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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 20 Recap

Cai Siyu ran to Lu Yiyao desperately and hugged Lu Yiyao tightly in front of him, but Lu Yiyao grabbed Cai Siyu’s arm and pushed him away from him. Even with such cruelty, Cai Siyu still spoke loudly to Lu Yiyao’s back about her likes. But the red line between the two has been disconnected as Lu Yiyao left…

Tang Ping walked out of the house but ran into a “fan”. This “fan” inferred Tang Ping’s residence based on the live broadcast, but Tang Ping was unaware of the potential safety hazards. When the two said goodbye, it was weird. Fans kept pressing the shutter against Tang Ping’s back.

Ling Rui and Fang Ning were looking forward to their upcoming honeymoon, but when they really arrived at their hometown, Fang Ning realized that all this simplicity was beyond his imagination. The two people who got off the wrong station had to wait on the side of the road for the fellow villagers to take them back. After recognizing Ling Rui, the originally indifferent fellow suddenly became enthusiastic, and quickly greeted the two of them to get into the sheep cart…

Finally arrived at the destination, Ling Rui and Fang Ning came to the guesthouse. When the grumpy front desk girl heard that Dr. Ling Rui was in front of her, she became docile again and upgraded the original inferior room to the best suite. , It turned out that everything was already ready for Ling Rui. Fang Ning wondered whether Ling Rui was really a god-level existence in this village. After repeated “provocations”, the facts proved that Ling Rui was really a flowery role in his hometown.

Back at the homestay, Fang Ning still couldn’t let go of her doubts. The little sister at the front desk stepped forward and explained to Fang Ning why Ling Rui was excellent and loved by the villagers. Fang Ning felt proud and sweet in her heart when she heard the example of Ling Rui as a filial son, academic excellence and full of love.

When the night came, they obviously looked forward to this moment for a long time, but when the time finally came, the two of them were shy. The hand in the bed knocked and stretched out, the fingertips that touched, the ambiguous atmosphere, and I wanted to rest. The desire between Fang Ning and Ling Rui was on fire, but just when the affection was strong, the knock on the door suddenly sounded.

As soon as the impatient Fang Ning opened the door, he saw the face of his enemy Tang Ping. Tang Ping deliberately wanted to disturb the good things of the two of them. Not only did she buy the next room, she even played a disturbing symphony when the two were about to “fight” again.

The next day, Tang Ping and Fang Ning had a fight for one night and were exhausted. However, in order not to reveal any flaws, the two continued to provoke each other. Tang Ping left in a desperate manner, but unexpectedly discovered that the fans who had approached the door turned out to be illegitimate fans, following all the way from the door here, even pestering Tang Ping. Tang Ping was terrified and had to find Fang Ning to help her.

Fang Ning, the strange and eccentric, had a plan at this time and decided to anger Tang Ping’s bastard fan. However, unaware Ling Rui mistakenly thought that Fang Ning’s cover-up words were angry because the good deeds of the two were upset last night. In order to restore Fang Ning’s good mood, Ling Rui also quietly began to plan…

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