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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 21 Recap

Tang Pingping and Lu Fangning decided to use tactics to seduce the illegitimate fan to appear, and when they were brought to the designated location, Fang Ning quickly appeared. Fang Ning, with full force value, grabbed the wretched man and when he was about to take the opportunity to escape, Ling Rui appeared in time, and the three worked together to punish the bastard fan.

After dealing with the illegitimate fan matter, Tang Pingping clung to Fang Ning for fear of danger. Originally thinking about going to the bar, Fang Ning reluctantly had no choice but to buy back a bunch of wine to enjoy. Fang Ning was not at all drunk, but Tang Ping was already drunk and unconscious. When Ling Rui came home from the free clinic, the two were getting ready to spend the two-person world, but Tang Ping began to tell the truth while she was drunk.

It turns out that Tang Ping has always admired and admired Fang Ning since childhood. Compared with Ling Rui, Tang Ping Ping Fang Ning is more dependent on feelings. Even though she was drunk, Tang Ping dragged Fang Ning not to let go. However, Fang Ning and Ling Rui couldn’t help but start an intimate move when they reached the moment of deep love.

Tang Ping felt a splitting headache as soon as she woke up, and when she thought of all the things last night, Tang Ping felt extremely ashamed, and quickly pulled the suitcase to escape the scene. It can be seen that Fang Ning did not ridicule herself, so Tang Ping was secretly happy in her heart and held Fang Ning’s hand again. Fang Ning was forced to send herself to the train station. When Tang Ping was sent away, the young girl at the front desk revealed to Fang Ning that Ling Rui had liked a mysterious person since he was a child, and mentioned that Ling Rui had always treasured coins sent by him. Fang Ning then thought about it, remembering the coin gift she received on her birthday, she couldn’t help wondering in her heart, when did she meet Ling Rui?

When he came to the school Ling Rui had attended, Fang Ning felt the trajectory of Ling Rui’s life in the grass and trees, and wanted to recall memories in the details.

Ling Rui received the news and came to the school to treat the wounds of the pupils who were fighting. With a stubborn face and a guarded tone, Ling Rui understood that the student in front of him was bullied because of a poor family. Ling Rui warmly talked to the student about his childhood, the same experience and past, but Ling Rui had encountered Pass, the person who made his life dawn again, gave him warmth, and the coin. Fang Ning secretly hid in the wall behind the two of them. After listening to everything, he wanted to open the wallet and take out the coins again, but he fell out while helping Tang Pingping catch the pervert. Fang Ning went around the entire village, but no trace of the commemorative coin was found. Fang Ning, who was extremely lost, came to the beach and looked at the vast sea, his mood also fluctuated with the waves.

The missing coin was picked up by Ling Rui under a combination of circumstances and went to the beach to find Fang Ning. Looking at Fang Ning’s back, Ling Rui recalled the past. It turned out that in the school’s activities, Ling Rui helped Fang Ning to do his homework. Fang Ning did not follow Ling Rui’s arrangement and he just brought Ling Rui to the playground, but Ling Rui did not change the temperament of the young adult, and even took Fang Ning to the side.

Play while doing homework. Seeing Fang Ning’s joyful face on various amusement facilities, the indifferent little Ling Rui gradually smiled. He borrowed a camera from the shop beside him, and Ling Rui took a picture of Fang Ning’s smile. But that day, Ling Rui’s father died of a serious illness. Fang Ning wanted to use money to help Ling Rui, but Ling Rui insisted on taking out the commemorative coin for the playground…

The familiar scene evoked the memories of the two, and the relationship between Ling Rui and Fang Ning was plated with a new color. The death of his father made Ling Rui devoted himself to researching intractable diseases, and eagerly wanted to go abroad for further study. When they grew up, their marriage seemed to be in a hurry, but it seemed to be a result of fate. Ling Rui took out the lost and recovered commemorative coin and handed it to Fang Ning’s hand. Under the emotional catalyst, the two people who “recognized” formally cultivated a positive result.

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