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Black Lighthouse 黑色燈塔 Episode 26 Recap

Wei Yutai was very jealous of what he had forgotten because Fan Jiayi was busy with Li Xuyao’s case. He vowed to step Li Xuyao ​​under his feet.

Jono can stay in the court and become a formal clerk. Zhao Peng rushed up to give Qiao Nuo a hug. Fortunately, Qiao Nuo reacted quickly, and Zhao Peng rushed away. Qiao Nuo called Li Xuyao ​​and wanted him to come to the court to tell him a surprise. Li Xuyao ​​thought he was going to tell himself the truth, and his eyes showed expectation, but Qiao Nuo only said that he became the official clerk of the court. After listening to Li Xuyao, he was disappointed. He only said congratulations softly. Qiao Nuo noticed something wrong with Li Xuyao. Fan Jiayi, who stood beside Li Xuyao, also saw Li Xuyao’s strangeness.

In order to implement his grand plan to trample Li Xuyao ​​under his feet, Wei Yutai went to the detention center to meet with Su Dake. He wanted to be Su Dake’s defender. Wei Yutai analyzed the severe situation facing Su Dake in detail and introduced his professional experience in detail.

He praised himself like a flower. The most important thing was that he wanted to represent Su Dake all for free. But Su Dake listened silently all the time, what he wanted was the result of the death penalty, so he didn’t need a lawyer at all. Wei Yutai stared at Su Dake for a while, but suddenly he smiled and asked Su Dake to listen to him before deciding whether to hire himself as a lawyer.

Li Xuyao ​​went to Su Dake’s house to investigate the case. The neighbors said that Su Dake was a filial son and treated his mother very well. He didn’t believe that Su Dake would kill his mother. But Li Xuyao ​​found a rope in Su Dake’s house. Li Xuyao ​​felt that this was also a tool for committing crimes, and that Su Da could do such a cruel thing, it is really inexcusable.

Lulu came to Jonuo and asked him to attend the graduation ceremony together. Zhao Peng froze with him again. Qiao Nuo was worried that he would wear a gang for the graduation ceremony, so he was worried about how he refused Lulu. Zhao Peng took the notice of Su Dake’s case and asked Qiao Nuo to go to the prosecutor’s office to serve it, and Qiao Nuo took the opportunity to run away.

Qiao Nuo excitedly ran to the prosecutor’s office to find Li Xuyao. Li Xuyao ​​was cold and indifferent to him. Qiao Nuo thought Li Xuyao ​​had troubles and coaxed Li Xuyao ​​to tell him. Li Xuyao ​​had to tell Qiao Nuo that he already knew he was pretending to be Qiao Ya, and asked him to deal with his own affairs as soon as possible, and he chose to resign. Qiao Nuo told Li Xuyao ​​that he used to be aimless, relying only on cleverness, and get along. Since he joined the court, he had the goal of fighting for his life, so he would not leave.

Su Dake’s mother-killing case opened. Wei Yutai arrogantly rushed to Li Xuyao ​​to demonstrate, and asked Li Xuyao ​​if he didn’t expect him to fight against him. Li Xuyao ​​played a thousand jins and said that Wei Yutai did nothing unexpectedly.

During the trial, Wei Yutai was very confident. He gathered many of Su Dake’s neighbors as witnesses, and all witnesses appeared in court to testify. Su Dake was a very filial son, and he was kind-hearted. Wei Yutai portrayed Su Dake as a filial son who cared for a bedridden mother all the time and had to kill her mother in order to help her mother who was suffering from cancer to get rid of it.

Under Wei Yutai’s impassioned speech, the people in the auditorium nodded frequently, and some moved tears in their eyes. But Li Xuyao ​​was unmoved. He calmly produced another set of evidence that Su Dake could buy a rope. Su Dake was probably afraid of his mother’s resistance, so he bought a rope for emergency. It’s not the relief that Wei Yutai said.

At the end of the trial, Li Xuyao ​​greeted Wei Yutai. Wei Yutai, who didn’t ask for anything cheap, had no gentlemanly demeanor. He didn’t even want to hold his hand. Unconvinced, Li Xuyao ​​waited for the next court session. After Wei Yutai went back, he continued to study the case. He found clues from the photos, and the house was written with a big broken word.

Fan Jiayi advised Li Xuyao ​​not to let go of small details. Fan Jiayi received a call from her father, who still insisted on introducing that outstanding young talent. Qiao Nuo’s mother went to the teacher and asked about a person’s whereabouts.

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