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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 24 Recap

In the court hall, Yelvxian canonized the princes, and Xiyin was also named Zhao Wang. After Xiyin went back to his camp, he was a bit disdainful of the feudal lords, and he kept shouting long live after winning the fief and rushing back to the fief. Take office. Unlike the princes’ clan, Xiyin has always had ambitions for the throne. He decided to stay in Shangjing for a long time. He must not suffer from the loss of the Lord’s death when he is not by his side. Yeluxian died. Everything was gradually on the right track. After Ye Luxian was ready to return to Beijing, he canonized Xiao Yanyan as the queen. He took Xiao Yanyan into his arms and once again promised Xiao Yanyan a lifetime promise to share the great Liao Dynasty with Xiao Yanyan.

After Xia Nabo was over, the group moved back to Beijing, Ye Luxian officially named Yan Yan as queen, and the post-approval ceremony was held in the palace to celebrate with all the people. Han De was in the inn. He heard the news from the side table that Xiao Yanyan was the queen, and his eyebrows couldn’t help but feel lonely, but Li Sier’s eyebrows were happy when he heard the news. After Yanyan, Han Derang was able to cut off everything. Miss.

It has been a few days since Xiao Yanyan and Yelvxian returned to Beijing. On this day, Xiao Yanyan suddenly felt sick. Brother Xi came to make trouble because he was not favored. The maid invited Diligu, and only then learned that Xiao Yanyan was pregnant. Xiao Yanyan’s pregnancy is a matter of national affairs, and Yelvxian has a successor.

He was very pleased and immediately ordered the good news to be announced to the world and celebrated all over the world. Wu Guli learned that his sister was pregnant, and she was equally happy. Xiyin learned that Xiao Yanyan had a banquet after pregnancy. He couldn’t help feeling sour. Why was Wu Gusheng giving birth to a son for him? It’s so quiet, Xiao Yanyan is just pregnant but so much fanfare. She knows Xiyin is doing her own good, and she comforts Xiyin by saying that they will have everything that should be.

The lord of the house is very old, and he is very sick. Xiao Yanyan and Yelvxian came to visit the house. Before the death of the house, he was very pleased that Daliao was handed over to Yelvxian. He tried his best to stabilize the liao. Ashamed of his heart, the future Daliao will be assisted by Xiao Siwen and his party, and Xiao Yanyan, who has both ability and political integrity as a powerful help, can be considered relieved. In the end, the house quality also instructed all clan families to assist Yelvxian well and jointly stabilize the Daliao country.

Xiao Siwen received a pleading with Gao Xun and Nu Li’s conspiracy, and he also secretly collected evidence of their conspiracy. Gao Xun was buried in the Xiao Mansion’s eyeliner and immediately reported the incident, and Gao Xun hurriedly came over to discuss with the woman. Xiao Siwen had always weakened the rights of the two. If he presented the evidence to Ye Luxian, neither of them would have a good life. For this reason, Gao Xun had a murderous heart again. He mentioned the matter of hunting in Lushan for a few days, and Xiao Siwen would definitely accompany him on the road. This was a great time for them to start.

Xiao Yanyan has been carefully taken care of in the palace now. She learned that Yelvxian had not taken a good rest for government affairs in the past few days and couldn’t help but care about Yelvxian. At the same time, Xiao Yanyan also pointed out the current situation. She thinks that Ye Luxian has been weakening the military power of Gao Xun’s women, but it is inappropriate to give Xiao Siwen too much power. This will cause Xiao Siwen to kill him. Ye Luxian knew Xiao Yanyan’s concerns, but now that the situation between North Korea and China is unstable, he can only hand over his rights to Xiao Simwen.

Xiao Siwen came to visit Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Siwen wanted to accompany him to Lushan on a hunting trip. He would go with him in the black bones. Xiao Yanyan regretted that she couldn’t follow. Now that Xiao Yanyan is pregnant with a child, Xiao Siwen knows that Yanyan will take good care of her baby. Yanyan took out the mosquito repellent sachet she made for Xiao Siwen. She no longer blamed Xiao Siwen, and only hoped that Xiao Siwen would no longer feel guilty. Xiao Siwen was very pleased with Yanyan’s well-behaved and sensible. When Xiao Yanyan acted like a baby to make herself a name for her grandson, Xiao Siwen also happily responded, thinking about it when she was preparing for a trip to Lushan.

Xiao Hai and Xiao Haili were only framed by Gao Xun’s design. The two were wronged and insulted the Gao’s maid. Gao Xun came to see Xiao Siwen to settle the accounts. Xiao Siwen said that he would investigate the matter clearly and would never shield anyone. Later, Xiao Siwen came to look at the two nephews in anger. When the two of them had an accident, they repeatedly claimed that they would adopt the Xiao family as heirs and inherit the Xiao family.

He sent them back to the mansion on the spot to think behind closed doors and disqualified them from adopting stepsons. As everyone knows, the two also became murderous towards Xiao Siwen. They obtained Lushan’s defense plan from the servants in the girl, and they also hired assassins to kill Xiao Siwen in the arena.

While hunting in Lushan, Xiao Simwen and Yeluxian were talking about state affairs while riding horses. Xiao Simwen hoped that Yeluxian would take good care of Yanyan and let Yanyan give birth to the little prince safely. When the two were talking, a group of people suddenly rushed out and they came towards Xiao Siwen. The guards were eager to protect Yelvxian. Xiao Siwen alone could not withstand the arrow rain and accidentally hit the arrow immediately.

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