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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 16 Recap

Gu Chenyu and Xiao Ning talked about dubbing related knowledge. Both of them were very serious. After teaching, they worked on their own affairs. When Gu Chenyu saw Xiao Ning fell asleep, he carried Xiao Ning to the bed and covered her with a blanket. So she went to take a bath. Xiao Ning woke up and found that she was on Gu Chenyu’s bed. Gu Chenyu was still taking a bath. Xiao Ning began to fantasize when she heard the sound of water stop. When the sound of water stopped, she hurried back to the bed. Gu Chenyu came in and asked Xiao Ning’s face. Why is it so red? Xiaoning explained that the quilt was too thick and a little hot, so he ran away.

Jin Yao was late the next day, but Xie Fei did not give her a chance to make up, saying that she had remembered one time, and there were nine opportunities, and then she asked Jin Yao to go out to work with him. Team Leader Wang told Gu Chenyu and the others that the equipment they ordered was seized and they needed a legal person to go there in person. Yan Ran said that he had already booked a ticket for him, a flight at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Gu Chenyu asked Yan Ran to explain that Tian’s press conference did not want to make any mistakes.

Xie Fei was filming an advertisement for Pineapple Company and was praised by the photographer and the director. Mr. Xie said that the ad lacked a heroine, so he wanted Jin Yao to shoot with him, but the director said it was more difficult, and finally said Mr. Xie’s The secretary must be fine, and then the director told Jin Yao to keep eating pineapples and to have a warm feeling. The director felt that Jin Yao’s performance was perfect, but Mr. Xie said it was too sad, and Xie Fei was dissatisfied after changing several versions, and Jin Yao has been eating pineapple.

Xiao Ning heard that Gu Chenyu was going to look worried now. Gu Chenyu comforted her to answer the questions normally when she met tomorrow, and then went down the stairs together. Jin Yao was still eating pineapple, Xie Fei was very happy to watch and recorded a video of Jin Yao eating pineapple while dancing with her mobile phone. Xiao Ning and Jin Yao made an appointment to watch a movie in the cinema. Yaoyao grabbed Xiao Ning’s mobile phone to read the news and was stuffed with dog food. The two teased each other. The next day Xie Fei saw that the clothes Xiao Ning was wearing felt uncomfortable and asked Jin Yao to take her to clean up. Luo Li came to tell Yan Ran what had happened, and Yan Ran called Luo Li to whisper a few words to her.

Yanran came to the release site to greet Mr. Zhang, who was an entertainment reporter, and gave her a gift. In front of the entertainment reporter, a group of people said that Xiao Ning was the group that led the relationship, and said that the interview was specially arranged by Mr. Xie. Jin Yao is putting makeup on Xiao Ning. Luo Li finds them and tells Jin Yao that Xie is always looking for her in a hurry. Luo Li tells Xiao Ning that people outside are not in a hurry yet and are still putting makeup on Xiao Ning.

The staff said that everyone was there and only the second female Xia Xiaoning hadn’t arrived yet. At this time, Tang Xue came and said that he brought everyone some water and snacks. The entertainment reporter asked about Tang Xue being robbed of the role by a newcomer. Other reporters rushed to interview why Tang Xue was robbed of the role. Yanran said that the company’s decision was biased, so that reporters should not pay too much attention to supporting roles.

But the reporter said that Wangchuan is a big project, and there must be no black sheep, and she must be exposed. Tang Xue received Yanran’s sign to tell reporters that Xiaoning had been in the office for a long time and had a good relationship with Mr. Xie. At this moment, Xiao Ning walked in in a black dress, and saw the same smiles as Tang Xue and Yan Ran succeeded.

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