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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 24 Recap

The next day, Fang Ning returned to the company, Lu Yiyao anxiously discussed with Fang Ning how to respond to Galfan’s instructions. I was preparing to order the preparation of Infinite’s related work, but the employees under him retorted to Fang Ning that now Fang Ning is no longer the principal, unable to turn off work and concentrate on arranging Infinite’s affairs.

The employees came suddenly. Fang Ning’s resistance made Fang Ning a little surprised. At this time, Cai Siyu, who had been eavesdropping for a long time, intervened in the conversation to help make the rounds. When Fang Ning returned to the office, Cai Siyu walked in and gave Fang Ning encouragement. Looking at Cai Siyu’s smile in front of him, Fang Ning realized that the friendship between the two was extremely precious at this moment.

Ling Rui, who took the initiative to abandon the training plan, was severely criticized by her instructor, and the feeling of aggrieved feeling made Ling Rui frantically clean again. The frowning brow eased at the moment he saw Fang Ning, and he hugged Fang Ning tightly in his arms. Listening to Fang Ning’s anxiety, Ling Rui sent out his tenderness infinitely and buried his worries deeply. in my heart…

Lu Wenbin learned from the directors of Galfan’s every move, put down his mobile phone, endless troubles also made Lu Wenbin tired. The next day, Lu Wenbin silently handed out a divorce agreement to Yang Yi. Lu Wenbin wanted to keep Yang Yi away from this dispute, but Yang Yi insisted on going down the crisis with Lu Wenbin and took this opportunity Unhappy and threw away the divorce agreement, Yang Yi couldn’t help but smile behind him.

Ling’s mother made an appointment with Fang Ning about Ling Rui’s affairs. When they met, Ling’s mother asked Fang Ning to persuade Ling Rui to accept the opportunity to study in Germany. But Fang Ning, who knew nothing about this, was taken aback. Fang Ning, who learned the truth from her mouth, hurried to the hospital and forced her colleague Curly. Only then did she know that Ling Rui had given up the interview opportunity for herself…

After returning to the company, the dispute among the employees made Lu Fangning learn that Galfan had made layoffs and dismantling the department. The angry Lu Fangning found Galfan, but he was threatened and persecuted by Galfan. The Lujia sold all its shares in order to preserve the integrity of the Luming Group. Listening to Gao Erfan’s accusation against him, Lu Fangning walked home in despair, Ling Rui gave up her future for herself, and her sister lost her life. Fang Ning, who had mixed feelings, found Lu Wenbin and began to reflect on her mistakes in pain.

After listening to Fang Ning’s trembling voice, Lu Wenbin also began to talk about his own thoughts, all because of love, imposing his will on his children, causing accidents to happen. Seeing the wrinkles and tears on his father’s face, Fang Ning held Lu Wenbin’s hand tightly, and the two father and daughter who had finally untied, spread out all the past and wounds, finally let go, ready to give up all the shares.

Fang Ning found Lu Yiyao and asked Lu Yiyao to find a friend in Germany to help Ling Rui’s future. Listening to Fang Ning’s decision to give up the shares, Lu Yiyao’s heart became heavy, but Fang Ningyi’s unhesitating back did not leave Lu Yiyao any chance to ask.

On the way home, the weather was quite cold and fate was at work. Fang Ning saw Ling Rui at the end of the road, all the accumulated emotions erupted again, and loudly told of his love, Fang Ning hugged Ling Rui tightly. As if the two embraced for the last time, Fang Ning hugged so tightly…

When Ling Rui woke up the next morning, he found that the bed was empty. Whether it was a photo at home or the luggage in the closet, all traces of Fang Ning’s life were erased, but the table in the hall was left empty. A divorce agreement. Ling Rui ran all the places where he could find, but never saw the familiar figure again. After receiving the good news of another interview, Ling Rui didn’t smile anymore…

The news of the transfer of shares between Lu Wenbin, Chairman of Luming Group and General Manager Lu Fangning, aroused discussions among the people. The speculation and gossip eyes were all thrown at Luming Group. What happened behind the door? The wind is surging…

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