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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 23 Recap

The trip to Moganshan came to an end. Gu Yaodong knew that the police station was not all dark, at least there was a beam of light in an inconspicuous corner, so he decided to return to the Criminal Police Division II, and decided to cheer up and follow Xia Jicheng to work hard. , Trying to be a policeman like him.

Shen Qinghe stared at Gu Yaodong as if he saw Xia Jicheng in the past, so he blurted out what was in his heart. When he recovered, he saw Gu Yaodong look blank and surprised. The eldest sister Gu Yuexi discovered that her younger brother and Shen Qinghe had returned from the balcony, and quickly pulled him into the room to teach him the method of chasing the girl, so as to test whether the other party liked him.

Gu Yaodong was so ashamed that he hurried back to the room, unexpectedly Shen Qinghe was waiting in the room, preparing to give him medicine. Shen Qinghe asked Gu Yaodong to take off his coat, but when facing him topless, he was a little embarrassed, and Gu Yaodong thanked Shen Qinghe in his heart, thinking that she was the same as Xia Jicheng, the sun in the sky, that was shining and warm.

Gu Yuexi took her son upstairs, but happened to meet Gu Yaodong. Because he and Shen Qinghe came out of the room, they suddenly had a misunderstanding. Gu Yaodong thought of the eldest sister’s tricks, so he tentatively responded by asking her to watch a movie. Originally, Shen Qinghe readily agreed, but when he heard that Gu Yaodong wanted to invite other girls, his smile instantly froze.

The Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense issued a transfer order, and the old Dong implemented it for Xia Jicheng in advance. The two handed over the follow-up matters in the Hongfeng Rice Store, that is, they discussed the issue between Shen Qinghe and Gu Yaodong. Old Dong saw that Xia Jicheng was reluctant to part with Shanghai. It was just that the communists focused on the overall situation in everything. Moreover, the organization’s inspection of Gu Yaodong had passed. Now it is difficult to see such an open and warm person. Xia Jicheng believes that he will become a very good fighter. , And even the next white birch.

Early the next morning, Gu Yaodong hurriedly ran to the police station. There was no one in the office of the Second Penalty Division, but he seemed to be as motivated as he was doing the cleaning. Police officers from the Second Penalty Division appeared one after another. They talked and laughed around Gu Yaodong, but Zhao Zhiyong was left in the cold, his complexion changed again and again, like a transparent person, without even the role of existence.

Captain Li Qikun was sensitive to Zhao Zhiyong’s emotions, so he expressed concern about him. It was Xiao Derong who discovered that Gu Yaodong had not done anything in Moganshan and that things had been done in a mess. When he came back, he seemed to have found his goal in life. There is progress in the exchanges between Shen Qinghe, but I never expected that it was because of Director Xia Jicheng.

At this time, Ding Fang visited suddenly, and then presented a high-end shirt as a thank you, reminding him as much as possible to beware of Zhao Zhiyong, sometimes cowardice is just another way of doing evil. Zhao Zhiyong apologized to Ding Fang. Instead of being forgiven, he further mocked and disgusted him. When he returned to the office, he happened to see everyone commenting on the shirt. Gu Yaodong wanted to give the shirt to Zhao Zhiyong, but Zhao Zhiyong had a temper and refused on the spot.

Twenty-six people in the cultural world are all safe and sound. The first thing they did when they arrived in the liberated area was to assemble an alliance to criticize the government. Due to the failure of the assassination mission, the dereliction of duty of the First Division, and the death of Captain Yang, Qi Shengping was furious and demanded that all police officers must conduct self-examination. Even Zhao Zhiyong and Gu Yaodong who participated in the operation had to write a report on the night Yang Kui was involved.

Zhao Zhiyong once of course witnessed Gu Yaodong following Yang Kui into the freight company, so after careful consideration, he decided to report Gu Yaodong in an anonymous letter, and then handed it over to the deputy director’s office. Qi Shengping ordered the secretary to call Xia Jicheng to find out the situation, but he suddenly learned from the chief that Xia Jicheng was about to be transferred, and through an autopsy, he learned that the person who killed Yang Kui was definitely not a new policeman like Gu Yaodong.

When Wang Keda heard about the report letter, he suspected Xia Jicheng. He asked Xia Jicheng in front of Qi Shengping why he deliberately concealed it that night. Fortunately, Xia Jicheng acted on the occasion and lied about the warehouse storing the goods he sold gold, so Gu Yaodong was asked to follow Yang Kui. Was discovered.

Since the Supreme Council of National Defense issued a plan for economic emergency measures that explicitly prohibited the buying and selling of gold, Xia Jicheng’s suspicious behavior became a matter of course in everyone’s eyes. Qi Shengping, due to Xia Jicheng’s status after being transferred, and his future career, did not dare to offend him rashly.

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