zhong Baiming’s identity, and they were also worried that the anonymous letter would become a fuse to disrupt the police station. Qi Shengping discovered through the archives that Zhong Baiming had been in the Huzhou substation under the military command in the early years, so he guessed the connection between him and the stationmaster of the Huzhou Secrecy Bureau, if it was not a coincidence, it was deliberate.

The night of the feast coincided with the heavy rain, cars roared by, and pedestrians hurriedly staggered. Originally, Gu Yaodong and Zhao Zhiyong were dressed up and waiting for the train on the platform, but the tram suddenly broke down and could not run. Zhao Zhiyong waved his hand to call the rickshaw. Unexpectedly, the driver was Yang Yixue, who was unemployed at home. Gu Yaodong missed the neighbors in the neighborhood and was embarrassed to take the ride. However, because of the tight time, Zhao Zhiyong had to drag him into the car.

A few blocks from the platform to the hotel, the road was long and bumpy. Gu Yaodong sat stubbornly at the back, watching Yang Yixue’s thin body, and listening to Zhao Zhiyong chattering about the high rents of the car dealership and the harshness of the workers. He suddenly felt sad. After finally arriving at the Golden Gate Hotel, Gu Yaodong saw that Yang Yixue seemed unspeakable, but Yang Yixue was about to speak, but was interrupted frequently by his colleagues, urging him to enter quickly.

When everyone was wondering why Gu Yaodong went to the banquet alone, he didn’t expect Shen Qinghe to appear in costume and directly took Gu Yaodong’s arm. Whether it was talking or behaved, it seemed that Gu Yaodong was a little cautious.

Seeing that everyone was present, Qi Shengping solemnly invited Zhong Baiming. Gu Yaodong didn’t expect that the strange man he met before was the new chief, and then he was stunned. Shen Qinghe and the wives were chatting enthusiastically. Xing Er was in the gossip between the two people. Shen Qinghe noticed Zhong Baiming was observing nearby, and simply admitted her relationship with Gu Yaodong, flirting in public.

Qi Shengping first let the two division chiefs know each other, and then tentatively talked about Zhong Baiming. However, Zhong Baiming’s city mansion was quite deep. Not only did he know how to deal with it better than Xia Jicheng, he even made the sophisticated deputy chief unpredictable. Zhong Baiming went to greet the officers of the Second Penalty Division, and his approachability caused everyone to put aside their grudges and draw a distance from each other, which made the atmosphere extremely harmonious.

Wang Keda took the opportunity to come over to talk, mentioning the trip to Mogan Mountain by the way, and jokingly guessed that Zhong Baiming was sent by the General Administration to investigate the cause of Yang Kui’s death. Hearing this, Gu Yaodong was shocked that he dropped the wine glass by mistake, and Shen Qinghe subconsciously caught it. It was hard to imagine that such agile skills came from an ordinary woman.

Zhong Baiming took the initiative to chat with Zhao Zhiyong, knowing that he and his mother were both from Huai’an, and he was considered half a fellow. And after the banquet, Shen Qinghe regretted that he shouldn’t be exposed in front of the two directors, but the current situation is unknown, so he urged Gu Yaodong to pay more attention in the future, and don’t feel like tonight.

In the huge study room, the lights were dim, and Zhong Baiming and the stationmaster Cui contacted by phone. Although he did not know what the other party was saying, he was able to infer that he was investigating the Moganshan suspect secretly, and guessed that Gu Yaodong and Shen Qinghe deliberately acted on the scene. The real ghost should be hidden among the chief of the police station.

Due to the economic situation, the police station’s courtesy were not more abundant than before. People from the second penal division rushed to discuss, believing that the advantage of being a policeman is to guarantee income from drought and flood. The punishment department successfully found the “five sheep”, regardless of appearance and identity, and Qi Shengping reported the matter to the director, who was then handed over to the Security Bureau to implement the plan. Wang Keda was curious about the content of the Taiping Project, but Qi Shengping didn’t know much about it, but he just felt that Shanghai is going to be a storm.

Gu Yaodong knocked on the door but did not see Yang Yixue. He learned that he had left in a cart early, so he gave the festival gift to the lady of the Chunfu restaurant. Since Yang Yixue was unemployed, the family was in a downturn. His daughter Yang Fuduo set up a stall selling shepherd’s purse, and Gu Bang used the money to buy eggs to help his family. Unexpectedly, Gu’s mother also bought two baskets of shepherd’s purse because of kindness. Just when Gu Yuexi and Shen Qinghe couldn’t laugh or cry, Gu Yaodong bought all Yang Fuduo’s shepherd’s purse home.

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