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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 26 Recap

Ye Luxian recalled the scene of the assassination. Han Dejang confirmed that there were two people at the time of the assassination. There was a powerful force behind the one who assassinated Xiao Simwen. He had already examined the body. Xiao Simwen did have arrow injuries, but it was behind him that really killed him. Stab wounds. In order to find out the truth, Handerang decided to spare no effort, and Yelvxian also asked Handerang for the matter.

Xiao Haili and Xiao Hai only learned that Xiao Siwen was dead. After sending away the Haidongqing assassin gang, the two conspired to take over the Xiao family, so they appeared in Xiao Mansion wearing filial obedience and intervened in Xiao Mansion. Little things. Wu Guli had been to Xiao’s house once. She knew the ambitions of the two, so Chao Xiyin had a temper when she went home and asked Xi Yin to find out the murderer as soon as possible.

Xi faintly coaxed Wu Guli. He believed that the assassination must have been done by Gao Xun and the girl, and Hande-jang had found some clues, then Gao Xun and the girl would be panicked, so he decided to entertain Gao Xun from Gao Xun’s mouth. Poked out the news.

Handejan came to the scene of the assassination, and he simulated the scene of the assassination with his men, thinking that the murderer must be his own, otherwise it would never be possible to hurt Xiao Simwen. At the same time, Handejean also found out that the equipment used for the assassination was a meat-killing knife used by the Liao people. This kind of knife would never be carried with him. Handejean suspects that there are ghosts in the guards, and in addition to the two assassins, there may be behind them. Other forces are mixed with it.

Handerang reported the results of the investigation to Yelvxian. Yelvxian asked Handerang to find out the murderer at all costs. He deliberately reconciled with Handerang, but Handerang was unwilling to look at Yelvxian directly, so he left first as a courtier. In the chamber, everyone talked about the vacant position of Xiao Siwen. Gao Xun proposed to let Nu Li take over as the secret envoy of the Privy Council and replace Xiao Siwen. Han Kuangsi retorted. At a time, the scene was divided into two factions and the quarrel was overwhelming. So fainted, and the matter was put aside.

The bell rang, Xiao Yanyan recalled what Han Deran had said to her. Xiao Siwen was killed not by accident, but by someone deliberately. She decided to find the murderer and give her father justice. Later, Xiao Yanyan came to visit Yelvxian, she coaxed Yelvxian to drink medicine, and decided not to be angry with Yelvxian.

While drinking the medicine Xiao Yanyan fed, Ye Luxian talked to Xiao Yanyan about the court. Xiao Yanyan is very smart. She knows that Gao Xun’s goal is to be the prime minister. Now she is just launching Nv Li to test. She lets Ye Luxian satisfy Gao Xun’s ideas. Then Gao Xun will benefit, but Nv Li has nothing left. At that time, there will be a rift between the two people, just to divide them. As for the Privy Councilor of the North Court, she decided to let Handerang take over.

The Privy Councilor of the North Court is the key to check and balance the Prime Minister of the North Court. Although Xiao Yanyan is optimistic about Han Deran, Ye Luxian said that Han Deran has not let go, and now that his health is deteriorating, he needs a regent to help him stabilize the court. As for the choice of regent, he wants to carefully consider a few more days.

The latest news came from Xi Yin’s eyeliner buried in the palace. Xi Yin knew that Yelvxian wanted to find a regent, but he thought about it and thought he was the best candidate for the regent. At the same time, he also found out that Xiao Si Wenlu had received a pleading confession to Gao Xun before the trip. He made people have to find a way to get the pleading. That night, the pleading was stolen by someone who wanted to.

Ye Luxian wanted Handejang to be the secret envoy of the North Privy Council. Handejang analyzed the situation in the DPRK. He must first find out the person who killed Xiao Simwen, otherwise he would die as soon as he entered the dynasty. As for the secret envoy, he recommended that Yeluxianshi be the emissary. . Ye Luxian allowed Hande Rang to play, and he called him before Hande Rang left. Xiao Siwen seemed to have broken his arm as soon as he left. He hoped Ye Luxian could come back and help him.

An only learned that Yelvxian intends to make Xiyin the regent, she hurriedly came to find Jimei, and wanted only to enter the palace to see Yelvxian and take power. He just wanted to spend the rest of his life in the palace quietly with Ann. He told Ann not to think about these things anymore. Ann was angry and wanted to pull but didn’t go into the palace and ask why he would rather let Xiyin be in power than let his relatives. The younger brother came to take charge, but he didn’t want to, and An only left with an annoyance, but he didn’t make any sense of cursing.

The leader of the Costin organization, Huerbo, was killed, and Han De let him know that Costin was just a chess piece, and the token of Xiao Haili on Huerbo was just a cover. Then Han Derang learned that because Gao Xun sued Xiao Haizhi and Xiao Haili, the two were exempted from heirship by Xiao Siwen. He suspected that the two had an attempt to murder Xiao Siwen, so he ordered people to keep an eye on Gao Xun while letting people spread. When the news came out, it was said that Huerbo was arrested, and he wanted to find out who was behind.

Xiyin hosted a banquet for Gao Xun and Nvli. He wanted to cooperate with the two at the banquet. He also took out a paper to sue them. He kept claiming that it was Gao Xun and Nvli who had killed Xiao Simwen. Now Yelvxian wants to choose the regent. He thinks that the regent must be in his pocket. He wins over the two, let them be used by him, and help him win the Great Liaojiang Mountains. Then he will treat them favorably.

The two important officials of the DPRK have passed away one after another, and the people in the DPRK have been unstable. Xiyin colluded with Nvli and Gaoxun. These three forces have been able to contend with Yelvxian. Han Derang asked Ye Luxian what he could do. Ye Luxian mentioned the children in Yanyan’s belly. In order to stabilize the situation, they can only give in. Ye Luxian thinks that no one in the court hall can hold the three of them. Hande Rang mentioned Xiao Yanyan, thinking that Yan Yan can hold the situation and preside over the court affairs, and Hande Rang decided to return to the court hall for Yan Yan and assist the two.

In the court hall, Han De let into the hall wearing official uniform, Ye Luxian also took Xiao Yanyan and boarded the dragon chair, he announced that the power of regency will be handed over to Xiao Yanyan. Suddenly, rumours arose from the court, and Xi Yin was the first to object, but Ye Luxian let people continue to read his will, and named Gaoxun as the Prime Minister of the Beifu, Ye Luxian as the Secret Envoy of the North Court, and Xi Yin as the envoy of the Southwest , Han Dejang is the secretary of the Privy Council. Everyone refused to accept Han De’s decision to close the Privy Council at a young age, and Yelvxian was able to reject all opinions.

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