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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 23 Recap

The sun rose again, Cai Siyu and Lu Yiyao, disheveled, greeted each other awkwardly, and waited until they left the room. The awkward atmosphere still surrounded the hearts of the two. When they returned to the company, Cai Siyu and Lu Yiyao stammered and began to check their memories, but the two above the alcohol had already forgotten the memories of the night…

Lu Fangning began to meet with investors one by one, and when he returned to the store, he found that Tang Pingping was working hard to broadcast live in his home brand store, trying to boost sales. Fang Ning looked at Tang Pingping’s endless talk, feeling helpless and happy.

Ling Rui’s mentor was about to inquire about his final decision, but Ling Rui had to temporarily avoid it. When the instructor went downstairs, she happened to meet Ling Mu. He learned from the instructor that Ling Rui was able to go to Germany for further studies.

Ling Mu was angry and happy inside. When Ling Rui returned home, Ling Mu couldn’t help but blame . When asked whether to inform Fang Ning, Ling Rui only said that he would postpone the interview time to help Fang Ning tide over the difficulties. But Mother Ling still thought about this rare opportunity in her heart, hoping Ling Rui would not miss it.

Lu Yiyao found Lu Fangning with a guilty conscience. Fang Ning told Lu Yiyao about his plan. Now the investor has found it and the board of directors has started as scheduled. A group of directors heard Fang Ning’s plan, and they objected constantly. However, Fang Ning explained his purpose in a word. If he did not act as soon as possible, the company’s stock price could no longer withstand the blow. Lu Wenbin and Lu Yiyao voiced their support at the same time.

At this time, the directors changed their minds and Fang Ning’s plan was finally passed. When the news was released, public opinion gradually improved. Lu Fangning and Lu Yiyao waited nervously for the appearance of the contracted investor, but time passed, the impatient Lu Fangning personally brought the contract to find the other company, but still Did not see the other side’s appearance.

The two people who wanted to find another way out were shot behind the back. News of a problem with Luming’s capital chain circulated among investors, and the bank’s repayment time was approaching, and the pressure on both ends was approaching, and the board of directors met again. Li Dong stood up and accused Lu Fangning of ineffectiveness, and mentioned the new investor he had found: Xinge Investment. A rush of footsteps approached. Lu Fangning’s eyes widened, staring at the investor agent in suit and leather. Human, and this figure is clearly his assistant who accompanies him day and night: Gao Erfan.

Realizing that something was not right, Lu Fangning had a private conversation with Galfan. Lu Fangning realized that Galfan in front of him was the owner of those strange postcards. Galfan and Lu Yue fell in love, but Lu Fangning Yue’s bad news made Galfan extremely lost, and Galfan stubbornly believed that Lu Fangning in front of him was the murderer who indirectly killed his lover. For his own revenge plan, Gao Erfan tried his best and lurked for three years before waiting for this excellent opportunity. As the largest shareholder of Luming at this moment, Gao Erfan insisted on taking this opportunity to destroy an entire deer family.

The exhausted Fang Ning received news of the company’s decision to stop the Infinite program, so he stretched out his help-seeking hand to Ling Rui. Ling Rui, who was originally in an online interview, quickly threw it away when he received Fang Ning’s news. After the interview, he ran towards Fang Ning.

Fang Ning and Ling Rui sat in the office together, looking at Fang Ning, who was crying in front of them, Ling Rui kept encouraging Fang Ning and selflessly dedicate her warmth. But when he returned home again, Ling Rui’s smile gradually dimmed. After dialing the phone, Ling Rui said to the other party word by word: He was about to officially give up studying abroad.

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